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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

6:59 PM

hi im joseph i rock and samuel sucks.. i samuel went to joseph lim's house to tutor him maths.. and i am now taking a bus home.. thankyouverymuch and thank you joseph for blogging for me right now. joseph: your welcome.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

9:56 PM

lolo =D!! had church today.. yay!! sand my favourite song" Mighty To Save".. and theres handover of comitee too.. the tribute vid was touching.. bt i dunno.. i may wanna change church.. this new comm like a litlle.. i dunno? lols.. see first lohx..

just did my CE reflection.. gotta hand in tmr.. and ouch.. the pain on my head is still there.. dionne smacked a shuttlecock right at me accidentally and it hurts.. lols..

siann.. tmr start school lerx. and i've got to bid farewell to my comp cos its gonna be sen for repair.. will a kind soul pls lend me his/her house for me to use the comp?? lols.. tmr have peer tutoring.. yay!!! i get to see the cute jie sheng again..

i miss bowling.. anyone interested??? its like 1 month since i last bowled??? anyone interested contact me hohx.. Ciao!

i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

11:46 PM

hello! went through a rather tiring day today.. had band earlier in the morning.. *yawns.. i was reflecting on my downfall in band while playing the choice piece.. i remember my primary school conductor telling me to play it out, all ur emotions.. then the music will be nice.. i let my emotions go.. didnt help. it still sucked like it always do since my downfall.. its an irony how i can score so well in literature by writing a whole list of essays on macbeth's downfall and do not noe the reason of my downfall at all.. thats sooooo ironical. i just hate myself... from how i used to play well in sec 1 till the shit sound im getting now.. and i dun think i can continue ler.. so i guess... shit sound forever??

had badminton training today.. bloody attendant told me iin the mroning that he will open up the hall for us.. at 1 when i approach him.. he said thana dun allow. wtf. went to bishan sports hall. fully booked. went to bishan cc. fully booked. went to void deck. ceiling too low. in the end went to an open court. windy. super windy. rainy. super rainy. for the sake of 3e1, we braved the wind and rain and continued practicing. mr poh came too! he's good at badminton. bt he accidentally slip and fell while saving the shuttlecock. ouch!

its nearly 12 and im still here typing when im suppsoe to slp so as to wake up for church. im deprived of sleep! weekdays wake up early for school... weekends for cca and church. argh. gotta go. post some photos of todays prac. Ciao.

downfall of mac-sam.

mr poh saving a ball

jun hao.


Friday, January 26, 2007

10:27 PM

lolo=D back from a day of tiring day.. today only have 4 teachers, cos after recess is poh poh day.. teaching ce, e maths and a maths.. too bad he's going off to reservice for the nxt 2 weeks.. macho poh! we will be missing you! =D

lets see, after school.. i was like real busy and stressed and urgh.. pissed.. gotta do shitwork.. monitor = shitwork.. get it?? collection of forms.. clearing rubbish.. sweeping floor?? i tot those were meant to be done by people who were assigned on the duty roster.. why is the 3e1 monitor still becoming a slave and picking up litters on the floor and sweeping the classroom??? even clearing of the trash??? urgh.

after the shitwork, we have band. did marching as a band. for once =) then aftre band went to look for my darlings. eugenes bz with ncc. joe was still playing in npcc. ivan did join me for awhile b4 leaving with his sister. i was waiting of rjoe at the canteen. did amaths homework. then i looked at npcc's games when i finished my homework.. seesm fun.. hhmm.. why didnt i join npcc?? it COULD have saved me alot of demoralising and roller coaster rounds. hmm.. i wonder...

initially wanted to walk home with joe, but np finished late. so i ate alone and walked home alone. sian. came back quickly turn on the com.. got started with the class personal data cos the coms gonna get sen for repair for the nxt 5 days. which means i wun be blogging for the nxt 5 days unless i go to joe's house.. =D then attached the class list to an email which i spend 30 minutes typing.. its a pretty long email with announcements and updates... im starting to be more responsible in the shitwork =D

im so tired.. and i haven bathe! my eye is about to close and here i am stinky and smelly, helping the class with the class blog. wow. shit works really are shitworks. =D gtg.. Ciao!

monitor work = shitwork


Thursday, January 25, 2007

7:21 PM

hello! back from school.. hmm.. where should i start?? ydaes tuition was fun.. the 4 of us plus the teacher were practically laughing all the way with jokes made by darren.. LOL.. got my tie ydae.. yay!! now i've 3 ties.. muahahaha.. then have band ydae.. bt mr chew wasnt very pleased with attendance.. so sectionals till 6...

lessons today was boring.. ms chan took us for 5 periods with geog and social studies.. omg.. i think i can have a dream of her liaox.. my opinion: get her to buy 4 mask.. one to change after every period so we dun get bored seeing her.. only last period then reveal her face =) can have hello kitty, power rangers, doraemon.. care bears.. LOL

siannness.. doing admin stuff and class blog.. oh yah, i just rmbed.. on monday b4 flag raising.. 3 gals from 1e6 approached me and gave me this!

oh my gosh.. u should have seen the shock on my face.. i was shocked and EXTREMELY touched.. i've never done any cards to my facils and niether have they done any for us.. bt my own class did for all 5 of their facils!! oh my gosh!!! i think hard work really pays off.. though we scream and shout till we are hoarse.. or even acting bimbotic.. I LOVE 1E6 TO BITS!! THANKS GUYS FOR GIVING ME SUCH A WONDERFUL MEMORY OF THE CAMP AS WELL AS THIS LITTLE GIFT! =D

b4 i go off.. just some camp photos that i just got.. enjoy.. Ciao!


Monday, January 22, 2007

9:39 PM

heyhey! back from dinner.. school was fine today.. hhhmmm... understand alittle more on bio.. still chim.. but didnt stone or sleep this lesson cos i bought sour power.. woots! it keeps me awake.. ate that during lesson and after school for lunch.. after that have peer tutoring.. ohhh!! my tutee is sooooooooo cute!!! cute as in like small kid like that cute.. not like rain or me that kindda cute.. just kidding.. muahahaha.. i promise nt to be bhb.. =D

anywae, read rj's blog.. he seems to have a suay day today.. i had a suay incident ydae.. was at blk 64 tpy there eating at the hawker center.. then bought fishball noodles never get spooonn.. so i go get they spoon.. then while walking on my way back, i slipped and fell.. f***.. i fell on my side, then bleed a little on my leg and sprain my wrist.. ouch.. so malu lah.. i quickly got up despite the pain and walked with my heads down towaRDs my table...

urgh.. i hate falls.. its embarrasing and painful.. okie.. gotta go do class admin work lerx.. Ciao! =D

i hate falls.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

4:25 PM

heyhey!! back from band... sigh.. i feel so hopeless.. been screwing up band practices for nearly a month.. i still cant get my sound right.. was toking to liyan and yvonne earlier.. lunched together mah.. and hehehehe.. liyan finally admitted... anywaes, just read lynette's blog..

"then i was told tt during e morning reflections, a few students frm 1e6'07 came out & thanked gloria, sam ang, me, joey& joseph, on behalf of their class, 4 being their facils at camp!!
wow, so nice of them!!
-what u lack in talent, make it up with hard work


Friday, January 19, 2007

9:32 PM

heyhey people!!! i noe im missed.. hahas.. i was so touched by my 1e6-ians!! oh my gosh.. when i passed by 1e6.. they were like all so... nvm.. i just love them to bits..

no more long post like the sec 1 camp.. nobody's gonna read cos it'll most likely be bored and boring.. so just briefly go though..

hmm.. day one, no hiking.. had activities in the hall.. after recess when up the bus and headed to camp.. woohoo.. gt high on the bus.. played the ketchup song.. it reminded me of the sec 1 camp.. then i sat at the back with jh, chee yew and dawei.. then when they play ketchup.. i was like dancing.. then everyone turned back their head and stared at me?? lols..

reached campsite.. as it was near airport, the first thai airways plane we saw was super low and super noisy.. its as if u can jump and touch it.. everyone awed in amazement.. bt as the day gone by, the planes that passed us every 5 minutes became just but another plane that is flying.. anywaes..first activity was kayaking.. got paired up with qian yi ( non swimmer).. did some bouyancy test.. got ourselve all wet.. then kayak with qian yi to sea.. tiring but fun.. did activities after rafting up... then headed back to shore after an hour, all tired and wet.. tried capsizing my kayak but qian yi kept protesting.. lols.. didnt manage to capsize it eventually.. =(

after kayaking was some teambuiling games and rock climbing.. managed to climb up the tough rock wall.. achievemental.. wahaha.. then went under the dorms to do cheer.. apparently nt very successful there as not many people agreed with the spongebob cheer that was being introduced.. i didnt had a chance to voice out how i and alot of other felt about the cheer though..

sitting on the sandy floor was inevitable.. after dinner was some cheer introducing... then had night walk which was damn boring.. practically went in rounds and rounds and rounds.. bt anywae, after that went for a bath.. and turned in at 12am..

woke up the nxt day at 5am.. people were making a hell of a noise at 4am bathing and tokign so damn loudly.. bt anywae, more than enuf rest.. at least btr then sec 1 camp which i only had 2hrs a day?? lols.. so anywae, morning exercise and watching of sunrise at 7am.. had breakfast and after that was abseiling.. as i was the few who did rock climbing the day b4.. i was only allowed to do abseiling after everyone did and if time permits.. so i gt to help support people abseiling down and then unscrewing the carrabina and take out the falling device.. im an expert! i wanna be a trainer when i finish my "o"s!! =D anywae, eventually got to abseil.. wasnt that bad.. yay! =)

after lunch was challenging rope course.. bt when it was about to be my turn, it rained. oh great. everyone rushed to the canteen or under the dorms for shelter.. then did performance plus cheer while waiting for the rain to stop.. and when it stopped.. it was suppose to be improvised raft builing and cos we cannot sail in the sea, it was cancelled as the choppy waves would pose a threat to us.. so continued with cheer.. this round more successful as i lead them.. ( haha.. i so bhb hohx? ) bt seriously, more things completed though the trainer was pretty fed up that we did not want to participate actively for the sexy performance..

anywaes, bathing time nxt.. and after that was dinner.. our grp was serving grp so we ate first then guys went behind to supervise the washing.. i was busy trying to make bubbles in the soap water.. and by then.. i was really really high.. i dunno why... anybody who passed by me would like get shocked at my highness... cos i was like singing songs to them acting crazily.. but i wasnt as crazy as sleepy head..( sleepy head is a china scholars who lieks to sleep in class and does some crazy and lunatic thigns at time) he was using the broom to play billard??? and acting like a drum major of the abnd and using the brrom as a mace?? lols..

campfire time!!! our performance plus cheer was great! 3 cheers for e1!!! anywae, sang the campfire songs.. did some claps while mr poh did the macho clap.. lols!!! then did the bumble bee song.. i was realli hi lahx!! everyone really thought i didnt take medicine.. crazy one.. all good things must come to an end.. after campfire, though sticky, went to sleep at 12am..

woke up at 2am, i was squeezed and sandwhich by cheeyew, dawei and junhao, i had practically no place to sleep lah.. then woke at 3am cos cheeyew and dawei were snoring.. 2 other guys woke with me too.. anywae, slept at around 4 and woke at 6am.. went to wash up and again, breakfast was served at 7 plus.. then had area cleaning.. we had the toilets!!!!

out of the whole camp, area cleaning was the most fun.. though the toilet may be stinky.. cos its an open concept toilet, me cheeyew and gerald washed up the open concept part.. then the shower heads could spray water.. then we plaid with it.. wet the rest who came in too.. like jun hao and dawei and vincent.. and i was soaked from top to toe.. they all against me one person.. but i also manged to wet them =D trainers also got wet but one trainer used the hose and sprayed me! =) lols...

camp was offically over at 10.30.. got up the bus and headed to school... the last sound of the irritating planes and the sight of the massive planes came to an end.. plaid tai tee on the bus.. and after i reached school.. wen tup to class and put the flag there...

as i passed by 1e6.. they all went"SAMUEL"!! i was quite surprised that they all still quite enthu.. that period was english and apparently, their eng teacher nt in.. so they were like asking me questions.. tokign here and there.. but i wanted to leave b4 the teacher came.. so i leaned against the door acting tired.. and rong jian told the class to relieve me of the questionings as iw as tired.. haha.. how thoughtful of him!! rong jian!! u rock too! =D

1e6 was the only thing that brightened up my day when i reached school.. i was actually quite pissed by the fact that some people act dilligent and enthu abt band and wants to go for band... its like wth lahh... anywae, i still headed home and slept..

watched the news ealier.. and i realized that we singaporeans are so blessed.. now, in other parts of the world.. disasters are striking.. australia is having a severe drought causing forest fires.. somewhere else is flooding and i forget where is it.. and in europe like france and holland, string winds are blowing causing uprooting of trees and blowing away of people.. and here we are wasting and throwing away the quite disgusting food during camp and being so picky about every other thing like sandy floors... we sure are blessed bt most people just dun noe..

just went blog surfing... came across rong jian's blog.. he reminded me of myself.. when i was a monitor in 1e3.. and noone really respected me.. i still rmb my nickname on my msn at that time.. saying "if i continue being a monitor of 1e3, i would die" lols.. bt look, im running for 3rd year ler.. so rong jian: dun give up kaes! run for a 4 year monitor marathon!!! =D and if u have any problems.. look for me hohx!! dun bottle up kaes! =)

ok, enuf crapping.. gonna sleep.. Ciao!

-im sweeping up the baby bumble bee.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

10:35 PM

hi people!! camp's tmr.. i noe i will be missed dearly.. hahas.. i so bua hiao bai hohx??? bt i noe my sec 1s will miss me.. yays! anywae, just read my tagboard, thanx ppl for flooding it. also gt news that rj most prob nt entering band.. haix.. nvm lohx.. bt thanx anywaes! =D

hmm.. camps nt gonna be fun tmr i think.. was just msning with chee yew.. i bet that those studious e1-ians will most probably be applying maths and science to the rope course challeneges by calculating the height of the rope course using pythagoras theorum and probably calculating pressure, velocity, acceleration if we do fall and who noes what else.. hahas..

had commitee meeting earlier.. out of 18 com members.. only 8 people turned up.. bt im quite contented though.. cos its like the first ever com meeting with my class and it turned out quite successful and accomplised.. most things were discussed and brought up, probably the nxt round of meeting will be class meeting.. thank you to the few who came for the meeting!!! thanks for making it a success!!

subjects unrelated were also brought up due to swaying of the topic.. somehow, one of them toked about student of the term.. talking about how we can vote me as the nxt student of the term by having a mass vote.. well, for 2 years as a monitors.. every term sure recieve votes by classmates.. but nt enuff.. hahas.. hope i do get enuf this term or year! =D

was thinking back abt excatly how successful i've been last year.. though friendship problems happened.. things screwed up at times.. thank God really that he's blessed me through.. i've been a monitor.. with regular meetings.. and being a band member.. i've got like 3 practices a week.. and getting kpo about every single thing under the sun that the class doesnt wanna tke part in.. and still get relativley good results for my final year thus being 6th poistion in the whole level.. its like, thingsd are so hectic and God has been there for me, giving me proper time management and strength to pass through the weakest parts of my life last year. Dear God, thank you. hmmm.. who says band people just focus on band and cant study well with the many practices.. im a living example.. no point saying now i noe.. sigh...

camps tmr, packed in the afternoon.. just hope its gonna be funn... see you guys 3 days from now when im back from band on saturday cos i'd most prob be spending my friday afternoon sleeping.. so.. Ciao!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

8:46 PM

hihi people!!! am i missed??? hehes.. haven been blogging for a week.. busy catching up with school work.. sigh sigh.. being in the best class with another 40 nerds aint good (jh, chee yew, dawei and andrew are nt nerdified yet =D or at least i unnerdified them) everyone's busy studying! morning i come in class, people will be reading one science textbook.. b4 reccess i leave class.. they read another science tb.. after recess i come back class.. they STILL read another science tb.. b4 i leave schoolll.. THEY STILL continue studying.. omg... they are just so.. STUDIOUS AND NERDIFIED.. luckily im not (yet)..

anywae.. camps coming.. its only been a week after sec 1 orien camp which is the best and most fun camp i've been in.. the sec 3 camps gonna be fun.. bt with nerds and studious people.. i bet they will bring their chemistry and bio notes along with them and read when they are reading.. or when everyone is kayaking.. they would probably seat by the coast and calculate some matrix questions....eewwww... i cant imagine.. bt i noe it aint gonna be fun with a bunch of studous people unlike my 1e6.. ahhas.. i guess as the chairman.. i btr do soemthing.. hhhhmmmmm

went for band earlier this morning... then after band went to lunch with liyan and yvonne.. chatted and chatted till abt 3 b4 we were at the library studying/ chatting again... backtrack to wednesday.. band audition.. totaL disaster.. bt manage to clear up some mess... just leaving the sec 1s with probably bad impression of the band.. hope no one feels scared after that...

this is a special note to my junior rong jian: bon voyage! and whatever descision u make will be respected.. hahas..

okie then.. gotta go.. Ciao!



Sunday, January 07, 2007

10:25 PM

heyhey.. just went blog surfing and i came upon somethign so so so so touching.. read this:

"The seniors there were oso kind n very good to us!!Especially the male seniors which took care of us!!The female seniors were oso good to us but they had to take care of the gals..Let me introduce to u my 2 male senoirs:Sec 3-Samuel,Sec 2-joseph(i think liddat spell)Okay Samuel is good to sk n jokes around wif us sometimes.He's very serious abt his work which is taking care of us.He's a nice n frenly guy n he's frm the band in ZhongHua.He relli takes good care of us.Joseph on the other hand,see us then joke n joke n joke.He makes us laugh until lyk crazy ppl liddat.Although sometimes he's a little sick n he's juz joking.He nt very serious kind of person but he's a nice,frenly n a relli good joker.He's frm npcc n today i saw him marching lol." -rong jian

yayness!!! im really proud of myself, 1e6 and 1e6 facils. =)


4:14 PM

hi people!!! miss me?? =D haha.. i think i changed after facilitating the sec 1s.. getting more crancky and enthu.. lols..


hahas.. where shall i start?? probably the start of sch.. so lets see.. recieved a mail in 2006 that we must be at the amphi at 6.50 on teh first day of sch for briefing regarding sec 1 facilitating.. so i was there and we were then told to go to our classes and break some ice among the quiet classes.. indeed.. the sec 1 classes are so quite that i can hear a pin drop.. ironically especialy the sec 1t1.. anywae.. went up to my class 1e6 to break the ice together with my son joseph ( who is also faciling the same class as me.. yay! ) lynette, joey and gloria.. oh yah.. during the camp.. we all realised that we are all christians! yayness!! God is goooooood!

so anyway.. got to noe the sec 1 guys.. and most of them were still quite quiet.. as there were only 10 guys... so anywae.. brought them down for flag raising.. then headed back to my own class for flag raising.. DM changed to miss ow and di dunno what zhonghua will be like.. probably all nerdified??? she conducts strict spotchecks like no gelling hair or it will be washed off with a pail of water provided?? wth. i was caught by mr poh for loose socks.. so i bought ZHSS socks.. which by the way sucks.

anywae.. got back to class.. did some self intro.. got elected as monitor again!! YAYNESS!!! 3rd year running! =D so anywae.. got to noe other teachers and then ltr had band.. got home and toked to joe abt camp stuff and here it goes about SEC 1 ORIEN CAMP!!

came to school late at 6.45.. hurried to the amphi and got briefed bout camp again.. so we went up to class again.. brought the ppl down to the hall.. then went back to own class for flag raising and spotcheck.. didnt get caught for anything and after everything.. proceeded to 1e6 again... they opened ceremony and was briefed abt dunno what.. me and joe went to I cube room to get to noe the enrichment teacher and help her. oh yah, her names mrs lim. anywae.. so brought the class to I cube studio after their briefing and they broke somemore ice there. was pretty fun and yeah, reminds me of when i was sec 1 too. broke the same ice and did the same thing.. im starting to miss 1e3o5.. so anywae.. palyed the games with them.. lead them.. then broke up into groups.. our group presented the core value.. care and compassion.. then after that created our cheer.. so we helped the class to contribute too.. oh yah, also realised through the talk that im a audio kindda guy who depends more on my ear.. there are audio, visual and kinesthetic this 3 type of people.. so after doing the survey.. thats what i am.

then after that headed for lunch.. lunch was hokkien mee with some fillings.. so we served them their pecket food and headed for camp briefing at the student centre.. gt a ltl lectured cos discipline wasnt standard then after that had lunch.. oh yah, also learned the food cheer.. haha.. so anywae after lunched.. our class played game sin the hall.. another half of the corhot played rush hour.. for games.. we first played LORD OF THE RINGS.. its the game where u sit on ur friends lap and u form a circle out of it.. so if u sit properly.. u will nt fall.. so facils showed an example in teh middle of the hall.. then the other classes followed.. first attempt for sec 1e6 was good.. bt could be better cos dunno why halfway have a hole somewhere and everyone started fallind like dominos.. hahas.. its hilarious.. anywae.. second attempt.. we were very good and thus got awarded points.. yayness!! then after that played shoe factory.. take a shoe then imitate the movemnt or something.. wasnt so bad.. bt joe's side kip screwing up?? when the tempo went fast he silly-ly collected all the shoe at his side and stone there.. LOL! like some shoe sale in front of him like that.. anywae.. after that was number wacko.. a game that i played during church camp so i was quite familiar with it.. i took 1e2 for this game and made things difficult for them.. hehe.. so you are suppose to wack the plates in ascending number with the numbers or images on it.. so the class was good lah.. bt then everytime have random image ( cos there wasnt any number) they did not want to take the risk and wack then wack some others.. so when i realised they were last.. i told them what to wack to help them.. hehe.. e6 got 2nd.. yipee! =D

after games.. those who also had rush hour finished and we all went to the hall at 5pm.. was supossed to have mass dance which was also supposed to be"come on and party" song by hi-5.. apparently, they cancelled it out and replaced it with campfire preperation.. so we all sang and tried campfire songs.. due to active shouting and screaming and cheering in the early afternoon.. throat was pretty soar and dint have water.. so nt very comfy.. bt still.. to make the guys enthu.. we gotta set examples ourselve.. was quite fun.. we did the cheers and campfire songs and my sound was like an "ippo".. LOL.. i think this phrase only sec 1 campers and joe noes.. anywae.. me and joe creamed our lungs out for teh sec 1s and though the respond wasnt that great.. we ourselves were contented.. =)

after campfire songs was dinner and we had even lousier food.. camp food ( to alot of people ) sucks big time but for me.. im ok lah.. i mean, its camp and of course its up to standard for camp food.. so anywae, had rice, corn, some meat and dunno what else.. cant rmb.. after dinner, it was total fun fun and more fun. we had mass dance but not the hi 5 songs. we danced the chicken dance and we facils in the middle of the hall led the way. it was really fun and i believe we oursleves as facils and even the sec 1s had fun.. after that was the ketchup song and we again led the way.. joe and the other sec 1s like nicole, ren jun, ching may they all are like.. so high lah! the sec 1s were also high esp coming to the "left hand front, right hand back ,legs wobble and go woooo!" part.. LOL..

then after that was supper.. had bisciut and banana.. joe was like gobbling 5 bananas.. its like wth. we all only eat 1 he ate 5.. dunno why he nvr go for nature call.. LOL.. then we also had reflection.. alot of ppl didnt like the talk and alot liked the mass dance.. yeepee! then my class went for bath and i went to do toilet duty.. the toilet i was suppose to be at was at level 2, the one beside the science lab.. but not much sec 1s noes about it and i was like the only person there?!?! pkus there was a mirror there and i was told that try nt to stare at a mirror alone at nnight for fear u see some wierd things.. haha.. so i started singing hillsong christian songs and then there were 2 guys.. so i stopped singing and got them to bathe.. NOT BATHE THEM. joe wanted to bath rong jian. lol.. no offence rong jian.

after toilet duty was like abt 11pm.. we headed back to the canteen to meet.. then went to classroom.. gals took their bags to hall and sleep while guys stayed in the classroom to slp.. since e6 guys we had only 11 ( 1 transferred from 1e3 ) so we were setlled pretty quickly ( inclusive of putting bags at once side and pushing tables to one sid) and after that.. they took out their sleeping bags and slept. first class to lights off. what an achievement as a facil.. cos alot of classes had problems here and there and i was so glad to facilitate well and have such a cooperative class.1e6 rawks! so anywae, the class nxt door ( 1t1 ) had problems.. trouble makers didnt want to sleep and ren jun was like.. so cham lah.. so me and joe helped out.. i screamed at the class and they all sort of settled down.. then we looked around other classes.. they were also pretty much or less abt to slp.. so we went to the canteen for debriefing.. that is around 12am.. so was debriefed till 1am like that.. then went to bathe and brush and headed to our own class to sleep at 2am.. always got up halfway cos it was freakin cold though my sleeping bag had to planes.. joe took the other side as he loaned his to a technical student to sleep.. so he slept beside me and i had nothing to cover.. and halfway, joe was like sleeping on me?? LOL!!

woke up at 5am the next day as i told miss dianna thor ( who poor thing did not sleep at all ) to do so.. thanx miss thor! =D so anywae, woke joe up and went to brush and wash up.. then at 5.45, was briefed again and at 6am, woke my class up.. people rushed to the toilet and my class was done preetyy fast inclusive of changing, which they did in class for some bold ones.. while waiting for them, the 2e3 facils, me, lynn and xin ling was chatting outside my class.. we shared a few jokes here and there and gt enganged in a preetty interesting convo.. my class was again the first to get settled down and by 6.30.. they were done and waiting on the floor.. im so so so so so so so so impressed and so are the other facils.. even joey and lynnette who came up ltr at around 6.45 were impresseed... so while waiting fo the other classes.. i told them some stories and gt then engaged in a convo.. i just briefly explain to them the few events that happens around here like the learning carnival and so on.. then the gals came up and the e6 facils all shared with the class our created bimbo cheer.. which we tot was needed for campfire.. but wasnt used..

anywae.. at 7am.. brought them down for flag raising.. one of the sec 1 was feeling a ltl unwell.. forget who.. so paid extra attention to him.. then after that is flag raising.. i realise that they dun sing very loud.. then after that there was a distraction.. a bee or hornet was hovering from the sec 1s to the main parade.. then ppl were like.. ok.. exclaimed.. so anywae, miss ow was like.. asking everyone to shut up and wait for the distraction to shoo... then after that is breakfast at the canteen.. we had chicken burger.. so once again did the food cheer and makan! after that was enrichment programme.. this round at the hall.. then the trainer was toking and toking.. and i was reading my bio and chem notes.. yucks.. learning sucks..then during their reccess.. went down to the student centre to nap.. and dunno why, i fell asleep! omg.. whats worse is. i woke up from my slp at 10.45am.. and found out that MY CHOCOLATE MELTED IN MY POCKET TOGETHER WITH MY HANDPHONE!! yucks.. yvonne gave me 2 choclate in the morning that minni gave ydae.. and i forgot, put into my pocket along with my handphone and poof... it melted and got squashed.. eeewww.. i hurriedly cleared the mess and headed up, late for the thing.. luckily i wasnt much needed so i just continued reading my bio.. had activities like build the longest line with the things that u are wearing or holding onto.. though our class didnt win.. we were all happy.. =)

come 1230.. everyone headed for lunch.. lunch was i forgot what.. drinks were cold water.. to put it more crudely.. just plain water that has dirt inside and it made people like jia yi (1e6ian)disgusted.. lols.. so anywae, after lunch was briefing again.. then it was about 2 when groupings for rush hour are announced and everyone set off.. it was also the time when im about to go for band.. made a request to guide the sec 1s to their first station... request permitted.. got to bring one grp to butt stinker.. wows.. oh yah, after lunch, i also helped to mix butt stinkers chair.. used my bare hands to mix chilli sauce, ketchup, curry, bbq, toothpaste, eggs, mayo and i forgot what else together... the sec 1s are suppose to sit on them.. eeeeewwwww.. my hand still reeks of that smell.. anywae, so they plaid hai dai and had to move from chair to chair..

then another qroup was at the water bomb station.. cool!!! i had the honour to throw 5 water bombs at them and fang jun trew another 5.. hehe.. evil us only wanted 2 ppl to get wet bt made evryone wet.. so they had to forfeit by making up a cheer saying that "samuel is handsome" and "fang jun is pretty".. hahas... so after that went for band.. chased around for laptop only to find it at the same place that i first came to bt didnt look carefully.. then went band store.. guess what?? we realised that the laptop was locked! went around looking for miss evelyn chan.. couldnt find her anywhere.. at the same time.. met one of my grp again.. helped them with a cheer.. and off i go.. to the canteen to help the qms with moving off a table.. then returned to lihua to get ms chans hp num and called her.. to find her at home.. bloody hell.. made me go around the sch and shes at home..

so gt the pass from her and dealt with the video.. couldnt find an answer how to solve the problem regards to the vid.. cos i was first told to add in cheer com photos inside.. then was told to extract it after im done.. and so the music was disrupted.. time passed and it was 4pm.. i had to go.. was pulled back and thus problems came.. i really felt like pulling my selve apart into 2.. help came.. ms see helped resolve the prob.. ernest helped resolve the prob.. bt i had to stay up late to slvage the broken video situaton.. still, i gladly returned to my class.. though i really felt dissapointed and sad for what happened.. i guess we shudnt just show it on the outside..

so i made my way to the hall and had fun with campfire songs in the hall.. yayness!!! made the sec 1e6 enthu by getting myself enthu into the cheers like i've got peace like a river ( which i didnt really have then) father abraham.. and some dunno what lai lai song.. LOLs..soon, it was dinner and we all proceeded to the canteen.. was told to meet mr wong.. i knew it was abt band.. yeah.. i was in big sheet lah.. cos the day b4 briefing time was told that try to commit urself to the camp.. bt then.. ai yah.. we are required to be at band.. u noe the feeling??? so torned apart.. dunno where to go.. so mr wong sort of told us off and then we proceeded into campfire..

it was first successfull.. fire was lit.. kallang wave was awesome.. and the cheers were loud!!! yayness!!! as a facil.. its so glad.. cos like all ur effort put into screaming and cheering and planning all worked out well.. scouts were some sort irritating.. cos they always interrupt the mcs by starting first with the cheers.. leaving keng chong and yan chang to follow them instead of they follow keng chong and yan chang.. so yeah.. but sadly, it started drizzling.. so we went on to wwp ( wet weather plans) and headed for the hall.. had the fake campfire that i had 2 years back and again.. it brought back sweet memories.. so anywae.. had mass dance there in the hall and again.. ketchup song was introduced.. we boogied with the friendship song too.. and the pang bian tipi and side song.. had so much fun, i think i've nvr had suh fun for a long long while..

all good things must come to an end.. bt b4 that.. we had closing ceremony.. a video was made with the photos collted since the start of the camp and yeah, it was touching.. bt it didnt really moved my heart.. hehe.. come to award winning.. our class 1e6, after those many days (actually its only 2) of orientation.. we got

1st IN THE LEVEL!!!!
omg.. i was like.. abt to really cry.. cos all the hard work put in these 2 days.. the past flashed back when the class was so quiet and we facils on the first day inroduce one another.. to a class so enthu that we won 1st.. as facils.. we were all glad and happy.. so we went up on stage to get the prize.. nxt, fcails and comm were hooray-ed with the hard work put tin.. wow.. i just cant forget such a memorable start of the year..
so after that, our big prize was shared among us as the people went to bathe.. me, gloria, joe, joey, lynette and qian yi was busy packing equally the prizes.. after everything.. we realised that the people get approx 12 sweets.. wow!! effort pays off.. and then its sleeping time.. chased the sec 1s to sleep and once again.. our class is fast enuf.. so got to sleep and again helped other classes out.. 1t1 still as problematic.. 1n1 also a little.. but due to the exhaution after a full day of activities.. everyone slept rather quickly..
had debriefing and photo taking b4 moving on to bath.. didnt have time to brush teeth as i had to rush up the video needed for the next day or rather that day itself considering the fact that its in the early morning.. so went to 3e5 and found a way to solve the prob instead of redoing the vid.. was alone as yujia couldnt find me and jia ying was having a meeting.. took like 1 hr b4 the answer came and then it was 2am.. went down to the canteen and saw that nt many ppl sleeping probably cos everyone was waiting for the macdonalds..
so i slept first at 2plus in the classroom and woke up at around 5 cos of the person beside me snoring.. with that ltl sleep.. i drowsily made my way around the classes making sure everyone was asleep and then made my way down.. ppl were sleeping in the canteen ( facils and com) and eugene woke up and followed me around the classrooms.. then when he was yawning.. got him to go back to sleep.. then i initially wanted to wait till 520 to wake facils up.. bt the snoring stopped so i tot of taking a nap.. hwo noes.. i slept till 55o when the facil came and called me up.. LOLs.. headed straight to the canteen and washed up.. then came up to class and saw ppl settling down already.. yayness!! we are fast.. so was again the first class to proceed to the hall with our barang barang and then to the canteen for breakfast.. did our last food cheer and had hashbrowns with bread..
soon, area cleaning was held and we cleaned the male toilet behind the cafeteria.. there was sheet on one of the toilet bowl bt it cudnt go away despite water splashing.. so i didnt care =) hahas.. headed for the hall whereby camping is officially over. yayness as comfy sleeps will once again reign and booness as i'll be missing my 1e6.. =(
despite all my nerve cells telling me to stop work and head home, cos my body is weary and tired and needs rest, i disobediently headed for band and then to perform up on stage.. screwed up on sway and sound wasnt good.. still, managed to get a few sec 1s here and there...
went for scholarship bursary awards at kcpss after that around 3.. during mr wong kang sengs speech.. i was so tired that i fell asleep.. imagine.. just 5 hrs of sleep for 2 whole days,, 48 hrs.. bt was awoken when my turn came to get $500 dollars.. yayness!! im rich once again... then slept at 4 when i reached home and after a good bathe.. slept till 9 when jun hao called and disrupted my peaceful sleep.. then slept again all the way until this mornign at 11.. wow.. what a sleeping king i am.. did some homework today and now here i am in front of this screen typing and abt to say good night to you.. gtg sleep now and see ya.. Ciao! =D
sec 1 camp o7 rocks.
sec 1e6 rocks.
sec 1e6 facils rocks.