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Friday, May 30, 2008

10:45 PM

MAY 30. Number XXX post. so today had been a bad day too, not as much as ydae. but today did made me almost break down. some things that happened today just wanted me to vent all this anger and frustration on my blog, since the causes may be reading the blog. so i intend to privatise this blog. so in case next time i do, i'm thinking you know the reason.

the lessons didnt start very well with chem. i didnt f***ing understand what ong lay hong was blabbering about. and im frustrated with myself for being in the holiday mood and being so f***ing retard that i cant even understand simple organic chem. yea, u may tag on the tagboard now and say u d0nt understand too to console me, but really, somehow it doesnt work =/ thanks anws people. i just take so freaking long to understand a simple chapter. thers something wrong. but whos there?

then the day when by. and something in the middle made me upset. yes, t those i said i wasnt emo, it was true. i'm not. i'm just sad. disappointed. frustrated. at myself, at some things that people said, at some people. something someone said today made me nearly break down. i was thinking to myself, am i alone in this class. i so agree with ronjian's post and liyan's post. that are those surrounding you really your true friend? i'm beginning to doubt so. im beginning to not trust the people around me. are they all pretends? anyways, then i became upset, and thanks to those who took the point to cheer me up.

but what really made my day was something/someone i saw. thanks _______ =) seriously. the minute i saw ______, a smile lit my face. hahas.

so went to the movies again. grand cathay. damn shuang. indiana jones, okay lah. luckily its 6 bucks. if not, not worth. im going to the movies next week, anyone?


Thursday, May 29, 2008

5:48 PM

May 29. I dont know this is the number what post cos everyone seems to be counting what post theirs is. but anyways, i will when i see it next time.

2 things i learnt in school today. one, never start of your day with amaths. they just demoralise you so much. i began to start doing poh's questions and guess what, couldnt solve a single one while everyone else was happily marking their correct answer. lets emphasize the word everyone else and couldnt solve a single one. Much better. so that was the start of the demoralisation. then i began to wonder what i am capable of. i looked at everyone surrounding me, which is mengyi travis and renjie, they all excel in studies. hmm, then i was thinking me. what am i good at? hmm...?

second thing i've learnt in sch today. never end your day with physics. lthough theres only 3 periods today, ending with physics makes you think like ure a total stranger in your classroom because the entire class undertsands what the teacher is talking except you. or me. whatever.

so indeed i've foudn today a meaningful day. to learn these 2. ebsides this, i really dont know what i've learnt. i mean, serious. sigh. and nobod wants to go caspian too. so i ended up watching alone. yip, sounds really boring and i would seem like a real retard or a nerd. whatever. i really wanted to just let go of everything. i want to go narnia =( so off i went to the cinema. alone.

anyways, the shows quite good. i like the animation. especially the battle. but i felt the lion witch and wardrobe was better though. nevertheless, 4 out of 5.

off for dinner first. brb.

back. was actually in an emo mood. or sort of. but something just brightened my day. thanks _______. =)

you make me happy, always =D


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10:20 PM

MAY 27th! School is boring today, screwed up oral. oh well, kindda expected it since i didnt do much. spend lots of time talking, didnt learn much. and bio was exceptionally boring and redaundant today. i really dont know what i've learned bout meioeis and mitosis. see, i dont even know how to spell the meiosis. or whatever.

what am i supposed to blog? hmm, will be tripping to vincent's place this thursday to bake cheesecake. hahas. i love oreo cheesecake! hahas. kindda got that from someone too =/ hmm, then 2e3 bbq on one of the june break. and i'm so glad and so proud to say that for the very first time, an organised class bbq is having a strength of more than 35. u know the class outings everythime, max number would be 10. so this is exceptionally unexpected, surprisingly, and very happy. thanks mr poh, and thanks beatrice for putting in soooo much effort. esp the others who helped out too. hope on that day, weather will be fine, food enough, just nice. and everything will turn out great. for that, lets just leave it to God.

i wanna go click 5 concert! theres a $10 off now. anyone? please?

oh anyways, lijun wanted this song earlier. so i dl-ed it, and heard it again. been a long time since i last hear it, and i think its uber nice! heres the lyrics:

Verse 1:
I read a note my Grandma wrote
Back in 1923
Grandpa kept it in his coat
And he showed it once to me
He said
Boy you might not understand, but a long long time ago
Grandma's daddy didn't like me none
But I loved your Grandma so
We had this crazy plan to meet
And run away together
Get married in the first town we came to and live forever
But nailed to the tree where we were supposed to meet instead
I found this letter
And this is what it said:

If you get there before I do
Don't give up on me
I'll meet you when my chores are through
I don't know how long I'll be
But i'm not gonna let you down
Darling wait and see
And between now and then
Until I see you again
I'll be loving you . . .
Love me

Verse 2:
I read those words just hours before
my Grandma passed away
In the doorway of a church
Where me and Grandpa stopped to pray
I know I've never seen him cry
In all my fifteen years
But as he said these words to her
His eyes filled up with tears

If you get there before I do
Don't give up on me
I'll meet you when my chores are through
I don't know how long I'll be
But i'm not gonna let you down
Darling wait and see
And between now and then
Until I see you again
I'll be loving you . . .
Love me

And between now and then
Until I see you again
I'll be loving you . . .
Love me

i really miss you :(


Monday, May 26, 2008

10:31 PM


26th MAY! yup, i finally finished probably my last zuowen and chinese paper 2 in my secondary school life. and hopefully it is my last cos i wanna score well enough not to retake. but i didnt write question number -.- meishian says its like whole essay 0. wtf?!??!

and yup, daves back. handphones vibrating again. woohoo. boohoo, cos tmr's oral. and i havent done anything but listen to british actors speak english ( or sing ) cos i finished another 8 episodes of hannah montana today. i think i'm finishing the series. but luckily by tmr, omnag222 should have put up power rangers, so thats smth to look forward to =)

wait, back to oral. so tmr's examiner is ms serene ow, dont think it'll be so scary cos she stested me last year and it was quite okay. just make sure i wear my nametag and tuck in my shirt. oh, but i hate picture conversation. always screw them. sigh. hopefully tmr will be easy, like the one mrs raj ested me with =))

anyways, was watching the news earlier. saw that bangkok was having some riots so got quite frightened. hahas. but who cares, everyones back safe and sound =)

oh did i forgot to say how gay my class is. the top 20 in our level is the top 20 in my class. like wtf?!??! so the highest non e1 is 21st in level position. thats sick. no wonder i'm screaming for help in coping with studies. with such a sick class, i am not surprised.

2e3 and 4e1 bbq coming up. hope everything gets confirmed by tomorrow. esp 4e1 de. sigh. hope hope hope.

happyhappy :D


Sunday, May 25, 2008

11:18 PM

MAY 25th! Jiayou people to those taking o level chinese paper tmr. or in less than 9 hours from now or whatever u are counting it. and those taking the paper tmr should be asleep by now. hey, why am i not asleep?!??!?! oh yea, cos i wanna post a quick blog to you guys who are reading -.-

so the big day is tmr. and i havent done much this weekend. i mean seriously, i think i did more when mr ng was around during the weekdays then the weekends without his guidance. but he did send us a short sms to tell us to keep calm always. and i sooooo must do that. i just wanna score well enough not to dissapoint mr ng. i dont care if its an a1 or a2 or b3 or f9. just enough to not dissapoint mr ng. i mean seriously, he's put in so much effort and time on improving my chinese, i sure dont want it to go to waste. For God, for mr ng, for miss tan chye i, for miss lea shu hui and for myself, i am going to do the best i can and hopefully get the results they all want =)) wish me luck

i've been hannah montannah-ing this weekend. yipes. i think i've watched more than 25 videos this 2 days. sigh. thats like wasting, omg. 12 and a half hours on miley cirus. hopefully her songs wont pop into my head like jordin sparks. or i am so gonna do badly.

okay i dont know what else to talk about. oooo. lets just look forward to dave coming back tmr! hahas!

i've been waiting here for awhile now;


Saturday, May 24, 2008

9:54 PM

may 24th! ok, i've been really slack today. i accomplished basically nothing except watching 8 episodes of hannah montana. only now at 9:55 did i realise that i've less than 36 hours to my big O's. sian. ok, i am so gonna study for at least 3 hours tmr. please. samuel, you have to. remember to not dissapoint your teachers who are supporting for you whether their in china or in singapore =) and i know i can do it. god bless me.
i just happen to pass by one of my junior's blog. a sec 2 guy whom i facilitated their class last year. hahas. i see the romance he's in and i just felt, nice. yea thats the word. that ure willing to give up a game for someone u love. okay fine, maybe cos a dota match aint important. nevertheless, its a big scrifice. ohhh, so sweet ^^
oh, and i realised that i didnt share with you my joy. that cook won! fyi, cook aint a chef -.- DAVID COOK IS THE AMERICAN IDOL! thats like uber unexpected but hey, at least he won! i was rooting for him in class and all around me, people are thinking that i'm crazy. i mean archie's good, but i think he's too young, he should go study and wait for his voice to change further. hahas. cook's voice is sexy. damn sexy =)
oh and i didnt share the joy that the red devils won! GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED! hahas. surprised that im supporting man utd? hahas. i think temporary nia. but at least they won chelsea and got the title. quite expected anws. hahas. but next season, i think im going back to the reds, though i dont think they will get the glory and honour to once again get the EPL title nor CL title. thats sad.
im getting so bored at home. noone's updating their blog. and dave has gone overseas so i have temporary lost an smsing partner. and i dont game -.- sian.
i so need to go out after the o's is over. i need to go swimming, beaching, shopping! oh at least i'm looking forward to shopping with joe next sunday =D oh, arcading. i soooooo miss daytona. i miss the driving adrenaline rush. hmm, and i miss working at food expo! i'm supposed to be working for f&n now, eh maybe not cos its already 10 so i should have finished work. but hey, yea, i was called by f&n to sell their drink this food fair. too bad i've got o levels. or im so lookign forqard to the $8 per hour job. as compared to the pathetic $4 per hour job at pakary, though they give the family family kind of feeling. hahas.
havent seen you for days. or at least it seems. sms me soon kaes? =)


12:09 AM

May 24th! okay, so i havent been updating regularly lately. been really tired this week and i just wanna sleep. hahas.

mr ng thiam seng left for shenyang exchange programme, so we gotta be on our own two feet. thats sad. but hopefully with whatever efforts i've put in for chinese, next weeks o level will be a breeze. just hopefully. i dont wanna let mr ng, or ms tan chye i or those who have help me down. i wanna make them proud =)

watched the sichuan video. it was touching and saddening. that people there are left poor and defenceless from this catastrophe. oh well, so i donate a small sum which was considerably huge for me. hahas.

dave has gone for his holidays to thailand so i dont have much to sms these few days. sian. hahas. hopes he takes more photos for me to see! hahas. come back soon, dave!

took back results today. crap. i think i've never did worse then this in my entire secondary school life. sigh. just what went wrong? i know, you. you're the cause of it. and i think you know who i'm referring too.

i really dont know what to blog about. whatever. the thought of you makes me pissed.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

9:43 PM

MAY 17!

its erm, 9 days to chinese o levels and counting. sian. time pass so fast! i so need to start revising chinese ( did i say it last post? oops, i dont keep to my word huh ) ok, this round, i really must start. say.. tmr? hahas.

so today is a saturday. the birds were chirping and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. -.- i actually memorised this sentence since i was p2. anws, was slightly late for chi lesson at 9. but luckily mr ng thought it was 930 and became even later. so did some zuo wen blah blah blah. had lunch opp school. and then came back school. sit around, slack around. and that was how i spent my saturday afternooon. i so need a life.

i wanna go for click5 concert too! sandra's going and i am sooooooooooo jealous. bleah. nvm.

oh, if u see my and realise that my skin is starting to shed off like im some freak or at least like im a reptile shedding skin, dont have to freak out. i may be cold blooeded but i aint no reptile XD the sunburn's causing my skin to shed. EVERYWHERE! and this sucks. sigh.

ok, so yvonne wants the song bubbly to be sung. and thus, for you yvonne, im singing here. hahas. here it goes:

~It starts in my toes,
And I crinkle my nose.
Wherever it goes
I'll always know,
That you make me smile.
Please stay for a while now.
Just take your time,
Wherever you go.~

okay, so thats the chorus of bubbly by colbie callat. hahas. hope i've made someone smile =) see, im nice. LOLS.

okay life is certainly boring when you've watched every single episode of power rangers, totally spies, and the suite life of zack and cody on youtube.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

11:07 PM


miss ong's philosophy of life. quite true though. i so have to abide it. its may 15! and counting down to o level chinese, its only 11 days away and i've hardly done any preperations. samuel, promise me i'll start tmr. okay, thats confusing. whatever.

cook continues cooking!!! yay and yeepee!!! been slacking today. came home and started youtubing on yesterday's idol, then had dinner before going for tv marathon watching the showdown, the channel 8 drama at 9 and then idol. so been slacking real lots, but on the bright side, its an all david finals! syesha says bye bye and david(s) are gonna rock the house next week!! woots! this is gonna be exciting.

so results were predictably low. super duper luper buper cuper duper huper guper juper zuper xuper low. sian. i so have to follow lay hong's philosophy of life. oh and today's learning carnical was cancelled for sec 4s and we ended up having boring study programmes' how great. thanks dolly ong. thanks so much. hmm, i think the only fun part was the interaction session with lay hong cos we had lotssa spare time. she to0ld us her story and it was unbelievable. she actualyy joins the life saving course in NUS, goes snorkeling at tioman and great barrier reef in her younger days. she refused to tell us her age and why she isnt married but heck, thats interesting enough to let our imaginations run wild. hahas.

and er, i think i'm gonna have to blog more often like daily or alternate days cos thats considered play hard??!?! nah, cos the english trainer said we should practice our english by writing diaries, though i'm not sure if blogs with inaccurate english counts. hahas. so correct me if i use inappropriate english kaes? woops. i mean okay? thanks. =)

its 11:16 and im mutton-ing. xiao qing wa. gu gua gu gua. i miss those times.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

11:26 AM


the following is taken from 2e3 class blog, cos im too lazy to blog in the morning. i just took what i blogged for 2e3 and copy paste here XP so here goes, i'll blog later if i can =) enjoy

it's me your cow monitor! hohoho. okay, so noone's updating. and i've got some pretty pics of the class outing at the civil service club bowling, as well as our INHunk! lols. bowling was fun yesterday, but it was so slow we only plaied 2 games cos 14 people were sharing 2 lanes -.- nevertheless, i think it was really really fun.

movie's was up next when we watched what happens in Vegas. kindda nice show i must admit. but next time, si yuan, dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont dont ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever go toa payoh eng wah to catch a movie kaes? cos it sucks. BIG TIME. hahas.

okays, picture time! unfortunately, i'm going to start from backwards front. so the first pictures the last to take and vice versa. enjoy!












Monday, May 12, 2008

5:37 PM


and so it seems, that man united won the english premiere league title after all. donovan was wrong. hahas. hope he doesnt sees my blog =/ i'll get bashed. LOLS. okay, back to business. finally managed to load the game on internet and watched it. i mean the wigan vs man u. not that i'm a soccer fan but like i said, i got influenced by dave. saw the penalty kick by ronaldo. score. then during half time, i slept. didnt wake up till the 70 plus minute. awhile later, in a blurry vision cos i just woke up, i saw ryan giggs score. i thought i was dreaming. so i rubbed my eyes, slept myself and then realised i wasnt dreaming. man u did win the match 2-0. so it seems, watching soccer aint that bad after all. hahas. especially when its the finals. yesterday i wasnt watching my own team's match - liverpool. but i was looking at their live commentary as well as the other big 4. apparently liverpool won 2-0 too. yay! muttons are gonna be so happy tonight, esp justin ang. hahas.

list compre was crap today. so was SPA. totally didnt study and half the time in the hall, i was dreaming about how to make myself war. -.- so didnt really do well. just hope lay hong marks less strict.then went out with 2e3 classmates after list compre. had fun bowling at the civil service club. and i totally lost it. as in i used to get 100 plus score, but now its like 80 and 101. zzz. i dont like my score. i am so gonna train for it, and i am so gonna join bowling in jc/poly. no more band.

after that we caught a bus to toa payoh, settled down at mac's for lunch before heading to eng wah for movie which is totally not a good idea and i would not advice anyone to go eng wah to catch a movie esp toa payoh branch unless you're really despo. cos everything in there sucks. but the show was nice. what happens in vegas. aint that bad cos i like comedies. so quite enjoyed it lah.

tmr's a free day cos its marking day. plan to go for a swim in the morning before heading for karaoke in the afternoon. anyone has any plans for the night? XD gotta enjoy myself really well before judgement day comes on wednesday where i'll be getting my results after results and seeing myself drop from B4 to F9 -.- and i'm serious. i think i did that badly.

gonna load my pics into the comp now. and i'll post them on 2e3 class blog which is under my links. so if u wanna see, just double click the link. hahas. toodles.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

12:05 AM

its may 10. and i think this is my 3rd post in 5 hours. reason? i'm lonely and emo. i mean yea, i somehow saw things that i should not have seen, thought of things i should not have think, heard of things i should not have heard.

i seriously think that you, blog, is my only person loft to talk. sometimes i just dont want to disturb or irritate any other people like i've always done. then today i realised, when i do not do so, suddenly everything becomes quiet. i guess most noise, msn convos, smses comes from me then. nvm, shall learn to be an anti social. hahas.

saw that something on my table. which made me think and think, about what of me changed and all. everything's gone. i dont seem to be the samuel i myself used to know. i cried. i need the Lord's blessings. i need his touch once again. i need his guidance. his light to light up my darkness. his accompaniment in times like these when i've no one to turn to. i just need Him. i need you Lord.

sigh. today's sunday and in a metter of time, its church time. hoped to find some serenity in there.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

10:49 PM

i think i'm irritating. lols. not something random, but just feel that way. esp to certain people. sigh. oh well. just watched cj7 dvd borrowed from beatrice. thanks beatrice =) was kindda nice and entertaining. hahas. yay-ness.


7:10 PM

ok, i so need someone to go out and shop with me! shopping alone is sooooo not fun. i wanna spend spend spend spend spend! okay, cut. hmm, went kai siang's house today before heading to j8 to find some stuff. met some classmates there. and i'm so bored, i'm watching the making of iron man and blogging. okay stop. now, as promised, 40 quiz questions =)
40 Secrets About Myself?
[One] Who was your last text from?
[Two] Where was your defaultpicture taken?
Err, the airport?
[Three] What's your middle name?
My name's Samuel Ang Wei Rong. It's an even number, so there aint no middle.
[Four] Your favorite cartoon character?
Hmm, Sam from totally spies? Hahas.
[Five] Does your crush like your back?
Nope =(
[Six] What is your current mood?
[Seven] What's your mums name?
You wanna jio her?
[Eight] What color shirt are you wearing?
Its white.
[Nine] Are you/ have you ever been in love?
Hmm, good question.
[Ten] If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
Yup, sure will.
[Eleven] Have a crazy side?
Duh!, who doesnt?
[Twelve] Ever had a near death experience?
Yup at plaza sing, almost fell 2 storeys from the escalator =/
[Thirteen] Something you do a lot?
Ermm.. Guys knows the best!
[Fourteen] Angry at anyone?
Nope, not that petty.
[Fifteen] Who can you tell anything to?
[Sixteen] Name someone with the same birthday as you?
No idea.
[Seventeen] When was the last time you cried?
Cant really remember. I think its the motivational camp.
[Eighteen ] Who would you do anything for?
Anyone, I'm like soooo helpful XP
[Nineteen] If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Hmmm, telekinisis =)
[Twenty ] What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
The clothes?
[Twenty-o ne] What do you usually order from starbucks?
Seldom frequent coffee joints, besides I hate coffee.
[Twenty- two] What's your biggest secret?
What's a secret if I tell you?
[Twe nty-three] Favorite color?
Black's nice. XD
[Twenty-four] Favorite TV show?
Any cartoon will do =)
[Twenty-five] Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows?
[Tw enty-six] What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
A bottle of breezer
[Twenty- seven] Do you speak any other language?
Erm yah?
[Twenty -eight] What's your favorite smell?
My shampoo. Hahas
[Twe nty-nine] Describe your life in one word, what would it be?
[Thirty] Who is the last person you had a fight with?
I dont get into fights =]
[Thirt y-one] Whats your eye colour?
[Thirty-two] What are you thinking about right now?
That person?
[Thirt y-three] What should you be doing?
Packing my room =/
[Th irty-four] Who was the last person that made you upset/angry?
Cant really remember.
[Thirt y-five] What are you listening to?
Jordin Sparks - No Air
[Thi rty-six] Do you like forking in the yard?
Havent came across a yard.
[Thirty -seven] If you could have any last name in the world, what would it be?
Nope, dont want any.
[Thirty- eight] At what age are you going to get marry ?
25 sounds nice. with 2 boy babies =)
[Thirt y -nine] What is your natural hair color?
[Forty] Who was the last person to make you cry?
Refer to seventeen.
some of them are the same answers as sammy's cos yea, its just the same. so yup, anyone who wants to do just do bah =) cheeros


Friday, May 09, 2008

10:53 PM


okay, may 9th. and i'm tired. tired tired tired tired tired. i mean like, mentally and physically exhausted. i hate exams, cos they make u stay till the late of night reading some dumb textbook. sigh. come one, someone please pump me with adrenaline. i need an adrenaline rush. like asap.
went out with 5 other 2e3o6 classmates earlier to city hall marina square. apparently liyan told me that some people in school think i'm a friggin nerd who studies all day and dont go out. like hello? my results are like average and i probably shop more than i go to school. zzz. i so gortta get out of my class more often or i'm so gonna be classified as nerd. and thats bad.

did i tell you guys, i've been having this music pop out in my mind when sitting for papers? last few days, it was jordin spark's no air. today, jordin sparks tatoo. okay, somethings wrong with me. either i'm obsessed with her, or i've been listening to wayyyy to much of her music. gotta stop.

iron man was quite nice earlier. though comparitively, i would choose transformers over iron man cos transformers have more action. graphics wise, both are on par. technology, both are on par. but theater, cathay beats gv tenfold. popcorn on the other hand goes to gv. cant they bloody hell do smth to merge them or smth? lols.

i really dont know what to blog. so i'll just do some quiz the next time i blog. found one interesting one on sammy's blog. =)

i so wanna watch this next!
i miss 2e3!
sports day 2006; 2e3- champions
racial harmony in 2e3!! =D

i miss them so much =(


12:15 AM

Ok, May 9th! Last paper. Its 12:17 and i'm not done with my revision for later's bio. And i'm sitting for a bio paper in 7 hours time without even completeing 3 complete chapeters. Great eh? Hope that somehow God just guide me and bless me with knowledge and wisdom and good memory from whatever I've studied long time ago.

And im so no suppose to be here blogging cos i am sooooooooooo tired i really wanna sleep. so just to post abit, have been really disturbed during the exams. hahas. for the amaths, emaths and physics paper, somehow everytime i do the questions, jordin sparks voice with her no air will just come onto my mind. zzz. its really irritating sometimes but her voice is so nice lah! that explains why her voice probably popped into my head.

laters the last paper and in 12 hours time, i'll be in GV bishan hall 1 watching iron man. cool eh? so fast. sigh. ok, u must be wondering whats with the top headline and the xiao qiang wa. hahas. me and dave were laughing our guts out when we heard vernon sing that song. we were smsing about how they were so funny and horny, and he likes doraemon! cos "his little pocket has everything you need". LOLS. okay, cute reply >.<>

hmm, topping the charts now, after ydae's sms, he topped my inbox once again with 1374 smses. wow. one day made so much difference. cool. okay, real tired, so pray God just take over the battle for tmr and my exam is surrendered to him! =) to finalise things, thanks dickson for entertaining me. this is what he drew, hahas. Nights! ( or morning? )

May The Force Not Be With You


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

12:16 PM

7th may people! 4 down, 3 more to go. for many, tomorrow's their last paper so they can slack at night. but for me, sigh, theres till bio on friday =( which reminds me, i havent done much on that. better do so.

emaths was kindda easy today, but cos i didnt study i think im gonna screw it up. have been recently addicted to totally spies. i know thats... GAY. but yea, somehoe they seem to entertain me quite a fair bit =D

tomorrow's physics. hope i can do real well. been thinking what to blog, then on the bus just now i opened my inbox. wow. like 3000 plus smses. time to delete them. so i arranged them by contacts. so heres the top 5 whom i've recieved message for april=)

inbox records:
dave - 1320 messages
dickson - 165 messages
esther - 122 messages
sandra - 47 messages
fabian - 46 messages

woah. thats alot. thats like sending.. 44 messages to dave per day!??!?! okay.. thats... alot. better reduce that amount.

now my sent messages, lets see
dave- 1330
dickson - 176
fabian - 46

so these are the top 3 of my sent messages. i realise that msgs i sent to people are much more than recieved. hmm, i wonder why. anws, time for pictures! i'll prolly load some more aussie pics =)

its a damn shuang roller coaster - superman. they accelrate from 0 to 100km/h in 1 sec!

saw this on a shirt sold in brisbane. cool.

its ncie to just stand there and watch the sunrise

my phototaking skills are great eh?
somehow, i stole a horse, have big ears, little fingers and note, theres my birthday on it!
superman gave me powers to bash open this wall, rmb batman approached me to join justice league?
opera house and harbour bridge. did you hear about the blackout? hahas.
this was the place where we shit, bathe, brush teeth, wash face, pass out organic waste matter and what not - the toilet