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By Elies
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Saturday, September 30, 2006

10:04 PM

The Golden Past.

these are just my previous post that i wanna recollect...

"well... diary.. there's also one of my fren.. rather my best fren... hanting... he's kinda stressed up... i dunnoe how i shud help.. ppl sae that i too chong my sec 1's... i do agree... but i realized the joy of helping and realli hope to help more... i realli hope that i can find a solution for him..

hanting... i m also taking this opportunity to tell u that u r not alone and that watever i do.. i realli wei ni zhao xiang before i act... when u nid me to tok to or juz to be a listening ear.. i'll be there for u k??? i noe sometimes u mite not like anyone to tok to.. u juz want someone to tok to.. someone hu will juz listen to you only.. someone to share ur burden.. there are many of these ppl out there.. and i m one of them.. dun be sad ler.. k?? u r not going anywhere and if u r stressed coz of the upcoming exams.. i can always help u wif free tuition and all... " April 29 2006 - 2:09pm

"well... i dunnoe y... but i feel myself drifting apart or slowly juz letting go of wat seems to be my class mates... which is to sae.. i dun exactly treat them as my gd frenz.. their like juz a bunch of ppl that i muz lead... instead.. i feel that the togetherness with the sec 1's are greater... for example.. i sacrificed my time to tutor them.. wait for them during their test.. break a rule that is no smsing in class... haha... bt i finally found something that i couldnt find in my regular frenx.. LOVE ...

sae me mushy or anything.. i dun care.. all i noe is that it's dis kind of "willing to sacrifice for the sec1's " kindda feeling... haha.. and i cud never experience tis kind of felling from anywhere else.. usually.. ppl juz backstab me and all... and i m kinnda sick of it.. but suddenly.. i found real joy in the 1e3's and realli... everydae i come to school is only to see them.. every morning.. i go off early from class is actually to see them.. and even if they all juz tok among themselves.. it's that kindda feeling that makes me pleased.. and the other time i was sick.. i came to scool.. juz to help my juniors wif their lit.. coz their test on that dae...

if anyone wants me to write a 2000 words essay on FRIENDSHIP and state examples... i've got a lot of them... haix.. i noe todae's post is kindda boring... but i got nth to rite ler.. u all wwant me to write wat u state in my tagbox k??? anywae.. again.. thanx those hu has been wif me through thick and thin.. hanting... ivan.. pei jie... allan.. joseph.. koon leng.. well.. u noe those ppl lah.. k??? gtg ler.. bye!!!" april 28 2006 - 8:45 pm

"apperently so.. i gave a tot as to y i quit monitor... funnie to sae.. it started of wif the misunderstanding conflict between me and my son... after that "break up".. i realised that my world was juz filled wif darkness... that is to sae.. there are only like a few light bulbs to brighten up my life in my dark dark world.... and one big and bright light bulb is hanting...

i wish to giv special thanks to shu ling.. wei ling.. clareen... yvonne... liyan.. yi tong.. and those gals who got me to stay on... if i had asked mrs ng to continue wif the election.. i guess i wud hav regretted my descicion... and pei jie too.. thanx for remindind me that if i love and enjoy being a monitor.. i shud not quit and take bak the ltr... well... that was also wat made me hang on....hanting.. thank you to for helping me persevere...

then we went yi ching's room and we heard "singapore rhapsodie" and " by loch and mountain"... thinking bak bout the hard work made me wanna cry.. but i dun usually cry in front of ppl... so i got the sec ones to pei wo... we take foto and played on yi ching's bro's bed... then alan keep on want to molest me ..... and thank goodness hanting came to my rescue and threatened him not to touch me if not duan jiao ... :p ... so protective of his papa... love u son... " 22 april 2006 - 3:07 pm


" juz cant take tis anymore.. i dunno y... anywae... ydae han ting sen me over 80 smses.. he's like damn wu liao lah... or else he's too rich... keep sending smses.... and dun kan xiao ta.. he realli can get like damn mushy at times lah... all my hair all stand ler.. keep muaking here and muaking dere... somemore keep "i luv u.. muak" ... eeeeeee.....but anywae.. THANX SON FOR ACCOMPANYING ME!!!! I LOVE U TOO.. MUAKXX ... " 15 april 2006 - 2:29 pm

"5th june... going movies wif joe and hanting they all... the same people who went the last time to watch m:i:3 ... juz that dun hav allan... sad.... will be missing him.. hahax... hmmm.. i think this round gonna watch x-men 3.. oh cooll... im so looking forward... though hanting want me to watch over the hedge wif wilfred they all.... haha...

hmmm.... ydae so bored... so i whole nite playing comp.. play maple and tok to hanting... haha.. he gave me his acc.. lvl 38... quite fun lahx... haha.. thanx darling!... then ermm... i tink there was a big mistake last nite when i tot his bro using his msn acc... hahax... then i act siao.. haha..." 28 may 2006 - 2:46pm

" hmm.. then ivan joined main band coz i see like gt bout 3 sec 1's in main band ler.. can some sort get him used to the main band and how it functions... bt he mite wanna join permanently.. i didnt want him to do so now coz i dun wan him suffer so early.. let him enjoy.. haha... then han ting also stay back but he didnt comein and join us.. wait in the band store.. then ltr after band we tok and tok.. then hanting touched my dick then ask me "eee... y hard and baig der.. erect arghx?" lolx... guess he hadent come across his mind the word "puberty"... that's y my sec 1's realli brings a smile on my face.. the thought of missing them and being with them.. coz they're juz so cute.. (and perverted)... lolx... " 25 may 2006 - 9:15 pm

"then ermm... marching that time... the sec 1 's as usual so cute... but anywae... i didnt realli take them... sandra and liyan did.... but i helped them... haha... and guess wat i did???? the favourite things that last yr's sec 4 did to make me hate it... the locking of arms thingy... i alwaes dun.. then the sec 4's suddenly swing it.. so ke pa... haha... and dunnoe wat my 2 sons (ivan and han ting) doing... they tuck out my shirt tail when i sitting down... then hanting go put his hand inside my pants go touch my butt... wa lao... but i get used ler lah... haha/.... then ivan and hanting also see my undiewear.. haha... but i guess i realli get used ler... coz they also touch my dick and my balls and i think nvm lah... fan zhen they my er zi... haha... let them touch lohx... haha./...

anywae... hanting also so saddist... when to dissect the poor little ants on the parade ground (carpark)... saddist!!!! then after band... lihua called us bak for brief marching or rather taking marching components... then my darlings all waiting for me... then ivan and hanting keepp marching... then they interlock their hands.... then march... then use their hands imitate marching... hai yah... veri silly lah... but after all.. they are still my bao bei... and their actions will always be a blessing to my eye... haha.... " 19 may 2006 - 9:11 pm

"hmm.. tuesdae juz plain band... then after that had few rounds of badminton... nth much accomplished.. perhaps a ltl btr in orpheus... the wednesdae was a long dae at home... wif my comp.. mapling again... haha.. i noe that game kindda sucky.. but wu liao mah.. haha... helped my darling's character to lvl up.... " 9 june 2006 - 8:12 pm

"then coz my sis sick.. so hav to come home and take care of her.. so we ended our shopping spree at bout 3.30pm... then juz reach home.. on the comp.. then tok to hanting... he going wif timo they all to nyjc concert.. but i cant go.. coz muz treat my darling joseph to movies.. so muz save enuf money.... SRY DARLING!!!ENJOY URSELF!!! lolx... haha...will be going to movies nxt mondae... yeah.. x men 3 rox!!!! ivan's sick.. down wif fever.. headache.. and cough... wish him good health... TAKE CARE DARLING!!!so he didnt come last thurdae's band practise.... " 2 june 2006 - 4:47 pm

can it ever stay golden???


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

3:48 PM

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

By Robert Frost - The Outsiders.

Nothing Gold Can Stay. Nothing Gold Can Stay. Nothing Gold Can Stay. Nothing Gold Can Stay. Nothing Gold Can Stay. Nothing Gold Can Stay. Nothing Gold Can Stay. Nothing Gold Can Stay.

yep, indeed nothing gold can stay... speak about the golden daes.. wat the fuck was i dreamin??? the golden daes??? haha... what a stupid dream i want it to come true. i mean hello??? didnt mrs lum teach me that othing gold can stay... i realli didnt pay attention to class... the author of this novel is so smart.. at first when i read this poem.. i nvr expected it to happen.. to me.. it was crap... gold must stay cos its something that everyone wants and perhaps needs... well... both the book and in reality didnt happen.

the poem emphasizes the nature's first green is gold... everything at first seems to be gold... nice.. beautiful.. perfect. but her hardest hue to hold... it just cant hold... it shos the transcience of gold... the momentriness and temporaryness... indeed in reality.. everything is also gold... it will not last... nothing gold can stay.

every gold that i hold.. it just didnt stay... friends forever much???? haha... how stypid cud i be.. i remember being forgiving... when u told someone else about that secret... i hung up the fone on u... but i waited for u to explain online cos i was just too tired to tok... and now... i make a mistake.. only to be hurt again and again... now.. the gold dun even want to stay....

nothing gold can stay. nothin gold can stay.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

8:56 PM

hey ppl.. back from study session with dawei, wei ling and li yan... studied at amk library.. this round we managed to get a table and seats... =) ... was toking to liyan and wei ling after the study at the bus stop... then they ask me who i trust most... and my answer... him... they ask me y.. i just sae... i trust him cos he trust me too.. beisdes.. he's the only one who had all my passwords and noes my deepest darkest secrets... hehe.... haix... sian... dun wanna blog ler.... to "him" ... i hope u do read this post and forgive me.. thanx! =D


Friday, September 22, 2006

8:58 PM

people change... and eveyone change for the better.. to improve live... to be likened... but me... i changed for the worse... i change to lose... i change to attitude.... this post is not meant for u (if u are reading now... woever u may be....) to tag and sae that this is not a fact... i noe what i've done and im truly sorry...

as i read 2 ppl's post from 2 other blogs... i cried... drops of tears rolled down my cheek... i cudnt help it... reflecting into the past... i dunno.. im just too confused.... the first went like this :

"hey.. got anythging must share kaes??? dun bottle up eveything and take the burden all by urself... besides.. what are frenx for??? =) < = this may look familiar to one person. PLEASE UNCLE ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS LA. u ask ppl dont bottle thing up u come talk c0ck? "

whoever u are who wrote this.. im not stating that u've done something wrong to write it... and im sorry... if u are reading this... i give u my utmost appology... if u think that i've really change.. fine.. i adit i did... but becos of one evnt that hurt me that much... it cost me a trusted fren.. it cost me my blood... it cost me my tears... it costed me u.

i dun like bottling up my sorrows in my heart... seriously... noone noes what im thinking... but who cares??? u dont... no one does.... the lost of trust ever since that event happened was to great to bear... i seriously dunno who to trust and who to confide in... im not saeing that its ur fault... i noe its utterly mine.. im sorry... i realli wish for the golden daes to come back... i realli wish so... wud u make my dreams a reality???

the second one is rather long and it goes like this :

"heard that many ppl cried.. the leaders.. hais.. didnt expect things get so serious right now.. everyone was punctual todae..and most of the ppl went for band prac.. its so crucial..hahas. he talked in front of the whole band todae. i wont mention whu.his words touched everyone's heart i think? and most of them cried.

hmm..he talked about last yr's syf.. chatted with xxxxx jus now.. we remembered the days.. the days when....everyone called my hp at a certain time for conference including yyyyy.everyone chatted happily..everyone talked about everything.everyone cares for each other.everyone loves each other so much.now.. it became the opposite..?xxxxx and i realli dono how to help him.. i noe we meant nothing to him right now..

xxxxx said..maybe we are jus temporily his best frens at that time..now he has found nicer frens.. so we will remain as normal frens..that isnt wad we wan.. why cant he understand.. we kept worrying bout him..and he treated us like this.. last time.. he told us many things.. told xxxxx never to quarrel anymore.. tells mi when he quarreled with xxxxx ..now.. not a single hi from him to me.or maybe to xxxxx too..maybe now he has zzzzzz.. maybe he doesnt need us anymore..we r not sure bout it.. last time..when i tried to cheer him up,i will recieve msg like: thx..i will cheer up sis.dun worry.now..i sms him again.. and the reply was: ok ty.thats all. i went speechless.

xxxxx nearly cried.and me too..i cried once becos of him..maybe we cared too much for him le..? maybe we too busybody le? maybe we meant nothing to him le.. i dono..we dono..we realli dono wad he is thinking.. can someone pls tell us..?wad causes the change in him..? i really hope we can be like last time..i still remember the time when he wanted to step down as a monitor.. and how i persuaded him.now..and tat time..as wad xxxxx said..the change was like.. ok.=X speechless again.wad should we do right noww..waiting for him to change bck? or he doesnt wan us to bother bout him..or he doesnt bothers bout us anymore? maybe ccccc ddddd eeeee ffffff ggggg are the ones fer him.. gettting mad..i noe he has many frens and sons whu are concern bout him.. but does he noes that we are always thinking bout him..? "

hmmm..... i think this post was rather meaningful... it make me think again and again what went wrong... seriously... no answer poppped out.. this post wasnt meant for me to sae im right or blame u.. this post is to tell everyone indeed i've changed... and im sorry... i've realli tried... but someone made a difference in my life... this hole in my heart have not patched up....

i just want to sae that i still care abt u guys... as much as u guys are constantly thinking of me ( as u've saed ) .. i've also done so... but its not like what u sae... seriously.... i dun mean to sae this... but i must honestly sae that its someone's attitude that made me change.. it made me realise that im no longer important.... since u cud live without me... i tried... apparently changing in the process.... and puh- lease... im not saeing u are the cause of this... but i meant that i realli wish to have the golden days back again...

abt that sms.... i didnt mean to just tell u ty.. i realli wish to pour out to u.. i realli wanted to tell someone how i felt... but i cudnt bring myself to do it... it was the veri dae the speech was made.... and after that... jia ying told me something that made me drop a few tears in the band room... as i went into the toilet to wash my face... ivan also broke down... and all i cud tell him is "cheer up. u can do it der" my oint is.. i cud have saed alot to ivan.. and sms even more to u... but i just wanted to reflect... normally.. i wud just take a bus outside the school busstop after a tiring dae.. that veri nite... i walked all the way to chiltern park... cryying as i walked down the path... even the passer bys who passed by stared inquisitively at me....

sometimes... i realli dunno what to do with myself... i realli feel alone.. yet there's so many people out there wanting to care for me... im sorry... screw me....

forget abt the sad stuff... got a sort of happie stuff to share... last wednesdae stayed back in class iwth wen jie and dawei for art....then xxxxx yyyyy and zzzzz ( fyi... this xxxxx, yyyyy, zzzzz is not the same as the one above ) came into my classroom and made a mess out of my painting... hehe.. anywae.... after that they went off to get their bags... then xxxxx came up and looked for xxxxx's wallet.... then after that wenjie saed something to xxxxx... then xxxxx sae something like y??? u jealous argh.... u want to see???? and the next moment i noe.... xxxxx planted a kiss on my face.... LOL... i noe alot of u will start thinking of stuffs now... seriously... its unexpected.... haha.... but since xxxxx did it... cant do anything about it... haha.... love you xxxxx..... arghx.. its the first time anyone ever kissed me... hehe....

haix.. so many things are happening ad i realli hope that i have osmeone to hsare with... i realli want to share it with u... pls.. im sorry.... i will change.... i hope the golden days will be back.... and we'll live happily ever after...........


Sunday, September 10, 2006

9:53 PM

hey ppl!!!! haha.. sorry for not updating like for a damn long time... its the last dae of the hols and the hols sure aint fulfilling for me.. did nth much this hols... only learn new vocab words... do maths.... do hols homework except for lit which i still haven done.. and erm... go for band... anywae... here to post what happened this past few daes...

thursdae nite.. had conference with liyan and kai siang on the fone at 1 am to abt 3 am... cos my whole familie sleeping then we dun wan to conference on the msn so we conference on the fone lohx.. toked abt practically verything under the sun... then i watch anime and tok at the same time... then theres one part where me and kai siang hear wrongly... heard that liyan sae she like me... LOL... almost gave us a shock... slept at 3 plus...

nxt dae is fridae... then we had mass cleaning at 10am.. so i liked slept at 3am.. woke up at 8... 5 hrs of sleep.. *yawns.... it sure was tiring but nevertheless... i went to school and had macdonalds breakfast with my mum first....
went to school.. started cleaning our instruments.. took out the valves and stuff.. then went to wash the instrument.. haha... so fun.. then i happily enter in out in out of the gals toilet to wash the instruments... quite fun to see water enter from the bell of the trumpet and come out from the valves or anywhere of the trumpet... haha......
then later we use cotton bud to clean the inside of the valves and using the dirty cotton buds of our section.. we made this!!!

yep!!! cornet rawks.. if u zoom in.. u can see how dirty most cotton buds are....

and i also made this!!!!

then we wash our instruments until so shiny.. my darling is so clean!!!!

see!!! so shiny..

i can even see myself!!! wahahaha.. im good...

anywae.. we were the first section to finish the cleaning so we went opp to have lunch... saw 2 mediacorp artiste lunching there too!!!! so we sat at the table beside them... -.- ... anywae... then me and ivan ordered kway chap.... so we all ate then yvonne helped us buy drinks from 7-11... then later when must pay that time ivan tot it was $2.50 but it was $3.. so i helped him pay another 50 cents.. then he kip forcing me to accept 50 cents from him.. haha.. but i still insisted on treating him.. >.<

anywae.. went back at around 1.10pm... started on sectionals.. cos i wanted to start early end early... though alot of them complain.. i just insisted =D we did huntingdon.. got them to play the same game... just that this round seniors included cos sometimes.. its we ourselves who screw up... did 2 passages that we oftenly sucked at and tried to perfect it... took an hour each on the passage.... i was taking ivan.. so played for him huntingdon from my handphone.. let him hear and look out for the dynamics and stuff.... then me and ivan also did one of the passage at the actual speed 152.. haha.. and we made it!!! ivan was like going crzy... so high.. either becos of .... or also mite be becoz he and i can play!!!!

come to the test.. i was the judge for 1st cornet... rachel for 2nd... ao xiang for 3rd.... then yvonne at one point of time veri scared then almost cry... sorry lah yvonne.. dun be scared okae??? anywae... in total... yan yu's sound was perfect.. she make a good soloist... her score upon 14 is 13.7... perfect rite???? anywae.. i was 13.25 or something... so i came in second....

after sectionals and fall out... cornet section tio pump 40 for leaving forst trumpet file lying around... then later when i recover.. accidentally clap my hands.. so tio pump another 20.. suay sia.. =( .. anywae.. me and ivan rushed to meet joe downstairs...

then we walk down to chiltern park to attend stephs's bdae party... then since still early.. when to joe's house... my two sons so noisy... ivan play on the piano... joe play on the elctronic guitar with the amplifier.. wa kao... damn noisy.... then later liyan yvonne they all come ler sat down at one of the benches downstairs.. then we cud see them.. so joe took the microphone.. turn on full blast on the amplifier and spoke into the microphone to the gals below.. LOL... then eugene called us.. sae he at the gate ler.. so we went down to fetch him in...

then i let them see what i bought for steph.. and they did something pervetic with it!!! hsant sae lah... ltr steph will be so grossed out.. anywae.. joe and eugene also rape ivan.. then when ivan ask me for help.. i sae nvm lah.. its an act of brotherly love.. LOL...

4 of us went up to joe's house again... then eugene went to find clothes from joe's cupboard and since most of them too small.. took his bro's one... coz eugenes clothes have ice cream stain from the ice cream he ate... then went eugene changing his pants.. joe kip on want to take out his boxers and reveal.. LOL... when he changing also go take video... haha....

went for the party later.. but soon it drizzled.... so went to put our bags at joe's house and went to stephs house... then while the grp of gals toking in one corner... me and my boys plus matt, my clone samuel lee.. and kai siang sat on the couch and on the floor of another corner and eat and chat... and then joe had one popiah in his mouth.. he cud onli swallow one mouth so he held on and ask ppl to eat from there... then i was the last one and left a little bit more.. then i didnt want to cos scared mouth will touch.. haha.. later `someone jealous... so i told joe i dont want..

anywae... joe sat on eugene's lap and the position.. wa lau.. i show u...

joe like having sex like that... somemore his eyes tell me he is enjoying... =D

anywae... the drizzle stopped after that and we proceeded downstairs... then my 3 sons went for a swim.. asked me to take care of their stuff and i helped them dry their shirt... then swim finish ler went to the toilet use the hair dryer to dry themself... then they in front of the mirror flex their muscles.. LOL... anywae... they went for a swim a second time.. this time with sam lee.... then steph they all ask us to go upstairs to cut cake.. then at her house same thing... ppl go around using the cream to smear on other ppl's face... soon.. we had to go... got our bags from joe's house.. walked jia hui and liyan to their homes and bus stop respectively then took 53 home.. wanted to had conference but too tired... in the end... matt, liyan and kai siang still had conference...

my 3 sons plus cone having fun in the water.

ydae morning.. went to kai siangs house in the morning... had to do lit project.... met dawei on the bus... so we took together to k.s house.. did the lit project till 2.. played with his toys like bionicles...

haha.. cool rite???
after that wanted to go far east and have my hair cut.. but too late ler.. so did not.. went home to bathe.. watch a little bit of the new totally spies series... so cool!!!! anywae... left house to meet chi shun and my other primary school frenx....
went to the mrt station.. slowly.. the rest came and we took 156.. change to 130.. to go to the civil service club... went there for bowling... its been so long since i bowled and so i didnt want to bowl.. but the 2nd round.. someone had to leave.. so i took over... and wah!!!! i got 2nd place out of the erst... woo hoo.. anywae.. coming in first is my teacher himself...
then they also brought a toy.. then during the first round i play with it.. used to play it in my younger daes... it is this!!!

haha... poke in the knife then the pirate will jump out der...

our bowling alley....

and the litlle videos which i dearly miss....

anywae.. had dinner at pastamania later on... i ate the rico and nuts set or something... then we also bought cakes to celebrate rob, jian fa, and kor woongs bdae....

hamtaro - spiderman - ultraman =)

arent they lovely with the lighted candles??? =)

then took a picture outside had hub while the gals took mr goh's car back after it all ended...

went back home... had conference with the same ppl till 2 plus.. from 10.30pm.. wahaha... then went to sleep...

todae cudnt get up.. so didnt go to church... to make that up.. i on the mp3 play the christian songs.. then did my remaining unfinished work.... went to far east.. got my hair cut.. but its still like pretty long lah... show u...

haha.. me studying.... (acting only)

doing homework...

ok.. thats all.. its getting late ler... gotta go and sleep ler.. Ciao!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

10:28 PM

hey... its been a day of hell for everyone todae.. as in for band members.. and i totally screwed it up.. where shud i begin???

todae yan yu had to go for something.. didnt come for band.. ivan sick.. didnt come for band.. rachel cudnt contact her.. she also nvr come.. first only have me and hanting... hanting also headache.. crudely speaking.. its as good as holding a rifle without bullets... so naturally.. we loss the war and broke down... its like everyone is counting on me.. and i have dissapointed them...

passion... passion.. passion.... the words kip ringing thru my mind.. i've alwaes had this passion for band all this while as far as i tot.. but until todae.. i realized it perhaps isnt passion at all... passion is when one takes every opportunity to practice and make perfect.. instead.. i only come for full attendance... haix.. passion...

its not that i dun want to put in effort.. i've tried... perhaps i wasnt born for it... no point saeing all that now.. i guess wat i can do now is just to practise hard... im just so dissapointed in myself... being in the band since 7.. and now.. i screwed it up.. it was me who nearly cost the band to lose its best conductor, mentor, and guide. screwed up in playing, scewed up in tuning.. and im a primary scool band member.. i dun even tink im fit to be one...

indeed.. mr chew has done alot for us and we realli dissapointed him.. especially me.. im so sorry mr chew.. i'll promise to start practising diligently...

its been a long dae... gtg.. bye


Monday, September 04, 2006

10:06 PM

hey ppl!!!! guess what i found??? a new son!!!
haha... not realli find lah.. born.. haha.. lets all meet my son..

got tis pic from friendster.. haha.. sry son...

cool!!! ok.. thats all folks.. tmr have band from 12.30 to 6.30 so must slp early..

oh ya.. met 2 of my primary scool frenx todae.. zi an and wen xun.. s

o long nvr see zi an but he still nvr change.. haha...

the smart kid from NUS maths and science like so slack like

that while we ordinary students are working our ass off -.- anywae...

gtg.. tata!


Friday, September 01, 2006

9:15 PM

hey!!! its been 5 daes since i posted and im being rushed... anywae... to all teachers out there... HAPPIE TEACHERS DAE!!! and erm.. here are the pics i promised anywae...

me and my sons!!! =)

having dinner together.. how sweet =D

cornet section 2006!!!

we rawk!!!

me and yan ling.. yikes.. i hate my smile.

no wries.. im nt flirting.

1307 withour rachel (we cudnt find her) and yi ching (we miss u!!! )

ex major comittee 2006 (sec 2 games dae com)

me and yvonne at reception with pei jie.. the cards all we make der lehx! =)

best frenx!

we rule the world!!! =P

ok.. thats abt all.. will nt be going for that band concert tmr.. so sad.. i realli want to go lohx.. nvr the less.. i will be celebrating my grandma's bdae and getting my great grand daughty her present tmr.. haha.. to my dear great garnd daughter.. HAPPY EARLATED BDAE TO U!!!

OK.. gtg now.. see ya nxt time.. Ciao!