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Saturday, April 29, 2006

2:09 PM

Dear diary... i m worried... worried about everything.. myself and the frenx around me ... it's like this world is starting to become so deppresed.. like me.. like him.. like everyone... ppl tied down with upcoming exams.. familie problems.. frenx... i dunnoe hwre to start from.. let's start with myself...

as i've mentioned before, wat happens to an igneous rock under tremendous pressure and intense heat?? it becomes a metaphoric rock... wat happens when a 13-going-14 zhonghuarian undergoes a stage of his life where there's tremendous pressure and never ending problems??? he becomes mad... he cries to himself at nite... he becomes an indivisual... he does not socialize... tt's me...

ydae.. i toking on the fone.. conferencing.. then my mum came in and started nagging.. that i everydae tok on the fone. wat the fuck??? is like only on weekdaes i ever tok on the fone lah... then u dun wan me tok then dun wan me sms.... then hu i tok to??? is like i feel so burdened inside.. but i hardly get to share my burdens... oftenly.. i m alwaes the listening ear... at least that's wat i tink... ut often.. nobody ever ask me y i m so stressed...

maybe one person.. now that i tink of it.. ms lau - my geography teacher.. she was the only one hu notices my moody face everydae... and she do ask me if i m okae... and i saed im fine... it's like even a teacher cud sense my misery... i guess maybe them all... my frenzz... they hav their misery too.. too stressed up to tink about others... maybe that's y...

then ydae nite.. my sis also come in my room and tell me that i m incorrigible.. and that i hav communication breakdown wif my familie members... is not that i like to show attitude or juz dun tok at home and juz watch cartoon... it's that i find nothing to tok... now even.. i tink they dun even noe wat's happening in my scool... or that i quit monitor... or i gt second for lit... or that i topped the guys in my chinses class....

so wat u wan me to sae?? it's like ... i dunnoe... families are suddenly so meaningless in my life.. that bulb... that bulb is juz replaces by the bulbs from my frenx... and realli.. i cried last nite.. thinking about all the worries... thinking bout the fun timess... me, liyan, yvonne and kai siang all watching movie.. horror movie.. screaming together.. i miss that fun... it's like me, hanting, allan, xinni and peijie conning... my first conning.. where we had a lot too tok... and it's not juz a one ort two man show where only two ppl tok while the rest listen coz the topic is so foreign to the rest... i miss the times where band was so fun and that yi ching wud joke wif us at times during sectionals... i miss the times where 1307 was strong and sticking together...

all tis juz disspearred suddenly.. juz... vannished... all tis problems started last yr when my mum was kindda flirting wif another person.. then my dad got angry and then the two alwaes quarreled and it's so hard to concentrate on my studies.. every nite... i hear shouts and quarrels from my parents bedroom and it's juz so vexxed... that's one of the reasons y my results drop.... i juz cant concentrate... then normally.. i pour out to liyan.. kai siang... yvonne... but now... we are no longer as close... and when was the last time we were together?? 1 mth?? 2 mths??? i cudnt juz pour out all my worries on the con coz gt my juniors.. they're juz sec 1 and i m a tutor.. a memtor to them.. hu tells them alwaes too relax and nt get tense up... and nt to be sad or watsoever.. i dun wan coz of me then they upset or watsoever...

it's difficult to keep things in my heart... and that's wat a blog diary is for... ppl often get worries and stressed... and i tell them to relax.. to look for me... and they do... their happi now... bt not me... i dun mean that their a nuisance or watsoever... i love to help them with their problems... i m this kindda ppl... helpful... bt i guess noone ever helps me ya???

well... i m taking this opportunity... to tell liyan.. yvonne... and kai sinag... if u realli ever come by my blog... and see this post... i realli hope that we can bring bak the old times... to be able to spend time together... to pour our our worries...

and to those hum i alwaes con wif... that u guys can all tok about a subject that all of us noes bout... not juz tok to urself or watever ya??? u guys are the best... and i guess it's only u guys who shines in my dark dark world... i do hope we will be forever this strong.. and not juz drift away slowly...

well... diary.. there's also one of my fren.. rather my best fren... hanting... he's kinda stressed up... i dunnoe how i shud help.. ppl sae that i too chong my sec 1's... i do agree... but i realized the joy of helping and realli hope to help more... i realli hope that i can find a solution for him..

hanting... i m also taking this opportunity to tell u that u r not alone and that watever i do.. i realli wei ni zhao xiang before i act... when u nid me to tok to or juz to be a listening ear.. i'll be there for u k??? i noe sometimes u mite not like anyone to tok to.. u juz want someone to tok to.. someone hu will juz listen to you only.. someone to share ur burden.. there are many of these ppl out there.. and i m one of them.. dun be sad ler.. k?? u r not going anywhere and if u r stressed coz of the upcoming exams.. i can always help u wif free tuition and all...

ppl sae i m wasting my time.. helping others tuition and all... and worse of all.. for free... i do agree that i m so stupid to help my juniors wif their work.. but i alwaes convince myself.. a fren in nid is a fren indeed... they are in a stage where they juz got promoted to sec 1 and things are different in sec scool... though i do not get anything in return.. it's realli a great joy to help them... i hope they will realli and pray that they will realli try their best to make as much time as possible.. to find time for their studies... and hope that they will come for my last few tuitions.. and realli hope that my tuition will help them wif the 99% of dilligence i asked them to put in.. it'll be disheartening to see their results bad after all the effort i've put in.... i realli do hope that as much effort i hav put in.. they will put in similar effort or even more...

my class is realli not much of a problem now.. at least the girls arent... they become more considerate.. i guess they found out that being a monitor isnt easy and are trying to relieve my burden.. normally.. i hav problem collecting forms and such.. but suddenly.. i've got 92% attendance for handing the cool dismissal form punctually... perhaps it's coz i immplement a $1 fine for those hu dint bring... or maybe coz they realli understand how mouldy a flour can be... mouldy flour... mouldy flour...

i guess this post is realli getting long.. dear diary... thanx for being here for me to express how i feel... i do hope that ppl will add preservatives into the mouldy flour... or do something to the metaphoric rock...

yours faithfully


Friday, April 28, 2006

8:45 PM

hey... bak after a long posting break.. realli dunnoe wat to rite leh... ermm... well... i m realli gonna do badly for todae's science test.. i m too focus on other things that i totally forgot bout todae's science test... it was easy lah.. but i donno how to do leh... haix.. anywae.. nowadays.. i find myself more close wif the sec 1e3's this yr... that is they are even closer to me than my own class mates...

well... i dunnoe y... but i feel myself drifting apart or slowly juz letting go of wat seems to be my class mates... which is to sae.. i dun exactly treat them as my gd frenz.. their like juz a bunch of ppl that i muz lead... instead.. i feel that the togetherness with the sec 1's are greater... for example.. i sacrificed my time to tutor them.. wait for them during their test.. break a rule that is no smsing in class... haha... bt i finally found something that i couldnt find in my regular frenx.. LOVE ...

sae me mushy or anything.. i dun care.. all i noe is that it's dis kind of "willing to sacrifice for the sec1's " kindda feeling... haha.. and i cud never experience tis kind of felling from anywhere else.. usually.. ppl juz backstab me and all... and i m kinnda sick of it.. but suddenly.. i found real joy in the 1e3's and realli... everydae i come to school is only to see them.. every morning.. i go off early from class is actually to see them.. and even if they all juz tok among themselves.. it's that kindda feeling that makes me pleased.. and the other time i was sick.. i came to scool.. juz to help my juniors wif their lit.. coz their test on that dae...

if anyone wants me to write a 2000 words essay on FRIENDSHIP and state examples... i've got a lot of them... haix.. i noe todae's post is kindda boring... but i got nth to rite ler.. u all wwant me to write wat u state in my tagbox k??? anywae.. again.. thanx those hu has been wif me through thick and thin.. hanting... ivan.. pei jie... allan.. joseph.. koon leng.. well.. u noe those ppl lah.. k??? gtg ler.. bye!!!


Saturday, April 22, 2006

3:07 PM

hey.. finally.. my comp is bak... after so many weeks of repairing... weel ... it's time for me to announce a good news for some gals and bad news for most boys in our class...

if u did remember.. i once mentioned that i sent in the ltr to ms lea to quit monitor blah blah blah...

the news is...unfortunately or fortunately....

i will be renewing my contract and continue to be the monitor of my outstanding class

apperently so.. i gave a tot as to y i quit monitor... funnie to sae.. it started of wif the misunderstanding conflict between me and my son... after that "break up".. i realised that my world was juz filled wif darkness... that is to sae.. there are only like a few light bulbs to brighten up my life in my dark dark world.... and one big and bright light bulb is hanting...

dunnoe y.. bt i kept thinking.. if i cant be a good fren... i would be an even worse monitor... however... time prove me wrong....

ever since i posted officially about my stepping down.. many gals hav came up to me to advise me and concernly ask me (which i thank those who consoled and advise me) as to y i quit monitor and how good (i dunno if it's true) a monitor i m... well... i dare not sae that i m a veri gd monitor... bt after a long reflection.. i believe i hav what it take s to be one.. or at least i hav fulfilled most of my duties to be one...

during my consideration of stepping down... i was thinking of a real deep conversation that would always be edged in my heart... u may think that it's juz a small praise... bt i can admit.. i've nvr been praised by anyone b4.. much less my leadership qualities...

durin march.. i was walking back from school and to my surprise... on my way home to bishan.. i met miss long.. she asked me certain things like how's my class... and she saed she was comin back for the literary evening to support 2e3... that was not the only thing that touched me.. it's one of her praises... "mrs ng is very lucky to have u as the monitor argh"... u mite sae i m boasting or watever.. i dun care.. all i noe is that... i will realli rmb this sentence and will live up to tis sentence...

and after thinking bout all tis... i feel quite selfish to mix personal matters wif my monitor stuff... my personal matters shud not influence my monitoring ya??? it's realli quite unfair for the class to suffer under the hands of "capable or incapable" leaders and so... i realli tot how selfish i m and i therefore told mrs ng that i will continue staying as wat i m and she saed that i was a realli fine monitor and that was wat made me go on....

i wish to giv special thanks to shu ling.. wei ling.. clareen... yvonne... liyan.. yi tong.. and those gals who got me to stay on... if i had asked mrs ng to continue wif the election.. i guess i wud hav regretted my descicion... and pei jie too.. thanx for remindind me that if i love and enjoy being a monitor.. i shud not quit and take bak the ltr... well... that was also wat made me hang on....hanting.. thank you to for helping me persevere...

well... thinking bak at all the shit the monitor has to face... i realli feel quite stressed.. but i m glad that my class is able to cooperate and make many of our achievements possible... well... this post is getting quite long... so i'll post wat i mean by this paragraph on the e3 blog...

ystdae went yi chings house... one of the biggest house i've ever seen too... ya.. elaine.. pei jie.. lihua... me... timo... hanting.. ivan... ming hao.. alan ... renee and of course yi ching was there... we had sushi and cookies for lunch after a lond daes scool and maths.... then ivan they all play wif the chocolate cookies which has a nut on top and it looks like "nipples and breast" when two is put together.. haha..

then we went yi ching's room and we heard "singapore rhapsodie" and " by loch and mountain"... thinking bak bout the hard work made me wanna cry.. but i dun usually cry in front of ppl... so i got the sec ones to pei wo... we take foto and played on yi ching's bro's bed... then alan keep on want to molest me ..... and thank goodness hanting came to my rescue and threatened him not to touch me if not duan jiao ... :p ... so protective of his papa... love u son...

then ltr when he go.. i got ivan to "save" me... then ivan sat on my lap and scared i touch his dick.. he put his hand on his dick.. then timo tot it was my hand.. haha... oh ya.. forget to tell u... after scool when the science common test over... ivan hugged me for like damn long and my class tot i gay der.. but it was a heartwarming hug ... :D .... haha.. love u son... and anywae... then after that timo got bored.. then ask us go 3rd lvl play mafia...

it's like the "murderer and detective" game where the everyone sleeps and the murder wakes up.. kill a victim.. then goes to sleep... then the doctor wake up... then heal the patient who he tinks got killed... and then the police to catch the murderer... haha.. then first few rounds.. timo always be murderer.. and i always die.. then finally when i become the murderer.. i nvr got caught coz i act innocent.. :) ... ya.. i dunnoe how to sae lah.. but then real fun...

then ltr when going home.. i ask for one more round.. but before that.. lihua sae tae picture first... so the sec ones took wif me and perverted yi ching insted of taking our blodies.. took our pants... which is the dick area...lolx.. wat a bian tai senior i hav... well... that's about all that happened b4 yi ching departs and comes bak hopefully in june or july.. it might not sound interesting.. but during the game,.. many funny things happen like timo cutely eating the polo while sleeping and alan scratching his armpit.... wow....

well... this post IS realli getting to long... kkaes.. gtg post 2e3's blog... tata...


Monday, April 17, 2006

1:44 PM

i juz wanna sae:


haha.. i m so bo liao.. now asthetic.. nothing to do.. haix.. so sian.. hanting!!! sen me sms in class can??? i veri bored der lehx.... anywae.. now i saed that i love u... u btr not feel jealous or watsoever anymore.. k??? and thanx for everything...


Saturday, April 15, 2006

2:29 PM

hey.. bak.. sry for not blogging for the past 2 weeks.. coz comp broke down.. sad.. ya.. anywae.. i at han ting's frenz hse ... so.. i tink i wun be blogging for long... anywae.. lots of things happen...

tis week... went to the swiss sernade ... then dunnoe y joseph also tag along.. then me, yiching, renee and lihua went there by ourselves... then swiss is like a thousand times btr then zwinds lah.. then at first 4 of us seat together.. coz ermm... timo that grp so slow... then ltr joe and alan pei wo... in fact.. i shud not be using the word "pei"... shud be come down to my row and DISTURB me... then juz nice the blue shades singing... like so damn nice... but then joe and alan keep on disturbing me.. then cant hear that properly.. haix... but anywae.. it's free.. coz pei jie pae for me lohx... so good... THANX PEI JIE!!!!!

then also got go orchard wif lihua, alvin nah, ian, yiching, elaine... it's like damn fun lah... i m kindda forgetful.. but i only remember yi ching doing a "crouching beside a notice and surrendering post" outside wisma atrium.. we all go watch "ice age 2" mah... then after that at 7 i sae go food republic... then on the wae we went borders.. then coz i youngest among them then muz hold onto the popcorn.. then borders cant eat.. so i wait outside.. retardedly staring at the ppl coming down from the escalator... then i sha sha listen to the popcorn box make a "hhhmmmm" sound... haha... so stupid of me...

then somemore got the sports dae... then 2e3 overall winner.. cool!!! united 2e3 will be alwaes... how i wish we are always like that.. alwaes united... i guess we are though.. anywae... we seem to be achieving so much tis yr... learning carnival rocket.. learning carnival cheer... literary evening.. the sports dae overall winner class... wat more can i ask for??? anywae.. at tis point of time.. i hav some gd news for a few ppl...

mrs ng coming bak in 1 week time.. which means nxt week.. 2 weeks ago.. i submitted a letter of resignation to ms lea.. telling her that i want to quit monitor... well, she saed that it will only take effect only after mrs ng comes bak.. halleluiah... finally.. my burden gone... i mean.. though my class is united.. i tink nobody ever wanted me... rite?? i guess i spoke correctly rite??? lots of u wud think how fierce and strict i m and all that stuff.. well.. celebrate now...

i juz cant take tis anymore.. i dunno y... anywae... ydae han ting sen me over 80 smses.. he's like damn wu liao lah... or else he's too rich... keep sending smses.... and dun kan xiao ta.. he realli can get like damn mushy at times lah... all my hair all stand ler.. keep muaking here and muaking dere... somemore keep "i luv u.. muak" ... eeeeeee.....but anywae.. THANX SON FOR ACCOMPANYING ME!!!! I LOVE U TOO.. MUAKXX ...

haix... if only everydae was ysdae... relax and play wif my fone.. sms... dun care about other worries that i hav... well... i juz hope the nxt one that take over the class wud be gd nuf... think for the class b4 himself... well... i tink i did not reallli did that though... well... juz 1 more week.. juz 1 more week and everything will be fine... if any 2e3 does come across this page... pls fulfill my last wish to juz make me a gd leader for my last weekkk... juz listen to wat the monitor/monitress sae for only 1 week... 1 miserable week... k???

well, i dunnoe wat to rite ler... gtg... bb!!!!


Monday, April 03, 2006

8:59 PM

hey.. tis notice is solely for 2e3-06. i hav created a class blog and am still updating and upgrading it.. u may tag there or in my blog.. the url is under my LINKS column... but before that.. pls read the post below...thanx...


Saturday, April 01, 2006

9:43 PM

hey.. i noe it's boring for two post in one dae...but i came across 1e3'06 blog... and seeing how united they were... i wud like u guys to read this post...

Hey, people. I am back to blog again.
Recently, there's this Creativity Challenge stuff which I believe everyone still remembers, the car thingy during Learning Carnival.
There's something that confirms my thoughts.
Yes, it's gone.
And it's damn obvious, I tell you.
Think about it.
We kinda worked so hard to be together and now it's like that?
Don't you feel sad?
And remember what Ms Long said on one of her Character Education lessons??
Allow me to give you one punch if you have
forgotten what Ms Long said about snow flakes.
"Snowflakes are unique and there is only one of a kind. But when they coagulate together, it becomes very solid and strong."
Ok, maybe not exactly but something like this.
She is trying to hint us.
You get me?
Each of us are different and unique.
But we have to believe that when we come together, we become united and we'll be strong in the mind.
Please, reflect.
Yes, things have changed.
But I don't want our attitudes and spirit to change.
Don't disappoint Ms Long and Mr Lam.
I am sure we all have sensed the "disappearing unity" in 1E3.
Please, I want the old times back.
Let's be strong again.Let's be united again.
I believe that the class spirit will be back again very soon if we are willing to accept one another and help each other on our way.
Remember, no one is better than ZHS 1E3' 2006.
Although we are not soldiers, we've got souls.40 souls, 1 class, 1 mind, 1 heart.

especially the last part... "Although we are not soldiers, we've got souls.40 souls, 1 class, 1 mind, 1 heart. " and "Snowflakes are unique and there is only one of a kind. But when they coagulate together, it becomes very solid and strong.".. i mean... for 2e3 o6... are we united?? can u all see how united 1e3'05 was at the end of the yr?i dunnoe... maybe i want to sae wat chingmay wants to sae.. so 2e3 'o6... pls reflect about wat she saes... it mite or may not applies to u guys is up to u to tink... i hav already quote wat i wanna sae... u all want to agree, diagree or juz ignore it... it's fine wif me.... the highlighted words are points i want u guys to take note... thanx...
"Although we are not soldiers, we've got souls.40 souls, 1 class, 1 mind, 1 heart."


8:23 PM

hey... bak after my previous post on march 25... since everyone wants me to update... i shall tok about how fun i had todae... well, todae's the last cheer practise at the stadium for sports dae... and i realli didnt take my medicine todae.. coz after the people left and we had finished cheer.. i stayed bak for 6 rounds around the stadium...

i had breakfast at 9am at mcdonalds... haha... i pon a ltl band... then ltr when i got there, realizew that the stadium used by seng kang secondary school sports dae... so we went to a park... did like once, then at 10.30, we went to the stadium... only to realize that we still hav to wait till 12.30... so during that time, we did twice through and the rest of the time was mainly slacking and resting and eating and laughing.haha.

bt the fun part only began after the cheer was over. it ended around one... during cheer break i ran one round...400m... then ltr i went to rest... but damn bored mah...so after cheer i ran 4 rounds... 1.6km... then ltr ask allan and ivan join me another one round.. then near the high jump mattress there, ivan went there and lie on the mattress, so we stopped and suntann ourselves.. now i m real red.. haha... then ltr too bright... so i went indoors for a break.. then saw lihua and xinni at the field... lihua practise her mace... then i went over to help her lohx...

then she finding for mace formations... so i gave her one idea.. then xinni and ian came up wif the indian scool cheer... join their hands together like indian then do the cheer... so funny... too bad hav no video... then ltr the band cheer hohx.. got one part the end that time.. lihua dunno wat to do.. then me and xinni sae go put the mace behind.. then ask elaine grab on it.. then fling her far far away... then we all sae bye bye to her.. haha.... or we can sae wat it was originally... "we are the zhonghua concert band.. yeah!"i noe not funni now, bt if u see the video.....(and if hav)... realli fun lohx...

then the creation cheer ... got one part is the... "gonna rock every street. clap-clap-clap-clap- clap-clap-clap-clap-"then the claps... we go and shake our butt.. so is "shake to you left- shake to your right..." realli funny lohx.. again.. we got no video.. wish peijie was there... then got video... the i use the pole as pole dancing pole... then put it in between my two legs under my cock.. then bring it over to behind, then pole dance again... then wa lao... so bian tai... bt i m good at pole dancing! and then we try kenan-belok for formation coz we realize earlier on we do no good... then got this man hav six pack one he teach us... then we keep trying but fail... but soon, got a hand of it.. haha.

then again at the field i use the white gloves.. then pretend to be traffic police... haha. then i also use the poles as microphone ... then sing so loudly... by then it was 4 plus... i dance around the mike then somemore sing so loudly that the soccer fans all stare at me... so pai seh... sand wat "u raise me up" and the "only u" and my favourite "说说说说说你爱我..." and more..i tink i realli went crazy.. pei jie... u shud come take a video.. so funny... anywae... ya... so all this things and crazy things happen todae... haix... it's been a long time since i had a hot and fun dae...

well, this blog is getting too long. shall stop here... tata. tell me what i left out in my tagboard.. and thanx for flooding it... i guess the tagboard is realli alive and the man's regaining his health.