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Saturday, March 25, 2006

8:49 PM

hey.. bak. well, thanx for flooding my tagboard.. at least tis blog is still alive. coz the man handling tis blog is dying. he's dying of fear, of sadness, of stress, of loneliness.haix. k, i juz came out from the toilet, and while bathing, i was thinking of wat "lmao" on my tagboard saed. maybe he was rite, i hav no frenz, all are fake. they come as they like and go as they want. perhaps tt's y i m all sad and lonely now. well, tis reflection all started ystdae when...

i was at the esplanade and "irresponsible" me forget to bring the money for ystdae's dinner. so i tot i claim from tehni and si yuan hu owes me $$$. hu noes si yuan did nt bring his $$$ then hav to claim from yvoone hu also borrow from him, bt yvonne dun hav small change and i did nt noe. so i tot si yuan playin wif me, so rudely, tis was wat happen

me: si yuan, can u giv me the $$$ now!!!
sy: my $$$ for other ppl lah.
me: hurry up lah, dun play. i realli need the $$$. i 4got to bring ur $$$ for dinner.
sy: then u go tell yvonne lah.(went to ask yv for $$$)
yv: i dun hav lah.. i..
me:(interrupted loudly) i did nt bring ur dinner money tyodae. so i need the $$ urgently.
yv: i dun hav small change.(threw wallet on the floor) u wan u go and take!!!

well, the small dispute made me realize inddeed how "irresponsible" i m. and how stressed too. coz i dun oftenly shout. only when i m stressed. like wif zuoxian.i m sry. bt the dae b4, my parents had a dispute and quarrel over the fone. i guess yv heard it when she toked to me over the fone too. but... and tt's also y i sounded veri restless when peijie told me tt ltr tt nite got confernce. imagine. the dispute was so loud tt even when they close the door, the heated argument cud be heard from the fone. i m rrealli stressed. realli dying. but yet lonely me seem to be so stranded on an island wif no help. so on the bus, i cried. maybe chee yew knew tt i did. and my music was like full blast to drown my sorrows. i realli felt stressed. wif my parents arguing day in day out. and the argument i heard wasnt pleasent. so i chose to escape reality.and through the reflection on the bus bak from thye esplanade, i decided : WELL, IT'S BEST THAT I QUIT BEING A MONITOR, A BAND MAJOR, AND A STUDENT CONDUCTOR. tis are too much for me.

as a monitor, i muz open and lock the class door, attend redundant meetings, face teachers, help teachers, kpo for the class. if i wasnt a monitor, i guess i was free of the burden to join the lit evening script writing, the rocket competition, and the class tee. when teacher comes in they ask: "samuel, where's the chair???" and i take the chair. miss lau comes in and see the table in a mess and she hinted me to clear it up wif a story and i had to clear the sheet. todae's parents dae i also had to skip lunch to arrange the things and help the teachers. and wat do i get in return??? 2 merit points only??? i dun need it.

and so to keep myself free and available, maybe escaping reality is not a bad idea after all. and besides, a secong dispute happen the veri same dae, tt yvoone saed i was irresponsible monitor and tt the dinner is at 4.30 (though i noe and told her it's at 5). if i cant even handle my own stress, y shud i care about others???

thanx realli xinni, pei jie, hanting, allan and ivan for being there for me when i needed u. u r the only 5 ppl hu hav came to help me by accompanying me on this tiny island. thanx a thousnad for being my listening ears. through the conferences, i realli felt glad tt someone wud listen to me and tok to me to pass time and not hear my parents dispute.thanx nini for being a great listening ear. and a talkative one. and peijie hu helped me got the others into confernecing. and hanting for toking just as much to keep me aaccompany. and ivan, for being my listening hearing son. and allan also being the talkative chap.thanx.

well, at least my descion's made when i told miss lea when again yv saed that i was responsible for the wrong thing and she sacarsticly told tt to shi yuan too. tt was y i did not want ian to noe wat i tell miss lea. coz i dun wish for anyone to interfere wif my final descision.well, too much sad things and my tears are drying. so heres gd news. todae's parents dae and so tis is my result. well nt bad ler.

eng- b3
chinese- b3
maths- a2
geog- a2
lit- a2
science- b3
d and t- c6
arts- a

lolx.well, gonna conference now. tata


Monday, March 20, 2006

8:38 PM

hey.. i m bak. disgusted. real disgusted. just went to pei jie's blog. i came across tis video. i tell u, IT'S SICK. that bitch.. haix.. u watch it for urself. it's tis link below.


go see it. u'll hate tt bitch like i do.

well, nt much to sae leh. i like drain out everything ler. will scan aroung other ppl's blog to find for some ling gan.tata.


1:30 PM

heya... i noe i shud hav blogged ystdae.. but after choir.. i m dead beat. DEAD BIT.

anywae, things went real well ystdae. it realli admires me how fantastic a voice of 50 strong can be. one person doesnt sound good, bt as a whole, it's just fantastic!!!!so it all went well, and the choir juz sung heavenly.

the start. we sand "alleluia" and it's okay. juz that i m a ltl zhao sia-out of tune. the sermon was preachy, bt i realized that rev. peter poon is really wonderful. he preaches his experience too and his sermon is really understandable, coz someimes, i dun understand wat some pastors preach. the 4 hymns were easy. i quite like it. evening service is much btr. maybe coz we had more experience. sadly so, evening service has veri ltl ppl. maybe bout 100 ??? so the nxt song " we belong to you" was not bad. both round was okay. and our voices are heavenly, like angels sent down from heaven??? the last song is " go out with joy" . it's not bad lah. in fact, maybe one of the good songs. i like the clapping at the end. then we heard the clappings from the audience. woot. it must be great. after that hav short video, a ltl hilarious. then we had foto taking session. wow. i did'nt noe i look dashing in the gold tie and the band uniform without the blazer. real dashing. and i m serious. same goes to all hu wore the gold tie with the white top black pants. DASHING. anywae, the band shud wear like tis. well, overall, it's quite worthwhile taking time and effort up for GOD's sake.

well, in case u did nt realize, i m blogging in the school comp and am offing the monitor while typing. so mistakes here and there is inevitable. coz the teacher keep walking about. i hav to off and do. so i will therefore put my pen down(or rather my hand) .kk?? tata.

p.s i will put up the dashing foto of me. haha. but then u will see me without tie coz i had to return it.


Monday, March 13, 2006

8:21 PM

hey... so long not around... the tag board flooded. not bad. thanx guys for ur comments... this week is rather long and tiring... and i hav been facing the 4 walls of zhonghua for 8 daes including todae. sickening and happening, everything semms to happen so fast. i wish time cud slow down... where shud we start??? this post is gonna be long, but every paragraph shall be a dae... k???

first, todae, took the lit REtest, coz of the FUCKing mixed culture fariha talib (i'll get to that ltr) it definitely was easier coz got more time, no doubt bout that. haix.then wanted to do creativity challenge but darn it, dawei cant come. u ppl nowdays cant come or will be late nvr call or sms... haix. the we went to do the lit project at my place there. now, not known to me, i chose the opinion of doing a board game and i told the group, they agreed. now, i juz called chee yew and it seems that SOME ppl back out their word. WAT THE HELL!!!! now they are blaming me for choosing something too difficult and time consuming. pls... u were the same ppl hu discussed how the games function and work for the game and bought the items, and now u blame me for not choosing such an option. STUPID!!! i guess the generation now ONLY BLAMES PPL FOR THIER WRONGS AND DUN GIVE CREDITS FOR THEIR RIGHTS. tell me, how manyt times hav u thank someone for wat right they did??? and how many times did u blame someone for their mistake. humans nowadys and i m sure evn urself push the blame to anyone but urself and claims the credit to urself but anyone. reflect about tis man. then i watched BIG MAMA HOUSE 2. it's kinda cute and funny, but i hav seen things much funnier than that. if u wan me to rate - 2 stars.

ystdae juz came bak from camp. then i left earlier for church choir. missed the second round of great all of china.nothing veri happening happened yst though, juz that THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN is nice.

the saturdae. had team building game and one of them is the "electric window". apperantly, using 2 poles u hav to cross a high raffia string. and when my turn came, they decided to use the pole as a thick platform instead of the regular staircase king, and guess wat. I LOSS MY BALANCE AND FELL ON MY BUTT SO BLOODY HARD, I TINK THERE'S BLUE BLACK NOW. WAA WAA. anywae, that semmed exciting and the campfire was okay. my skit was wonderful too but my cheer sux.apperently, i guess miss long is leaving on this dae, so i tried to get her attention, but only managed a wave.and appernely, stupid liitle timid arron got freaked out by abseiling. 2 ppl abseiled already and he keeps backing out. haha. and mind u , it was veri fast, 10 seconds did the job.

the start of camp. nothing much and boring as we are not known to each other. only THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA was fun as we are suppose to form rings of ppl sitted on the ground and the girls were suppose to break the chain and "capture " the king which is protected in the inner most layer. apperently, i hav seen FINALLY how ROUGH girls are as they can resort to scrathching and mas pulling to break the chain. the gal who "attacked" me left me a scratch scar on my right hand. PRO!!!

hi hate the thurdae. and before i start i hav something to sae to the public. and watever i sae, IS WAT I FEEL. u cant blame me for "toking to the net" about how i feel.and that is


I noe it's partially my fault for putting up the camp alocation last minute, but i saed sorry and she's like" u can join the girls and stand outside". FUCK HER BLOODY ASS OFF MANN. IN CASE U DIDNT NOE, TO SCORE high for lit, u gotta write a lot of relevant points and 40 minutes not enuf, much less 20. at least scold us after the test and dun hold back our test time. and bcoz of this, the whole class was affected and we've to sity for todaes retest. thursdae paper was easy if we had more time, and we had to sacrifice our sleep adn time after a tiring camp ystdae to learn for todae's test.

wednesdae was when we recieved good news. our class got selected for nxt weeks lit evening. class or at least the actress/ actor, pls memorixe ur script and dun make me stressed up or worried for nxt weeks big event. i hope things will turn up fine and good work class for putting up a good performance. and pls, i SELDOM PRAISE ANYONE but this class has realli been a proud achievement this round.

tuesdae was wat i felt was my ermmm how to sae. as long as it's veri not good lah. the band commitee is up and my OPINION, NO OFFENCE BUT I M STATING MY OPINION. this band cmmitee is half as bad as the previous. in fact, to be honest, it's worse. now some post hav 2 jobs like having a treasurer as student conductor, and band seargent major together wif qm. and honestly again, the ppl who set this commitee are biase from my point of view. they care more about the ppl trhen the banmd if u get wat i mean. whicj is to sae, some ppl do not deserve their post but the ppl hu choose this" leaders" of the band are biase as they chewho they favurs. i wud not want to meantion names, so i rather not go into this any further or i wud realli offend someone.

okae, tis post is far too long and i doubt anyone wud read it. and thanx for all ur encouragement as i fell tat my stressed is relieved, however, i hav 2 big projects coming and the the creativity due by nxt week. so might get tensed up over small matters. pls mind me if i m getting too far and starts scolding or insulting ppl. and lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAE SON. will love u always ivan and i bought u a billablong visor. hope u like it.muakzz.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

5:09 PM

ok. bak. i noe it's stupid of me. i shud hav saved my previous short post as a draft. anywae, where did i stop at??? oh. tammy. ok. nothing else to sae.

todae's sundae again. and i realized something, nxt week got camp till sundae and the choir prac is nxt sat and sun. morever, it's the last practise. haix. sad.

Dear God, i pray that Lord, u will strenghten me throughout this test and trial that u r putting me in. Lord that u will grant me strength to be able to sit for my test. Lord, guide me like a shining star and Lord, be there for me, Lord that u will carry the weight of my pressure on ur shoulder. Bless me wif wisdom oh Lord that i will be able to use the knowledge that i've learnt during my revision that Lord, u will be wif me when i sit my paper. All this i pray in Jesus name, Amen.

Apperently, this is my prayer which repeats day after day after day till the end of the test term. Like a metaphoric rock, i will been transformed. I am now a sendimentary rock, but when applied wif intense pressure acting on me, i transform to be some crazy guy.bt i realize that my blog seems so sad wif all my post, so let me tell u a joke then.it's from my news bulletin.

Smarter than Einstein

At the conclusion of the sermon, the worshipers filed out of the sanctuary to greet the minister. As one of them left, he shook the minister's hand, thanked him for the sermon and said,

Worshipper: Thanks for the message, Reverend. You know, you must be smarter than Einstein."

Beaming with pride, the minister said, "Why, thank you, brother!"

As the week went by, the minister began to think about the man's compliment. The more he thought, the more he became baffled as to why anyone would deem him smarter than Einstein. So he decided to ask the man the following Sunday.
The next Sunday he asked the parishioner if he remembered the previous Sunday's comment about the sermon. The parishioner replied that he did.

The minister asked: Exactly what did you mean that I must be smarter than Einstein?

The man replied: Well, Reverend, they say that Einstein was so smart that only ten people in the entire world could understand him. But Reverend, no one can understand you."

if u read it, u wud find it humourous though.haha. i got it from the net. u shud read more if u r like me, a sendimentary going to be metaphoric rock. http://www.praize.com/jokes/sermons/page9.html

well, will post soon.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

11:37 PM

bak from my previous post. coz that post was long, i decided to add on. anywae, i juz "watched" the tammy vid. it's disgusting. pure disgust. mid u, i noe i m a 14 yr old teen, but i can rate stuff and this is realli not for me though. it was like... eeewwww. anywae, let's not eleboarate. and dun ask me how i got it, this thing is gonna past round the entire world and soon, penguins from the south pole will be watching it too. and let's not condemn her of her act, she's more then pitiful.

these post was suppose to be long. my peeps came bal, so i gotta cut it short. so i'll continue tomorrow's refelection.


11:02 PM

this weeks a long week... and i guess my post will be juz as long... now... where shall we start???? lets start from the clas... shall we????

let's see.... lit evening.... first rehearsal supposely last last fridae... everybody was tired.... so cancelled... supposeldly was last mondae too... everyone were running late coz of the last minute english test, we cancelled it. tuesdae was the home visit. wednesdae got camp briefing and sports heat. now thursdae we were suppose to hav. guess wat??? the actors hav not memorized yet???? hallleluya... so we spent at least an hour tuning evrything right( which i m still not a ble to) and so the band members came in and saed that mr chew was pissed coz the band is only 20 strong at 2.30pm. FIAK!!!! anywae, then fridae, everyone left right after i gave them a lunch break.left me, ian who came bak aft the el test unlike sum ppl, li yan, xiang xiang, vonne, shi yuan, mei shian, agnes, and shi yuan. from a 15-20 ppl event, i pathetically drop to 20. and mind u , me , vonne, yuan, wei ling and xiang xiang are minor post. mei shian is not part of it and she staed bak to support us. agnes is the propsmen and the ONLY one. pls???? class... get this into ur head can??? U GUYS WANNA DO SOMETHING PROUD OF UR CLASS.... PUT UR WHOLE HEART INTO IT. i m realli sicka dn tired of this. at least now i noe how it feels like for the band leaders and mr chew to get the band in. it's like finging these needlees in a haystack and apparently, the needles found are blunt. which means that we band members produce bad sound while the class does not put in effort for the rehearsal. class.. try getting the class for an event. it's diff. and trust me, u will go boncus.

apperently so, dear chew left us to fend for our selves and reflect on the poor image we hav given to disgrace zwinds. and i m serious. i myself think that this band is realli a disgrace now. if other ppl noes wat hectic state we r in now, everyone will despise us and laugh at us. i admit though that i m wrong for not telling the sl's that i hav lit evening, and am real sry abput that. i guess it isnt easy to realli put in ur all and put band number one. i real;li hope that this band can strive to be at the same standard as swiss. and i tell u, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. it's rather the generation difference now. last time, i doubt that band memebers who produce good sound slack.now, everyone comes for band nly for a purpose: "to tok and slack." well, i m dearly upset by the fact that chew is leaving us. and this round, it's serious. he's letting us prove him wron that this band's discipline sux. let's be straight bout tis, the band's discipling IS realli detiorating. last yr b4 syf, i can rmb yi ching teaching us during sectionals, evry single second and there was no such things as slacking. look at everything now, ppl thinks that band is juz a grp of pll to tok to and therefore fridae sectionals are "interaction" dae. hello??? are the band members who acts this way put of ur mind??? and truly, if u tink that u wanna giv ur all to the band, everything that regards to band shud be number one. let me ask u then, wud u go for a band practise or a class outing??? well, everyone wud choose class outing and i guess the mantality now is that the band is no longer priority. i m dearly not surprise that at this rate that we are going, we will get a bronze nxt yr. haix.

well, my post is getting rather long and i guess no one wud read it. but if u do, pl pls pls again understand the immense stress and pressure implying on a pathetic sec 2 zhonghuarian. guess Singapore students todae are real stress, and i tink i m gonna blow one dae. i m realli trying to coool of this biological volcanoe wif a million pieces of ice every second. pls agian try to help me to lighten my load.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

1:43 PM

hi!!! i m in scool now at com lab blogging. haha. anywae, thanx guys for all ya encouagement. i mean i realli am touched and am having a good and relaxed time in scool. thanx guys!!! thanx juniors for reading my post. at least u noe how i feel now. pls help me accomplish my wish. kk??? love ya all, and love ya too son.

ltr got lit evening rehearsal. haix. hope the ppl hav memorize. i realli hate when i've got to do all the work. it's wastine mine, the juniors and the bands time. and also, i manage to take the sec 1's in marching on tues. haha.although my jobscope does not require me to take drills, lihua told me too and i accepted excitedly. it was fun. and i no noty much names though. and the commands- i dunnoe and forget them always. wat makes me laugh is that when they hantak on the spot, they can move forward. haha. anywae,now bell ring le. so i gtg. sry. will post soon. bye!!!!