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Friday, June 30, 2006

9:20 AM

heyo ppl.. long time no post ler... sry guys... veri sian leh... i one post rite veri long der... hmmm.... now in comp lab lohx.. it period mah... hmmm.. dun wanna blog bout last fridaew.... i juz noe that i had fun...

this week had been a veri long week.... at least for me... its tiring to make changes... bt yet i've to get use to it....haix... i dunno wat to blog leh... dun wanna blog now... gtg.. tata...


Monday, June 12, 2006

8:25 PM

hey... bak from ydae's long dae of activities.. so tot of blogging.. though im like damn sick... feverish... coming down with a cold... sore throat... haix... but i still wanna go for band tmr though... prob coz of my sons.. lol.. nvr mind.. where shud we start??? this shud be a long post bah... let's see... let's start with me meeting lihua and pj at ps...
after church.. i headed for ps.. met lihua nd pei jie there... then we went buy jig saw for some ppl's bdae and all that..bought one $55 dollars one and the other at i forgot how much.. lol... then we shop around the jig saw world juz b4 choosing all this puzzle.. in the shop like half an hour??? then ltr went to eat at the food court... ate mixed vegetable rice... but i ate the slowest.. then pee jay and lihua also scold me so slow.. sob sob...
anywae... we headed for the mrt at 11.30 though we were suppose to meet the ppl who are going to east coast at 11.30 at the serangoon interchange.. so we are like.. damn late??? so anywae.. on the train.. i showed pee jay and lihua the clue cards for the games dae.... and i think im a genius!!! lol.. no lah.. but the clues quite okae.. not too diff.. not too easy... though pee jay can solve some real fast... while others need me to tell her ans...
then actually timo nt coming der.. but the dae b4 i ask timo... begged him... and he ask me to "strip naked and wave my underwear around east coqast and shout timo is king then he will come".. lol... make things diff for me.. but in the end.. he still told me that he will surprise pee jay they all by making a sudden appearence... and therefore.. i kept it a secret and didnt tell pee jay that he's coming.. haha... im good... but pee jay happy and angry... angry that i nvr tell her.. but happy that he came.. so she pinch me.. ouch ouch...
ltr we took 158 to mountbatten road laselle sia school there and we change 401.. but the bus so long.. we wait like 45 min b4 401 come.. but coz joe haven come.. so 1 grp took to east coast first while me, timo, pee jay, xinni, and yan ling wait for joseph... btw.. the rest of the ppl are vivian.. lihua.. lixuan.. elaine... allan... and minghao.. alot of ppl rite??? so sad that ivan and han ting cant go...
then joseph came from church ler then we took 401 to east coast mac and meet the rest... during the bus ride.. we tok a lot of crap and dirty stuff... dirty stuff by timo and joseph... then ltr went to mac.. i changed into my bermudas then joseph changed ler go buy lunch... then i pei him.. he keep asking me to help him choose wat he wanna eat.. but i also not him.. so i dunno wat to decide.. ltr when we wanna leave for the sand.. it rained.. darn it... but soon subsided and became drizzles...
so since it's juz drizzling... we went to the beach to play... left our bags under towels and umbrellas... but all squeeze onto one bench.. so mine keep dropping down on the sand.. poor bag now soo dirty.. then we on the sand chase each other.. push each pther to the sea.. and burrow pee jay... with joseph standing on her leg... poor pee jay... then she also all wet.. coz stand so near the wave.. then a surfer fell on her when she wanted to run from the big wave... sad... then xinni, yan ling, timo and me keep taking pictures... xinni and yanling jump then me or timo will take them jumping on the sand.. lol.. then timo carried me and took a foto.. lol.. he sae i damn light.. 47 kg is light??? no wonder i cud carry joseph.. he's ligher.. yeah.. i carried him around the benches.. then he want to hit yan ling they all... lol..
then ltr rain again.. so we head for macdonalds and wash our feet.. so ma fan loh.. i went town so muz wear shoe.. then wear shoe on the beach so ma fan... then we sticked around at macdonalds... then ltr someone suggested to bowl.. then head for superbowl... when at superbowl there.. everyone all complain expensive.. so we went up to arcade and plaed.. isnt it the same in the end??? anywae.. i plaed the car racing game.. so sad no daytona.. i dunno y funland no daytona.. then i also plaid the ice skating.. fun lohx... the rest plaid the car racing and para para and dance remix thingy...
it's damn funny.. xinni play ler then everyone all wanna join in.. or issit joseph only??? anywae.. then joseph play der anyhow step here step there.. but occasionally still win xinni.. half fight lah.. then ltr saw this 8 yrs old gal.. damn pro lah.. it's like she memorized the steps.. so fast yet she caught it all.. pro! then xinni play para para.. joe also play.. anyhow swing the hands der.. i tried.. but juz cant.. lol... xinni and joseph.. u 2 rawk!!! it's so fun seeing both of them play...
anywae.. play finish ler like around 5.45??? so we stopped and went down to see where to eat.. after deciding.. we went to marina south there eat steamboat + bbq.. the 2 in 1 seafood restaurant.. been there once.. but we tried another store.. so the 9 of us.. (coz timo.. elaine and lixuan left first) took 2 cabs there.. my cab have me.. lihua.. xinni.. yan ling and joseph.. the uncle so good... let us 5 squeeze... so joe sat on my lap and we headed for the restaurant...
we arrived earlier then the other cab.. though the other cab took the cab first... then we ate at the "chong pang seafood".. then we took our food and i helped joe with alot of stuff... helped him get food.. clean plate.. lol.. then ltr took the food ler.. start cooking!!!
we took like a lot of food.. cooked the soup... then put alot of shellfish inside.. so hav the seafood taste... then the frying part put butter fried the stuff.. then me and joe sit together.. so we sit in surrounding the frying part.. then the oil keep popping out.. then burnt me and joe.. lhua and yan ling too.. then here comes the funny part...
coz i trying to stir the soup.. and put in some pork to make it sweet.. but the frying part cooking black pepper chicken.. so the oil pop out while my scoop is in the steamboat.. then the oil burned my hand.. ans i accidentally pull out the scoop filled with hot soup on the ladle.. and it spilled on the frying part which bounds onto darling joseph's legs near the dick aprt.. heng argh.. everyone was like laughing and worried.. then joe keep jokingly scolding me.. sae that i dun wan grandson issit.. coz the soup wud hav hit the dick.. luckily his legs were apart.. if not i no grandson.. LOL.. SRY DARLING!!! DIDNT MEAN TOO!!!
then ltr went to get some eggs.. coz i wanna try some macdonald's scrambbled egg.. then lihua coo at mac derx.. so she noe.. then we use the frying part.. go fry.. fry one.. then everyone all one.. so took alot of eggs.. and then cook scrambled egg.. fried egg... yan ling cook prawn omellette.. she use the raw prawns go cook in the steamboat.. then peel of and shred it then add with egg.. then also hav hotdog omellette.. yum yum!!!
then ltr took lihua's father's van back to serangoon central.. at first i wanna take 53 home from there.. but since my darling ltr alone go home.. so i pei joseph to ntuc then to his home.. did i forgot to sae?? joseph trade secret with me.. he tell me hu he likes or stead wif .. and i tell him hu i like or stead wif... then he told me lohx... so actually he wanted tell me story in the van.. but everyone all hearing.. so after ntuc shopping.. he told me his secrets lohx..
wait.. go bak ntuc first... ermm... he going church camping todae till this thurs mah... WILL BE MISSING YEW DARLING!.. so he bought cup noodles for fear that the food there sux... and chips and chocolates and sweetes for the boring sermons.. lol... and his church camp like my church derx.. at malaysia der hotel.. then sermons and activities in hotel function room... and hav swimming and all.. same old boring stuff...
then on the way bak.. i helped him hold the stuff.. then halfway stopped to see a bball match b4 we continued our long walk... then he shared wif me his stories lohx.. too bad i cant sae... then i ask him whether he hold hand b4.. then he sae he scared.. then i teach him how to hold gal's hands lohx.. lol.. i learned from drama i guess.. then he try on me.. lol.. ltr ppl tot we gay.. HAHA...
anywae ltr.. when we reached his condo downstairs... got "movie" to watch.. coz there's this father.. a daughter.. a guy.. and i guess the guy's parents.. then the father kip pushing the daughter into the car.. and told the guy that he wudnt want to see the guys face anymore.. then me and joe conclude.. that the guy muz have had sex wif the gal at the guy's house.. then the gal's parents noe ler then come and get her daughter bak.. LOL... joe keep saying it's the nicest drama he evr see... LOL... too bad he's going to desaru todae.. sad... JOE.. I'LL REALLI BE MISSING YEW.. THANX FOR THE STORIES AND EVERYTHING... LOVE YA!!!! AND DO ENJOY UR SELF... AND PEE JAY AND XINNI... THANX FOR THE HAPPIE DAE I HAD YDAE AND HOPE U ENJOYED URSELF TOO!!!pee jay.. muz sen me the foto hohx...
kk.. gtg.. now da chang jing show ler.. SAYONARA..


Friday, June 09, 2006

8:12 PM

hey.. it's been one week since my last post.. one long week... many things happened... miracles.. success.. sorrows.. and goodbyes... well... where shud we start??? last mondae???

well... kindda forgetful at times.. but the 5th of june will be one dae that i realli had fun... or at least for the hols... went out wif sandra... yan yu... ian and kai siang to plaza sing to catch xmen3 : the last stand... oh mann.. the show totallly rawk.. though i dont noe y allan saed it sucked.. anywae... i like jean grey... as in the pic of her on the poster... she looked too fierce and evilish as "the pheonix" in the movie itself.. thus not very pretty with all the purple veins on her face... but on the poster is like.. *woots*... sexy and has nice figure.. haha... but the ending after the credits i didnt quite understand.. i tot he prof died then rose from the dead.. but timo explained to me that he transferred his mind to that paralysed guy on the hospital bed just b4 he died.. no wonder the after credits was important... the age of the apocalypse shud be xmen 4... where prof x will lead them again.. yipee!! tada!

after movies.. we went yamaha to get minghao's present... got a pair of drumsticks for him.. then had lunch at yoshinoya... then i like to sae "what" as "blah".. so went i wanna sae "beg ur pardon" i wud also go "blah".. then when i saed it.. stupid ian and kai siang alwaes tot i saeing "bra?" instead of "blah?".. wa lao... then ltr head for DAYTONA!!! woots.. i score like i used too.. this round competing wif my classmates who also going to the bbq ltr.. suppose to meet them at the serangoon bus interchange at 3.30... but they also went dhoby ghaut for lan computers.. so we plaed a few rounds of daytona and headed for our class bbq....

i actually went online and checked sbs transit website.. found that can take 158 then change to 401... when we followed the route and stopped at 401 busstop... after waiting for an hour.. we realised... 401 IS A WEEKEND BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... bloody idiot.. make us wait so long.... stupid website nvr sae lohx... in the end...we gotta take a cab that was like 2 minutes only... but cost $5.30

the bbq is okae lah.. the food .. the weather.. the beautiful beach.. th teachers came... only 3 lah... mr lam.. ms tan (chen lao shi) and mrs ng... they 2 female teachers so cute... and mr lam was busy helping us.. we all had fun.. the teachers... the class and me... and for once.. i like being wif my class.. though irritating they are in handing in of forms and noisy they are... they or rather we are a fun bunch of ppl.. 2e3'06... WE RAWK!!!!!!!! then ltr liyan leaving for shanghai.. bye liyan!!! miss me and buy me presents!!!!

hmm.. tuesdae juz plain band... then after that had few rounds of badminton... nth much accomplished.. perhaps a ltl btr in orpheus... the wednesdae was a long dae at home... wif my comp.. mapling again... haha.. i noe that game kindda sucky.. but wu liao mah.. haha... helped my darling's character to lvl up....

ydae was a miracle.. during band.. though mr chew was pretty angry wif our band.. again.. btu with masree... i managed to play the intro of orpheus ALONE!!!! beautifully... coz yan yu nt around.. then rachel in the toilet... so i had to play alone... now i understand how hui yan felt... pitching high registers.. with the whole band staring at you.. it's scary and pressurising... but i played.. though ppl like the flautist observed that due to lack of air and high pitch.. my hands were trembling and my whole face went red.. but truly.. the sound was wonderful.. for once... belltoned... *woots*!this is wat i call a miracle...

i stayed at home the whole dae todae.. though i wanted to work at my aunts place.. but then my mum sae there no nid rush any work.. so ask me stay at home.. i also went bqak zhonghua hand in my science file.. coz todae is the due date.. haha.. then completed my science assignments and my mapling too... though i dieded.. haha...

life is full of miracles.. sorrows.. success.. failures.. welcomes ... and goodbyes... therefore i've learnt to cherish every single moment of my life to do my utmost.. this week is one full of it... the miracle of me playing solo.. the success of my organisation together with the class com for the bbq... the sorrow of jean dying... sob sob.. i hope she survives juz like prof x... welcome of allan.. he came bak ydae nite.. and goodbye temporary to liyan.... well.. there's more to last weekk... but i forget.. and there's more to come... well.. i gotta go.. SAYONARA...


Friday, June 02, 2006

4:47 PM

hey.. juz came bak from a shopping spree wif the sec 2 majors in town... hmmm... we went to quite a lot of places lah... where shud i start???

hmmm... we went to suntec the fountain of wealth there... coz we wu liao mah... so we went there to make our wish come true... haha... we make a silent wish and walk around the fountain of wealth 3 times and touch the water inside to make our dreams come true... (oh ya.. did i forget to mention??? liyan brought her cuzzin along to shop wif us) ya so... a wish cant be revealed... too bad!!!! cant tell u... bt quite nice leh... forgot to bring camera... we also went to the koi pond... then nearby there got 1 fish tank.. real nice.. the fish inside all swimming... got nemo and dory.. got clam and sea anemone...the rest of the creatures dunno what name.. damn nice lah.. then got one staring at the waterproof television... i want to take a pic!

then we also went wisma there... then halfway when walking... we smelled something "famous"... FAMOUS AMOS!!!! oh man.. it rawks big time.. we bought a 500gram one coz buy 500g get 120g free.. haha.. so all together 7 ppl share $19 worth of 620g no nut chocolate cookies.... anywae.. the seven of us are ian.. liyan... her cuzzin... felicia... yan yu.. sanBRA... me... coz yvonne fei qu zhong guo... go china lah... anywae... the cookie cant eat finish... so when me and felicia took the north south train.. we had to leave the cookie for the rest....

then we also went to a supermart... in a shopping centre... over there... we saw some things we shudnt see or speak about... we saw bras which are ROSY RED.. which reminds us of ao xiang.. then we imagine ao xiang wearing it... we also saw condoms... and dunno y.. that condom is made to be "ultra thin"... i tot condoms were suppose to be thick to protect???

then we also ate our lunch there.. i had curry chicken mee... YUM YUM!!! but then a ltl cold ler.. coz we stick to the tradition of waiting for everyone to come bak and eat.. then liyan and her cuzzin decided to let us go and buy our food first then they go.. and when they go.. take so long.. by the time my hot curry become cold curry lerx.. lol.. not that cold lahx...juz nice...

anywae... we also walked around orchard.. then came across one POSEIDON poster.. then sandra told us a bit of the plot.. it was so interesting.. that we wanna go catch it.. but too bad.. by then 2.10pm lerx... then we all tired... so we went to seat down and then checked the papers to see a movie screening of poseidon.. juz nice the last show at the afternoon period is at plaza sing.. and it will take us a 20 mins to get there to watch.. so we decided to juz go plaza sing and play arcade.. then by then i had a sudden urge to play car racing... so i went bersek.. haha... then as usual... im good at datona.. though felicia also veri gd.. coz she also 2 rounds first... haha...

then coz my sis sick.. so hav to come home and take care of her.. so we ended our shopping spree at bout 3.30pm... then juz reach home.. on the comp.. then tok to hanting... he going wif timo they all to nyjc concert.. but i cant go.. coz muz treat my darling joseph to movies.. so muz save enuf money.... SRY DARLING!!!ENJOY URSELF!!! lolx... haha...will be going to movies nxt mondae... yeah.. x men 3 rox!!!! ivan's sick.. down wif fever.. headache.. and cough... wish him good health... TAKE CARE DARLING!!!so he didnt come last thurdae's band practise....

last thursdae's band prac is okae.. managed to pitch a ltl more of the high notes in orpheus... coz perhaps i listen to the song itself already.. then i think like not that high.. so a ltl more self confidence.. bt i hav the wrong ambrochere.. so watever high notes i play will press against the mouthpiece.. then veri pain... haix.. muz change b4 nxt yr's syf....

kk... i guess i'll end here... after a long dae wif the sec 2 majors.. i juz realize they're realli a veri veri fun bunch of ppl.. the 7 of us rawk man!!!! haha... yan yu as the short one... ian as the joker... liyan as the laughter... sandra as the kind soul... felicia as the studious.. yvonne as a pevert (no offense.. haha).. and me as i dunno.. probably the crazy one... but we realli click real well and i realli do hope to shop and spend more time wif them.. they're so fun!!! WE RAWK!!!!.. kk.. realli stoppping here.. gonna bathe ler... SAYONARA...