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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

9:26 PM

Monday- Crystal's Birthday Celebration. Planned 2 surprises for her, one in school and one in Island Creamery. But the one in Island Creamery got exposed. Sad. So anyway, we had cake during one of the breaks. And headed for Island Creamery after school. The bus journey was fun, horny and vulgar. But I like it =D Went to St Marg's to accompany Abbie to take her SGC. Did some silly stuff like welcoming people at the school gate. Hilarious. Starting associating names with faces too! At least I look like a Samuel. Crystal doesnt have a crystal face, she has an "elizabeth" face. Had Very Berry at IC and took loads of photos too. Talked crap again. Mad jacked after that. Not bad, but rather expensive? Lots of hilarious things happened again. Like when we sang our school song and national anthem syllable by syllable. And when Ian does his joker stuff.


Mad jack: Abbie, Wen Han, Samuel, Daniel, Ian, Crystal

Brandon, Benji, Nick, Sherlyn

Island Creamery: Nick, Sherlyn, Abbie, Brandon, Benji, Ian, Crystal, Joey, Wen Han, Samuel, Yauwan

enjoying my ice cream.

the 3 girls

2 quite unglam pic of me and daniel.

the guys enjoying their ice cream


The Ian.

Laughing throughout our bus journey. Oh, 74 is really looooooooong.

the half of the class who came.

at void deck

Sconers FTW! =D



Saturday, March 21, 2009

11:15 PM

Okay, this week a lil too busy playing that i forgotten to blog. Everytime I go online, first thing check facebook, second thing play viwawa. No life? Doubt so. Spent quite alot of time chilling out with sec 2classmates, sec 4 classmates, jc classmates, band members, section mates. It's just that I'm kindda itching and bored to viwawa, to wahjong in specific.

My emails exploding. Fine, I keep it under control everyday. But the comments from the photos are overwhelming. overwhelming i tell you. But that's great. Theres life in the class. I like =D

Dinner with section mates plus chat with band mates had been quite okay. To be honest, I was dissappointed in them. For the attitude that all of them have. To them, band is just a cca that they can make do with. At least this is what I feel. Being late, being rude, being unleaderly, if there is even a proper term for that kind of characteristic. They're still, nonetheless, that cute bunch of people. But i really dont like how they treat band. All this eyars of effort that previous batches and generations of batches would have been gone to waste. Sigh.

2e3 class gathering was a blast. I guess this is the class that I feel for, the class that I feel really at home in zhss. 2e3 was a class full of class spirit, fun, joy and laughter. The tiems we spent and all. Reallyfun class. In there, I'mjust me. Happy and carefree. I have friends who are damn funny, and i enjoy every bit of my time with them. Just Acia-ed instead of heading for steamboat, as originally planned. Cam whored. Check out my facebook.

4e1 gathering became a mini fantastic 7 outing. Headed for vivo. Had fun chatting and all. Didnt catch suspect x though. A pity.

I'm back from sconers outing.Yet another blast. My family, and my closest family I have in AC. Cool, fun and really awesome classmates who spent our time in Sentosa today. Wanted to meet at 7.40, but I woke up late and so did a few others. Eventually reached Sentosa at 9am. Found a littletiny hut shelter, unloaded, and volleyballed. Quite soon, they were all in the water. I didnt want to. So i sat by the shore. Benji cheated me. So i got pulled into the water. Had hell load of fun with them playing captains ball in the sea, and just crapping our way with my balls. Yes, they were as sick as me. I wasnt alone in this. But yet, it showed my true colours. Awwwwww.

Headed for shore after an hour plus of water. Volleyed match. Our team won! Hahas. Was quite simple version of volley though, and i dislike beach volley cos of the sand. Sucks when it goes into your mouth. Had some artistic sand sculpture after that. Proceeded to bathe, and then back to mainland.

Pastamania-ed with those people with the exception of Benji as he had to go off earlier, but an addition of the canoe guys. Was crapping again, as usual. Then had more crapping session while waiting for our movies. The movie was Hotel for Dogs. If Slumdog was a 4 star show, this would be a 2 star show. Not that bad, but not very good either. Initially, i thought i was in the wrong theatre. Kindda a kiddy show. But some jokes and funny parts are funny. Me and Daniel laughed. The rest didnt seem to have as good sense of humour? Or i possibly didnt hear them.

Had dinner with the 2 ladies, Weiling and Liyan at AMK Hub. Initially wanted to subway but settled for food court in the end. Talked and talked and talked till our mouth went dry. Headed for home about 2 hours later.

Schools starting in 35 hours time and I'm not done with homework yet. Time to start chionging after church tomorrow. Please, if you see me online, or Viwawa-ing, stop me and get me to start on with my tutorials. Hah. Photos will be uploaded when they're on facebook.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

11:03 PM

4-1! Liverpool scores! Hahas. OPkay so we thrashed Man Utd and still have chance to gain the EPL title. Hopefully bah. But Mr Lim (our matsh tutor) will be quite upset and probably turn us into vampires again. I guess only the sconers understand what i'm talking. Oh and hes a Man Utd fan.

Managed to pull through the interview and proposal for the Pre Uni Sem without knowing what I'm in for. So by chance (unfortunately and fortunately) i got selected to take part in this 5 day residential programme at NUS. Along with Brandon, Daniel, Benji and Wei Jie from SC1. And gosh, I have no idea about the whole economic crisis and what about wall street or lehman brothers and all that. So i'm in for a big big trouble. So too bad have to spend these 3 days at home researching and to submit the research by this tues. RUSH RUSH RUSH!

Was sick for the past week. I think theres a bug going around ACJC. Our class was like almost half stricken with sickness esp cough. Managed to finally see the doctor earlier, and spend a heftly sum of 43 bucks on some pathetic medicine. So may God just lay his healing hands on me and may I recover soon.

Because of the medicine, it made me sleepy for a whole day. So the whole day today had been spent on sleeping. Serious. I dont know how long ago I had such long sleep and afternoon naps. Sigh, waste of time which is a scarce resource (Economics)

Yestrday after Pre-U sem briefing, went out with 5 other Sconers and 2 other barker boys to holland V for dinner. Ate Ipoh Hor Fun and the service was not bad. Crapped there and Ian really made us laugh with all his lame questions.

Cold Rocked after that and enjoyed a Kiddies STRAWBERRY plus RUM AND RASIN with OREO TOPPINGS. I cant stop being fasinated by the coolness of mashing all the ice cream and toppings together on that cold rock. Played Truth or Truth and unfortunately, I was the only one there who hasnt been in a relationship before. Didnt have as much exciting stories as them to share. =( But it was still fun listening to them and all those deep dark secrets =D

Time for photos!

Clockwise: Daniel Myself Crystal Jo-Ann Brandon

The 2 girls and myself.

Sam Crystal

Sam Jo-Ann


This was from the previous class outing at Dhoby Exchange. Myself, Benji, Kevin, Daniel, Jing Yew, and Jo-Ann


Monday, March 09, 2009

10:25 PM

I love the classmates in my class. They're an awesome bunch of people. Thanks for the memories, guys.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

12:25 AM

Returned about an hour ago from sconers class outing. really fun and i really did enjoy myself. i guess thats the difference when you're a leader, and when you're a follower. all this years when organising class outings, i always had to take the trouble to make sure that eevrything goes according to plan, what bus/ train to take, sms people what time to meet, plan where to eat, plan how the scholars can make it before curfew, think about whether the people are okay with it, always being prepared and call for reservation of seats, having to check out price etc etc. but today, i guess i experience and all new ball game. just slacking and following the crowd and being just me. enjoying myself, chit chatting and taking photos, not having to worry about anything. i guess the rest of the class too. maybe with the exception of our welfare rep and treasurer, and our photographers. i guess i enjoy both sides of the coin, but prefer much more to be who i am now.

okay, so the class outing was considered a success. when 4e1 has a class outing, probably less than 15 turns up. proud to say that 21 people turned up today so yea, the more the merrier. waited from 6 to about 630 for late comers at dhoby. ate at just acia and crapped alot while enjoying our meal, drinks and ice cream. took photos along the way. and headed for slumdog at the cathay.

slumdog was a nice movie. i wouldnt rate it the bets, but yea, i like the dance and songs of bollywood, as well as how the director/ scriptwriter could fuse the gameshow with his life experience. real nice. without the sconers, i'll prolly rate it 3 stars, but with the sconers, 4 stars cos i really enjoy their company.

after the movie, went out. packed the 21 of us in one lift ( wei jie took the escalator, and a random guy happened to come in) cam whored outside the cathay for quite some time. enjoyable though, and north lodge movedto dhoby. LOL. okay, internal joke.

walked from there towards somerset. on the way, some people left. so theres 10 of us left. headed for macs at causeway point. partially treated the 10 of us to 8 vanilla cones, large fries and drinks. played some game before heading home with the "train gang". unfortunately, i'm the only one living along the red line so i trained home alone =(

okay. gotta prepare materials to tutor joseph electrolysis tmr. byeeeee.

-photos will come soon when the photog people are doneposting on facebook. cheers.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

9:38 PM

I am enjoying my life in AC! =D

Okay, so it may not be thattttttttttttttttt great. Because of all the studying an pressure being in one of those top classes. But really, I enjoy being around my classmates, having all the fun joking around , having to go through mass PE together. So to the sconers out there, thanks and lets continue to strive to be a united and fun class! =) Its really a bunch of fun people. We are always cracking lame jokes and all. Fun! Sconers2010 FTW!

Volleyball training was quite okay since we didnt really do much strenous exercise yesterday. Today Mass PE was a killer. But still, tenacity! Managed to pull through all the rigorous exercise. Yay! But Wei Ling said I looked half dead =|