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Saturday, July 18, 2009

9:17 PM

I am on a 7 day MC starting from yesterday as I was down with flu, fever, cough and sore throat. All the symptoms that seems to show that I kena-ed the stupid H1N1 virus. & day MC may sound fun, but honestly, not for me.

I wanted to go for council invest so much. Put in lots of effort to memorise the pledge and all, I really wanted to have this once in a lifetime experience. I wanted to be officially invested.

But everything that could go wrong went wrong. Even those that were to be right went wrong. So I'm stuck here to self invest.

Disappointed? Extremely.

So I tried consoling myself that this was all part of God's plans. If Job could bear all the pain and tragedies, mine is uncomparable.

But it only helped this much. I'm still disappointed. Sigh.

So my only wish is that God bless the invest, that it may run well and that the other 34ths will not be ill on that day to suffer the same fate as me. I'll be there in spirit.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

11:06 PM

I feel like crap now.


Monday, July 06, 2009

12:07 AM

Recently, I've been spending alot more time catching up with my secondary school classmates. I think there really is a need to keep preserving the strong bonds and ensure that our friendship never dies. But it occurred to me, yesterday, while I was with Stel, Beat and Trav about why i really really wanted to hang out more often with them. Okay, some 4e1 people may be plain weird at times, but I dont deny that people in scones/ ACJC are not like that too. But really, yesterday I came to realise that talking to them is alot more, genuine.

Somehow JC life seems to me like those depicted in the outsiders. We're like the SOCS, so full of superficiality. Yea, I have them on both in JC and sec school at times, but talking to the close friends in sec school is really, enjoyable, so to speak.

While we were spending like 5 hours or so doing Lijun's surprise gift, I really enoyed busking in the presence of my good friends in 4e1. It really thought me to cherish my friends, and i really really dont want to lose contact with them. As well as those people that I had went Genting with too. A big milestone for me and my parents cos its the first time I'm leaving the country with friends only and no teachers/ adults.

By the way, please stop asking me about the terms if you see me. It somehow irritates me to know how bad I've done, but it bugs me more that I dont care. Thats ironical cos i dont do a thing about it, and sometimes, i just let the enjoyable feeling of being carefree and not studying but plain slacking take over.

Okay, so Mdm Annie Yong reminded us to do things that are important and urgent, followed by important not urgent, then urgent not important, lastly not important not urgent. Blogging belongs to the 2nd category I think. So I'll try my best.

Mahjong at Don's house thw whole day today from 11 to 11. Owah, thats long. Though not all the time mahjonging. ECP with scones tmr. Sigh, busy busy busy. I need some time to really sit down and reflect.

Till then.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

12:42 AM

Much as I'm told time and again to think before I write, I hardly ever do that. For exams especially. I just feel like all the thoughts in my mind and when I get some information or something, I just wanna pen them down and just let the knowledge flow. Enough of exams, terms just ended. Thankfully. Or I would have to suffer even more.

I admit, I didnt study that hard for terms. The amount of time and work and effort put in cannot be compared to the O's. I chionged so much for O's at one point of time, I could remember all the regular people who goes to the library to study, and even their names and school -.- and I would know what time the lady would come do spotcheck, and every single word of the announcement.I would know where to find what book, and where to find what person. I think I studied quite sick last year.

All done cos I thought just finish up this last race, and its over. Holidays forver more. Rubbish. Its a tiring cycle over and over again and now still studying. So i decided. Its time to relax after studying so hard for O's, yea?

Lots of things went through my mind earlier after the terms. To me, I loved the terms. It was my shield, an excuse that I'm no down for training. Now that Terms have ended, training will resume. And so will the official council term begin when we're invested in 2 weeks or so.

I dont like ball games. And i tell that to everyone in my JC who then replies me with a "Then why you join volleyball?" look. One, to overcome my fear of balls cos I got smacked right on my face in primary school. Two, to keep fit with the regular sports training. Three, wanting a change in CCA thinking that 10 years of music making in band had been enough. Four, naively thinking that the sports was always deemed as the "cooler" CCA as compared to performing arts as portrayed in Zhonghua. Five, my mum has always told me of how she and her 4 other siblings were in the volleyball team in secondary school and I again naively though that I inherited some "Volleyball" genes from her.

I was wrong.

I started asking myself where my passion lies in. Music making? Serving? Leading? Sports? And i dread going for trainign sometimes, though it doesnt always happen for council.


I dont know. But I'll just have to ask God and hopefully he'll show me what he wants me to do to fulfill his plans and purpose.

Ate Aston today. Headed for movies. Was pissed off by Cathay cause the movie which was suppose to start at 1440 started at 1520 instead. And I always though that Cathay has always the shortest adverts. So halfway, for the first time in my life I think, I had to stop watching and get out unwillingly and rushed back to school for the 33rds last GM.

Hell of a thing happened in GM that made me ponder even more. I think I may know where my heart lies now. Maybe, maybe not.

Tomorrow's quite a free day. Hope I can use some time to really thinka bout it and start packing my super messy room.

Till then.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

12:22 AM

oh gosh, i watch transformers earlier with travis and gerald. i tell you, megan fox is so darn hot. ooof. i bet she's the latest ho-female (and i'm the latest hotmale :D )

aside from that, terms had been good considering the fact that i dont study much and am gonna flunk like majority of my subjects. so its been good cos i can find time to catch up with friends and relax and not be so caught up in mugging like everyone is.

my apologies for always not blogging, as i;m just to lazy. to even type the blogger user and everything, forget it. so just come my blog once in a while and check for updates.

i realise i've been spending too much time on the popular social networking site- facebook. seriously not good as it makes jack a dumb boy. its ultra unproductive when you're tuck on fb. sigh. i hope i dont get caught up in fbooking during the A's.

time for me to fb again. nights.