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By Elies
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Sunday, May 28, 2006

2:46 PM

hey... bak.. long time no post ler.. haix.. dunno wat to sae lehx... hmm.. todae sundae.. when church... then todae is prayer service.. so quite a lot to pray about.. then ltr we went toa payoh central... i bought 2 pairs of jeans.. the colour the same but the cutting diff... i tink i gonna wear that on 5th june....

5th june... going movies wif joe and hanting they all... the same people who went the last time to watch m:i:3 ... juz that dun hav allan... sad.... will be missing him.. hahax... hmmm.. i think this round gonna watch x-men 3.. oh cooll... im so looking forward... though hanting want me to watch over the hedge wif wilfred they all.... haha...

hmmm.... ydae so bored... so i whole nite playing comp.. play maple and tok to hanting... haha.. he gave me his acc.. lvl 38... quite fun lahx... haha.. thanx darling!... then ermm... i tink there was a big mistake last nite when i tot his bro using his msn acc... hahax... then i act siao.. haha...

backtrack to fridae... things when quite smoothly for the ipw... though i wasnt veri proud.. but it was quite perfect lah.. i tis type of perfectionist.. veri diff to do project wif ders.. haha.. but dunno y everytime do project all a success... last yr's lit "lamb to the slaughter" drama... last yr's ipw... this yr's learning carnival lit evening drama.. this yr's ipw and this yr's lit "the outsiders" boardgame.. woot.. im good.. haha.. but veri idiotic coz everything muz be perfect...

anywae... then ermm.. ltr got bak results.. i noe ppl behind my back or even now cursing and swearing abt how gd i fared... obviously some assholes veri jealous.. but i dun giv a single sheet damn.. coz i noe i put in effort and listened to the teachers in class though i do use handphone in class too.... and i dun play watever games.. so quite disciplined.. hahax.. was quite shocked to realize that i beat aaron in studies.. not my fault.. i maintained last yr's grade.. perhaps he deproved... hahax... but im nt trying to show off or watever.. juz quite proud of mysef for getting 2nd in class... though abt the 70th in the whole lvl.. =(

that's y i realli hope to be able to tutor my darlings.. i dun wan to see them fail any subjects.. esp in sec 1.. i realli wanna help them.. but they dun wan.. =( ... darlings.. if u happen to see this post.. do consider my free tutoring... anywaes.. ivan did quite badly.. trying to help him by tutoring... then hanting still okae lahx.. but still nid help too... joe.. i nt sure.. i guess he failed too.. haix...

then while i was having ipw.. the class upstairs doing spring cleaning.. then i heard that mrs ng keep nagging.. but i guess my class juz didnt realized how stressed she is being chased to hand in forms to the school.. but yet 2e3 still hands in the form late... if i were her.. i wud have freaked out "nong nong" time ago....

wanted to actually pon the science thing on fridae.. but then ltr i tot that as a monitor muz "yi sheng zuo she"... so i went for sci and left my 2 darlings under yan yu and ian.. hope they learned something and dun keep depending on me...

my report bk for 3 semesters.. teachers keep stating that im a "responsible" monitor.. i guess i almost made a wrong choice by almost quitting.. hahax.. thanx god for guiding me....

haix.. so bored.. hangting nowadays getting into gaming again.. so i even more sian.. guess i go maple liaox.. hehex... sayonara...


Thursday, May 25, 2006

9:15 PM

haix... is the world becoming sadder and sadder??? everyone seems so moody... at least for me... the moody seasons semmed to be over.. though i am still a ltl pissed... i dunno....

nowadays in scool... there's these fren.. who keeps showing attitude... i realli cant stand it lohx... watever i ask.. like bo chap like that.. haix.. i dunno lah... then the class so much problems... haix...

holidaes coming ler... hav so much homework... sci.. maths... eng... chinese project.. 2 lit projects... and 2 full days of band per week... hmm.. dunno how im gonna cope... i dun realli feel like blogging now... bt i guess i'll juz sae wat happened todae...

todae we had movie.. the outsiders.. okae lohx.. but i didnt much like it... then ltr in class... haix.. juz skip that part and come straight to band.. i guess my darling juniors are the only ones who can cheer me up... if nt for them.. i think im also gonna go into depression state... todae's sectionals was okae.. i gave them 10 mins free time coz i went through the exercize on fridae sectionals ler... so they worked hard on fridae lahx.. too bad tmr i cant take them for sectionals if nt i wud hav completed alot... but hav science thingy... so i gave them work.. hope that the both of them can coach each other...

hmm.. then ivan joined main band coz i see like gt bout 3 sec 1's in main band ler.. can some sort get him used to the main band and how it functions... bt he mite wanna join permanently.. i didnt want him to do so now coz i dun wan him suffer so early.. let him enjoy.. haha... then han ting also stay back but he didnt comein and join us.. wait in the band store.. then ltr after band we tok and tok.. then hanting touched my dick then ask me "eee... y hard and baig der.. erect arghx?" lolx... guess he hadent come across his mind the word "puberty"... that's y my sec 1's realli brings a smile on my face.. the thought of missing them and being with them.. coz they're juz so cute.. (and perverted)... lolx...

haix.. so sian now... so proud of my darlings joe and ivan and the team members for getting champions for interschool basketball.... hmm.. i dunno wat to blog ler.. go watch tv.. SAYONARA...


Sunday, May 21, 2006

2:35 PM

hey.. juz came back from church... todae have sermon.. then they tok about giving from 2 chorinthians... then ltr went ps.... i wanna get a jig saw puzzle to do over the june hols.. if not veri bored.. wanna buy one 1000 pieces jig saw... but $66... haix.. the angel inside very nice... then the background is so cool... guess i have to ask my mum to buy lohx... i love jig saw... how i hope to get a jig saw for my bdae.. haha... but muz wait long long...

anywae.. ydae we had fun.. me and my class.. we wnt sungei buloh.. then first.. my grp went to do some "mangrove salvaging".. we dig out mangrove saplings to be planted somewhere else.. then ms lea come assist us... haha.. we play in the mud... use our boots to make footprints.. then when we dig out soil.. can see crab.. earthworms.. haha...

i was happily compressing the soil.. ms lea so helpful and kind.. also help us... then dawei so saddist... he see the earthworm go squash it... eeeewwww... anywae... then ltr my glove muddy mah.. then our grp playfullly play wif each other.. dirtying each other.. then i gave jun hao a pat... then he like cannot take all this.. go smack me on my stomach.. wtf... anywae.. i also went to pat ms lea's shoulder.. haha.. but she wore black.. so not obvious...

then ltr we went across the other side and did water sampling.. not fun.. only fun part is scooping of water.. then me and yu liang play and play.. then we keep collecting water then throw it back.. then take the bucket full of water and swing it... then it accidentally snapp.. haha.. so we lose one pail.. aha... now so guilty.. mischievious me...

want to go watch movie lehx... poseidon... xmen 3.. and DAVINCI!!!! grr.. nc 16.. wtf... haix.. i try go sneak in lohx... >.< ... then see xmen who want watch i go wif them lohx.. or else this fridae after the science thing coz school end early.. so can go watch... maybe my er zi they all also want go watch... i dunnoe....

haix.. so bored... i go blog surfing ler...tata...


Friday, May 19, 2006

9:11 PM

hey.. back.. hmm... got all my results bak ler..hmm...let me see...

eng - 59.9 ; c5

chinese - 65.7 ; b3

maths - 83.4 ; a1

science - 59 ; c5

lit - 74 ; a2

geog - 81.1 ; a1

d and t - c5

ipw - a1

art - a2

i noe... it's not veri gd... and eng and science didnt realli meet my expectations.... but i am so proud of myself for getting the highest for ipw... haha.. we only grp that get a1...

anywae.. todae.. we had sectionals for band.... though i didnt accomplish wat i wanted too.... i did others... like some other famous melody... and also... i guess me and my sons enjoyed ourselfs....
then ermm... marching that time... the sec 1 's as usual so cute... but anywae... i didnt realli take them... sandra and liyan did.... but i helped them... haha... and guess wat i did???? the favourite things that last yr's sec 4 did to make me hate it... the locking of arms thingy... i alwaes dun.. then the sec 4's suddenly swing it.. so ke pa... haha... and dunnoe wat my 2 sons (ivan and han ting) doing... they tuck out my shirt tail when i sitting down... then hanting go put his hand inside my pants go touch my butt... wa lao... but i get used ler lah... haha/.... then ivan and hanting also see my undiewear.. haha... but i guess i realli get used ler... coz they also touch my dick and my balls and i think nvm lah... fan zhen they my er zi... haha... let them touch lohx... haha./...

anywae... hanting also so saddist... when to dissect the poor little ants on the parade ground (carpark)... saddist!!!! then after band... lihua called us bak for brief marching or rather taking marching components... then my darlings all waiting for me... then ivan and hanting keepp marching... then they interlock their hands.... then march... then use their hands imitate marching... hai yah... veri silly lah... but after all.. they are still my bao bei... and their actions will always be a blessing to my eye... haha....

haix.. tmr muz wake at 6... then go mac eat.. thern take bus to sch for the sungei buloh trip... hope it wud be fun... gonna watch da chang jin ler... tata....


Saturday, May 13, 2006

4:52 PM

hey... bak... damn sian... it's like after exams... then dunno wat to do..
actually wanna go fly kite all of a sudden...
but then rain....
exam was rather okae..
though i noe perfectly how bad i did for lit...
too proud...
over confident....

exams suddenly seem so essential...
so that i can waste time by studying.....
juz now went to library...
then juz look around for books...
only borrowed a few sucky books.....

then ltr went Popular..
i read a story titled "A boy who saw ghost"
or something like that.
claimed that it was a true story....
singaporean style....
juz some crap about this boy who is able to see his relative spirits....
then i bought THE DAVINCI CODE...
since i cant watch...
then i go buy the book lohx...
fan zhen i at home nth to do....

im alone at home...
sis wentwith frenz go out... then parents go aunt's house....
so lonely at home lohx..
nobody to tok to....
nobody to chat with...
dun feel like blogging anymore...


Thursday, May 11, 2006

3:35 PM

hey guys.. bak.... outside is like raining damn heavy now.. so dunnoe wat to do... so blog lohx... exams over ler... i oso more relieved... then nothing to do.. so i changed the blog song... again... this da chang jin one like veri funnie.. so i tot i wud try it... in my previous post ... if u go the website.. i think u shud be laughing.. i was... damn funnie lah...

anywae... exams juz over.. juz now have chinese... quite easy lah... but i think i will only juz pass... u noe i speak like "ang moh" ppl.... so as expected one lah... trying to improve my chinese by watching more chinese shows....

talking about shows.. juz now been to kai siangs house.. we watched the ring... not the typical ghostly scary.. but wat freaked me is the faces distoted and when the rachel keller fell into the well... wa lao.. my heart almost dropped out.... but once in a while... it's good to watch horror movies till u freak out....

anywae... nxt week i going wif my er zi they all go watch mee siam impossible 3... heard it was quite nice.. so i watching wif them after chinese listening compre... coz end at 8.45.. then got nothing to do.. so go plaza sing watch lohx... fan zhen i nvr watch wif them b4... and the xmen 3 most likely watching with my class one.....

haix... nxt tuesdae scool holidae.. but the freaking band still ask us come bak for band... not that i dun like band... i love it.. esp now got my own juniors whom is like damn close to me... coz they're my er zi and darling... but then... tuesdae is still a holidae... y still muz go school??? wat's a holidae when u still hav scool??? i juz dun get it.....

well... i gtg... i scared later the lightning strike then i kana shock... tata...


Saturday, May 06, 2006

8:10 PM

heyo.. i dunnoe wat to blog bout... so i juz change the song.. sry to those hu liked "I'll Remember U".. coz i tot this songa ltl btr... sry guys... but if u wanna hear the "I'll Remember u"... can go my class blog... it's on my links... thanx!!!!! anywae... i came across this webby... quite funny... happy laughing!!!! http://flash.cyol.com/product/05121802324416.swf
~wu da lang wu da lang...~