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Saturday, August 26, 2006

11:32 AM

heyo!!! so sry for nt updating.. been busy this few daes.. dunno wat to blog leh...

ydae have band dinner... then quite fun lah.. i get photos first then blog more about it.. but then we have water war.. then ivan all wet.. dun want to listen to me go toilet dry his shirt.. i hope that he takes care and dun fall ill... =( ...

todae just had ssp.. now doing some research on greek mythology coz miss tan sae the pyloric sphincter or somet6hing has something to do with greek mythology..

dun feel like blogging.. some other time!



Thursday, August 17, 2006

10:32 PM

whats not urs will nvr be urs

i was just on the fone with ivan.. and i told him some things.. and he gave me some advises.. and some comments.. i do agree with his statement "wats nt urs will nvr be urs." many things in life is hard to graps.. but the moment u graps it.. u gotta sae goodbye to it... its been like so many times i've been experiencing this...

im juz tired.. tired the wae life is and everything... ppl alwaes sae that there's a point in ur life when u'll feel veri stressed... im reaching that point.. im breaking down soon... im hanging on.. calling upon the LORD to give me strength...

first the loss of a best fren.. then the loss of a good teacher.. now the loss of...

i jus dunno... the teacher thing.. go my class blog have lah.. i realli feel veri bad.. like as if im a veri sucky leader who juz cant lead the class well enuf.. perhaps that y in band my post...

anywae.. ya.. the teacher left coz my class so noisy.. finally understood wat it feels like for lihua to jus ask us in band to shuttup and only still hear noise...

then now.. i dunno lah... im jus confused.. misleaded.. LORD... be my light... give me a happy life... amen.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

8:37 PM

at utter lost...

heyo! its been a long time since i blogged... not dedicating this time though.. im juz here to sae that : I ONLY ACCIDENTALLY CUT MY HAND WHILE DOING LITERATURE... i noe u guys are concerned.. thanx alot... bt realli.. while i was cutting a rubbish bag.. i accidentally cut myself so dun wry... moreever... my frenz were all there and i was cutting it in front of my teacher... dun believe can go ask mrs.b. singh ... so dun wry.. im sensible enuf to noe wat im doing...

everything ended ydae... a loss of a best fren... and the loss of my soul... a new man is reborned... someone who's lost trust in everyone... someone who's to be leaded instead of being a leader...

anywae... sry for my attitude to all out there... i noe i've gt a fucking attitude that annoys everyone... i bet u guys cant stand me... haha.. sry.. will change that point... since my best fren told me that ydae...

well... todae the 7 majors suppose to go spree at chinatown for door gifts... bt then... end up only left me and yvonne... sandra sick.. ian and felicia cannot make it.. liyan gotta accompany her mum... yan yu wasnt informed... then its like... ooo.. nvm... anywae.. we bought the door gifts ler then went to eat at the nearby hawker...

then come back been slacking the whole dae watching the ndp parade again... when i saw the fireworks.. it made me tot of something.. life was like a fireworks... one moment u see urself flying and soaring happily in the sky.. the nxt moment.. u are faded into the air unnoticed... haix...

sian.. ok.. gtg now... bb


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

9:32 PM

I'm tired... i realli am...

at first tot of posting more of ydae's activities... bt then i accidentaly went into my best frenx msn... and saw something i wished i hadnt seen... this is wat i saw under the contacts section...


╠ ╬SaM╬ ╣ Alone to share my sorrows...

it was then that tots came rushing into my mind.. and suddenly... i jux tot of the happie times.. and then now.. dunno.. im juz all confused ... all alone... juz 5 minutes ago.. everything was all rite... until i saw it...

pei jie was rite... i shud nvr have believed in frenx forever... it was something that i alwaes tot existed.. i alwaes tot best frenz existed... until now.. i realize that all is but momentary... now i doubt everyone.. doubt everything...

i ever tot of cutting myself.. bt bcoz of my sons and frenx.. i chose nt to... now at this desperate point of time... i realli duno wat to do... someone jus save me pls... im fighting a war that im uncertain of.. a losing war... a war between a scar and a happie life... im sry guys... i juz hope the pain wud overcome the hurt in my heart...


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

9:43 PM

watever.. juz fuck off

some ppl are juz simply intolerant.... hav u ever met someone who fan lian wif u coz u dun tell that person something??? this is certainly nt my first time.... watever lah.. u juz spoiled my mood... wanted to blog coz eugene asked me to... now.. i juz dun feel like...

for the sake of my eugene... juz blog a ltl bout todaes cross country.. was quite fun.. esp in a terrain wif mud and all... quite joyful to pass by some ppl... like will derive joy when u pass by ppl.. haha.. anywae... i passed ivan.. eugene... lots of band members... vincent.. wenjie... and almost to jasper.. bt at the finishing i realli no0 more stamina... so only gt 24th within the sec 2 boys...

then juz now did lit project.. and my PRO joseph told me some stuffs.. haha... thanx for trusting me!!! u are the best...

haix.. dun wan to blog ler lah... for the sake of eugene.. this post is dedicated to him!!! <3


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

4:31 PM

since its so hard to be good frenz.. then lets juz not be...

its hard to live my life anymore.. somethime.. i realli feel like juz slicing my arms... bt as i tot.. no.. u are nt worth me slicing my arms.. and why bother to hurt urself when u are already deeply hurt... i tld this to joe b4... bt now i realise... only by slicing urself.. will u feel a more thrilling pain that can overcome ur heart aches...

in case u haven realised... i have been moody the whole dae... maybe only shi yuan realised it... i guess the rest juz tot i wud be the fun and outgoing guy they used to noe.. SORRY.. ever since the incident with me and kai siang... sad to sae.. i started having attitude problem towards some ppl... and i juz question myself why im n earth when life is so meaningless...

to some ppl who saed that im dao todae.. sry.. juz wasnt in a mood to tok.. or at least i wun be like who you used to noe.. the fun and cheery samuel and u used to noe... i'll juz stay somewhere quiet and hopefully fade away...

its unlikey to find me nt around the staircase during reccess... im sry for the ones who were looking for me.. i was alone.. somewhere else... its time i juz be a quiet guy who juz be silent ler... im sry.. perhaps u were the cause of it... since i juz cant take it anymore.. then no point trying my best to save it...

gtg for tuition.. sayonara...