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Sunday, July 30, 2006

8:38 PM

hey ppl.. sry for nt blogging.. thanx for keeping this blog alive.. veri sian and tired nowadays.. tired both mentally and physically... ever since that something happened.. i juz feel veri lost.. veri blurred.. and veri tired.. i juz dunno where to go.. wat to do.. and i kip asking myself questions.. in short.. im definitely nt okae.. that shows y i didnt update when im practically online everydae...

haix.. lets juz skip that.. been surfing blogs including my sons' and so surprised that things are happening so fast and so happily... does it realli brings joy.. or juz mere pains and wries... to be in love.. i ask myself y being in a relationship seems so wonderful.. at least thats what he blogged abt.. how wonderful it muz be to be in love.. caring for each other.. feeling the warmth of each other... doing every other thing with each other... feel so happy for him.. finally found something meaningful... haha.. continue to take the first intiative son!

hmm.. fridae was terrible.. for the first time.. my "good boy" image and reputation is destroyed by mr hairy (haren, our it trainer).. it all began when a month ago.. one of our classmates plucked put and arrow key from a keyboard in the imac lab.. and worse still.. he brought that key to the classroom and so we cudnt deny the fact that the culprit is from our class.. so mr haren wants to find the culprit.. bt the culprit wudnt own up so the whole class muz get punished forever (according to the hairy).. then last fridae.. that hairy wants one gal to and question.. bt her fren jkingly sae she nt around.. so hairy sent the gal out.. ridiculous rite??? anywae.. then he ask us to stand up.. all of us.. then sit down.. then stand up.. then sit down again... dunno wat he trying to do.. then another of my female classmate argue with him.. and guess wat??? she gt sent out also.. then hairy commented that the glas in our class are rude.. so he ask the boys to sit and the gals to stand..

here comes the spoilage of my reputation.. when he ask the guys to sit and the gals to stand.. i saed to him (across the lab) : "mr haren.. united we tsand.. divided we fall.. if the gals are going to stand.. we'll stand together.." guess wat??? he sent me out!!! ridiculous rite??? its like wtf.. first time i got sent ouyt of class... then when i was out.. i heard from my classmates that my class was asked to put a paper on their head and scratch their head with the paper on top... hes juz wanting to humilate us lah.. then i think the gals talked back.. so they all gt sent out and me sent back in.. fortunately.. mrs ng passed by and the gals complained to her.. and after that.. the gals were asked to stand in the sun by mr haren for dunno wat reason also.. he's like and absolute idiot lah...

ydae juz watched pirates of the carribean.. as it was cinema six.. a pretty small cinema @ gv bishan... the rows were six seats.. then the aisle.. then another six seats.. at first went to collect from liyan tiks for the nite concert as shes nt going and the tics are all with her.. so i collect it in the morning.. then since she waiting for me at j8.. when collect ler.. i used watever money i hav to buy tics in advance coz i scared that ltr no tics.. then i forgt abt this boy whos coming.. so i tot only hav 6 ppl.. i bought 6 tics.. then went i reach home.. finally rmbed that hes coming.. so i called him and lied to him that its cancelled.. i noe its wrong to lie.. no choice.. bt he kips forcing me to get more ppl so that he can watch coz my excuse was a lot of ppl back out.. then i had no choice bt to go bak.. only to find that the cinema max is 6 a row.. and cvant refund ler.. so i had to buy a seperate tic..

then ltr when we met.. me.. hanting.. alan.. minghao.. junhao.. and kaisiang (ian was late)... i had to sacrifice and seat at an indivisual seat all by myself.. first time i watch a movie all by myself lahx.. and worse still. coz the tics money is my mum pay for me first... then that idiot gave me dunno wat gv money.. some coupon that cant refund.. and according to my parents.. it only cost $5.. ydaes tic was $9.50.. so i helped him pay $4.50 more.. and i had to sacrifice.. idiot rite??? cant stand these type of ppl..

anywae.. pirates was okae lah.. only abit long.. luckily there were many empty seats beside me.. so i sort of occupied 1 and the half seat and kept figiting arounf to find a gd spot for myself to enjoy... the plot was quite okae also.. 3 stars i wud give...

the ltr went to a concert at nanyang gals high.. 11 other band memebers met me at the bishan mrt station and from there.. we took 156.. anywae.. the concert was okae only lohx.. nth special.. very ex though.. so short and $12.. somemore standard nt as gd as swiss... btw. the concert is mixed of amkss... commonwealth ss... nyjc.. and xinmin ss... the guest conductor is dr. douglas stotter....

nth speacial to blog abt ler... sry for those who have been waiting for my updates.. and thanx alot.. gtg.. tata!


Sunday, July 02, 2006

2:53 PM

hey ppl!!!! its been a long time since im blogging... i too lazy to blog lah.. anywae.. todaes' worth blogging.. coz last sat (youth dae).. i had loads of fun... hmm.. where shud i start??? ok lets see...

i met yiching.. elaine and lihua at the serangoon mrt station at 11am... alvin was late.. he tot it was 11.30.. anywae.. we took and changed a train to city hall.. from there.. we walked via citylink to marina to hav lunch.. haha... so when we were there.. we hurriedly dig in coz we were famished and i took some pics from the marina food loft.. it can oversee the boat quay and esplanade.. this are the pics i took from up there...

taken from marina food loft...

the esplanade from marina food loft

ok.. then we eat finish ler then head to esplande.. on our way out... we went to a place i've never passed by b4.. i go marina so many times.. also nvr see... anywae.. its outside marina.. i dunno y its there.. but.. here it is!!!

a fountain outside marina

then ltr.. we went over to esplanade and we took some pics at the roof terrace... lets see...

close up esplanade

taken from roof terrace

a bird taken from roof terrace too...

candid pic

too bad im the photographer.. cant be in the picture...

trying to act cute... haha...

a mini fountain on the roof terrace...

out 5 feets stepping on the fountain..


1307 again!

shuai ge! =)

acting shuai... or am i realli shuai??? =)

a picture i took of the 2 artworks (dice) that hung in esplande

exhibition of another artwork

another exhibition at the esplanade

okae.. then from there we headed down and wlked along the river... we toked.. take fotos.. and had fun!!!! we walked to the merlion there.. so we crossed that bridge lah.. here are the pics...

little samuel sitting on an apricot...


taken from the esplanade outside...

taken at the boat quay

so we went up the bridge... and we took some pics... anywae.. i am not gonna post all der pics.. onli the nice one...

the shuai ge reappears!!! =)

i believe i can fly.. i believe i can touch the sky...

taken on the bridge...

and finally.. we reached merlion.. bt the big one is "taking a shower"... so we had to see the smaller one.. the smaller one more ugly also.. haha... then we had a replica... alvin as merlion 2!!!!

the not so nice merlion...

merlion "taking a shower"

the 3 other gals who went out wif me...

taken from the merlion overlooking esplanade...

say cheese!

the 3 gals reappear

alvin as merlion 2 ! looks alike rite??? haha...

taken from the bridge on the way back...

the 2 alumnis

another exhibition along citilink...

by now.. alvin have to go ler.. so we headed back.. then we took a train... and its time to sae gd bye.. coz we are heading for....

the changi airport!

superwoman returns to changi airport!

yep.. so we went to the changi airport.. we flying or rather eloping to los angeles... no lah kidding... we juz go there.. FOR FUN!!!! haha...

superman returns again!

at terminal 2

so from there.. we took a skytrain to terminal 1... and on board the skytrain...

there's yi ching's face...

and lihua's too!

so we finally arrived at terminal 1.. we looked around and take more fotos....

a statue taken at the t1 airport..

the famous departure signboard

control tower...

i sneaked in to the airport to take this... jkjk lah.. took it from the gallery..

qatar airways abt to take of for melbourne...

silk airways...

garuda indonesia just touched down...

garuda turns in...

"dear passengers, our plane have safely landed on Singapore International Changi ariport. Thank you for flying with garuda indonesia. Have a nice trip! Gd bye!"

singapore international touching down...

then... we headed back to t2 for dinner and some more pics... so we ate at fish and co. we shared a plate of seafood platter for 2 and fish and chips... yum yum.. the food though ex has a big portion and its like... wahhhh... finger licking gd lah.. i can still taste the fish in my mouth.. dont believe... look at the smile on lihuas and yichings face.... and sry.. actually have alot of pics at airport.. bt then my comp damn lag.. and those pics taken from yichings cam cant load.. dunno y...

u will see elaines fingers moving though...

a blur pic taken in t2

hey.. when did the man of steel become cyclops???

erm.. yi ching... wats with ur hand???

so from there.. we headed back to esplanade to see the starry skies and the night scene of singapore river.. sadly.. my batt went flat like when we were on that same bridge.. and i cant load yi chings one.. so i'll juz post watever pics i still hav when my cam still hav batt..anywae.. we went back and alighted at raffles place and alk out to six battery road.. clarke quay three.. then we took more fotos till esplande.. passing singapore river and fullerton hotel...

a dark nite scene at boat quay...

a cute cat sleeping on a lamppost at boat quay...

the 3 gals again...

me and yi ching...

me and my ah gong.. hehe...

yi chings 2 husband????

our last pic with my cam at the esplanade tunnel

from here onwards.. my camp dieded.. so i juz say briefly.. we went to the bridge there again.. then went to the esplanade again... wanted to hear the band there playing.. bt wait so long still haven appear.. so we go marina buy yi chings glue... then from there.. we headed back home... haix long dae i had.. and so is this post.. fyi.. i took one week to post this bloody post coz of the pics.. haha.. anywae.. hope u enjoyed.. will post soon.. i hope photos speak a thousand words.. if nt when ppl read my post will kip laughing till stomach ache.. like some ppl.. hehe..anywae.. ok.. gtg... sayonara