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Monday, December 25, 2006

2:44 AM

hey.. its been one week since i last blogged... MIA for about one week.. was away on class chalet and youth camp.. so wasnt free to blog.. anywae.. where shud i start?? hmmm... banner making?? too long.. ai yah.. start from class chalet lah..

DAY 1 - 13 Dec

met up with kai siang and zuo xian and took a 58 there.. met up with shu ling and yvonne and wei ling after that.. the boys also came along.. then the gals.. went to escape.. sat the viking.. rainbow.. haunted house??? LOL.. then it began to rain.. so we had to find shelter..

went to zone x.. i have a flair in daytona.. yeepee!! won the rest of my class boys like for every round??? except the last when bon nt shuang i keep on first.. then get 2nd.. =( anywae.. so it was soon 2.30.. then went to check in.. the class chalet pics ;tr then i upload.. anywae.. the room was small.. bt to squeeze us 10 boys.. its ok lohx.. then the gals also one room.. its connected so we sort of go to each others room..

straight away.. teh gals room became a gambling den.. then cynthia brought mahjong.. so i finally learned how to play!! yay!!! so won the first round with the help of eevian.. haha.. the i suck after that -.- LOL soon the rain stopped.. we headed back to escape at around 5.30 ( just b4 my power rangers start ) and played again.. then it rained AGAIN.. what the hell is the problem?? anywae.. so went back zone x and plaid.. then after that when the rain stopped.. escaped again... total went in and out of escape 3 times and rainbowed one tme each..

after dinner ( which was cup noodles in the hotel room ) i was starting to feel rainbow.. i cud feel myself floating up and down.. argh.. i hate that feeling.. anywae.. after that they wanted to tell ghost stury.. so i halted them.. went to bath first ( for fear i see something dirty in the toilet ) and came back ready to get scared... wasnt much lah.. soon got really bored.. and fell asleep at 2am...

DAY 2 - 14 Dec

i shell extract a part of si yuan's blog abt what happened in the early part of the morning b4 i go for band.. too lazy.. here it goes:

"Well.. I didn't really sleep at all.. as I last mentioned.. The guys and girls went out to watch sunrise.. but all we got were ants crawling up our legs. Creepy huh.. And they were those ants that really bit you. Didn't get to see Sunrise. more like those industrial lights..

Then went back.. we watched Zao An Ni Hao.. I can't stop laughing at the telecaster.. why can't they stop smiling.. Lol.. It's like whenever they talk they still smile! So Spastic.. lol Then Watch half way I fell asleep.. Woke up.. everyone was awake.. I was hungry like hell.. checked my phone.. then went back to sleep.. Woke up.. everyone was really awake.

Playing mahjong and daidee.. right next to where I was sleeping.. Inconsiderate ppl..Took some KoKo Crunch.. Without milk. Yuck. I can't really remember what happened next.. because I was hungry like hell.. Ah! Remember le.. We changed into pants and went to Wild Wild Wet.. Then took off our clothes.. lol.. Went there.. played everything once.. then the lads wanted to go back.. Spoil sports.."

ok.. so the abnd ppl cudnt go to wild wild wet and see hot babes and hot hunks ( hehe), so we took a cab and soon faced our not so shiny instrument and that stick that goes up and down together with the metronome.. i was really sick... cos the bloody 58 ride so long.. and i seriously didnt catch a very nice sleep.. though si yuan said something lse in his blog.. bt anywae.. i felt like throwing up.. gt yvonne to get me suan mei from 7 11.. thank you yvonne!!! so continued with the usual band prac with a ltl ( or a lot ) sianness..

after that had sectionals.. the section bought rachel, me and ao xiang gifts and cakes cos our bdae are 14, 15 and 16 dec respectively.. hopefully we get a 13 dec or 17 dec nxt yr.. hehe.. then headed onto serious sectionals work.. after that combined and went home after not sustaining notes and we had marching.. ( in a hurry )

took a cab back to pasir ris and it cost $12 which was preety cheap i shud sae.. so had bbq.. i ate alot.. even brought back food to the chalet and still eat while mah jonging.. bon and si yuan gt drunk as they went drinking.. so was cynthia and shi yuan.. so i offered to walk shi yuan to her parents car late that nite.. watched the doha that nite.. and turned in at 1am.. yea.. and since it was my bdae.. my class greeted me happy bdae.. i was touched =) bt yet.. i guess this was one of my worst bdae ever.. ever. dun ask why.

DAY 3 - 15 Dec MY BDAE!!

so we woke at 9.. played dai dee and mahjong.. some packed.. and then we all checked out at 10.30.. after decided for a bloody half an hour..w e decided to cab to civil service club to bowl.. as i was there the most time.. i directed the first 2 cabs to the civil service club.. with a person in the cab that have been there b4.. so i took the last cab which was a merc.. woots! anywae.. went there.. bowl.. detiorated =( only topped the first round out of 3.. with a point of 90.. like wth! anywae.. mum fetched me from there and loyan and jun hao had to bus alone.. *hints anywae.. as afr as i heard .. they did nt tok at all.. that was like.. argh.. i tried giving them privacy.. and.. nvm.. i tok somemore ltr liyan come find me..

Saturday - Resting Day

yeah, so im free now.. and so i decided to open my pressies.. got a gift from my cornet section, yvonne, liyan, shi yuan, ian and kai siang.. on a later date then got somemore from ivan.. wan jing and steph.. anywae.. yvonne gave me a phone.. cornet section gave me a tin of biscuit and a mug.. liyan, shi yuan, kai siang and ian gave me a massager from mini toons.. computer wrist rest from action city.. and a doraemon vaccuum from action city too... wan jing and steph gave me a shirt from samuel and kevin.. while my dear ivan bought me a souveneir from malacca..

Sunday - Day 1 of Camp

so we went to church.. sang carols.. after that walked in ps.. bought a shirt from s and k.. then proceeded back to church at around 2 to meet for camp.. got our luggages up on the bus.. and we had to perform amazing race to get to the MOE dairy farm.. so we travelled to ps (which is just opposite) to get candles, to bugis to get broom, to kovan to get pail and to clementi to get toilet paper.. after that took a bus to moe dairy farm... as it was raining real heavily, we had to wait for the rain to stop when we alighted at the bus stop which was still far from the campsite.. so when the rain turned smaller.. we walked in the rain to the campsite.. and got there last and drenched =)

after that was dinner time.. then we had worship and preaching.. then washup time which i used to play dai dee ( yeah, it sounds wrong to play card games in CHURCH camp) and after that.. we watched a band movie -" drumline "while having supper.. the shows very good.. i borrowed back to burn bt it doesnt allow me too.. anywae.. its really inspirational and all band mates out there shud watch.. i wanna request for the band to watch this thursday =)

then after that, the rest who have nt showered went to shower.. now.. the shower is an open concept shower for guys.. which means i see u, u see me.. =) i wun elaborate on this point on what WE DID in the toilet.. bt the water is so freesing cold that according to one of my church mates.. he said that even if ur thing is big.. once u shower, it is so cold that it will also be small.. LOL.. so after showered played cards till 1 to 2 am and slept..

Monday - Day 2 of Camp

woke up at 7.. first to woke cos we gotta sleep on sleeping bag on the hard floor.. and i dun quite get use to it.. considering the fact that i even sleep on beds during class chalet.. and ermm.. nth special that morning.. just that when i woke up.. saw this church mate's thing who was sleeping in front of me erected?? LOL.. dunno y too.. anywae.. had breakfats which was nasi leamak.. then proceeded with worship and preaching.. after that.. we had a little finale night preperation.. so we discussed abit here and there..

and soon.. it was lunch time.. we had lunch which was chicken rice ( our camp food may sound nice but alot of ppl complained.. though im really contented that God has blessed me with sufficent food =D ) anywae.. it wa sour turn to do group duty and so we served food.. i served the chilli sauce and finally realise that nt many ppl like to eat chilli =P

after lunch was free and easy.. which to the guys = stay in the dorm and play cards.. won round after round after round in dai dee.. woots! haha.. my "competitors" are abt my age if nt older.. so i can be considered nt bad.. LOL.. free easy was abt 1hr.. then because it was raining.. it dragged longer and as we cudnt do high elements.. yeah... we gt longer free and easy time.. so after that.. we all instead of doing high elements.. gathered at the hall and played freesbee capatin ball.. yah.. confusing game bt fun.. though we gt thrashed =/

after that,the rain stopped.. so those who wanted to game continue.. those who wanted to do high elements could do.. bt he/ she must wear long pants.. nt knowing that its needed.. i did nt even bring to camp bt miraculously.. the trainer stil aloowed me to do.. so i did one of the hish elemnts course... and while i was high up halfway.. it started to drizzle!!! the other group had already done with their other course ( there were 2 courses to save time) so they left for shelter first.. my grp had to ben in the drizzle as they were grabbing onto my rope.. being scared.. i prayed to God that the rain would stop and it did as i was coming down.. phew.. u noe the feeling when u're up there all alone and it starts to rain and u panic.. yeah.. that was me then.. =P

aftre that was bath time which i used to play dai dee again.. then we had dinner and i forgotten what food we ate.. then night games.. the games were quite fun and we had to use the candle to burn ur opponents string?? so our group won eventually.. yay!! bt it was rather easy for us cos we were in a very good group lah.. LOL.. after night games was wash up.. which this round.. i bathed alone.. =) then played till 1 or 2 am again and slept..

Tuesday - Finale Night

woke up at around 8?? had breakfats which was supposedly congee.. but it looked more like soup and a few grains of rice with a whole lot taste of pepper.. i think u can imagine =) had worship and message preahing again.. soon.. we had games.. and this game once again.. we won!! =) haha.. its like a memory game lah.. so after games.. we had lunch and proceeded on to finale night preperation..this round.. we accomplisehed more and of course rehearsed so that we can do well for a skit presentation that must be performed by every group.. however.. thers a condition and that is that items would be impromptuly thrown into the skit and the actors must make use of the item..

so anyway.. we more or less got the hang of the skit.. went to bath with marcus this time round.. and headed for dinner.. ohh ya.. i forgottten to mention.. there were so many frogs there.. and i realised.. frogs THERE do not go croak or gribbit.. they produce and irritating farting sound! =D so anywae.. dinner was teochew porridge whereby the leaders bought and da-baoed form elsewhere.. it was yummy and soon, it was finale night.. oh ya, b4 that we played a game called broken television which is something like charade.. and our group won.. AGAIN!!!

so eventually.. finale night.. our skit was about 6 people stucked at a lost island and had to cooperate to be rescued.. when the results were out.. yay!! our group was the best acting group!! =) and guess what?? to top the ice cream.. i was the most oustanding actor!! =) YAY!! another female in my group also got the most oustanding actress... she acted as the bimbo ( and her acting is real good ) while i act as a wise old man ( and i think im just as good =P) so got a chocolate as the reward??

LOL.. i guess i was born to act.. i used to act in my chapel during morning devotions or chapel time in my primary school.. and stopped in sec school cos it wasnt a christianm school.. and i had devoted my time to the band instead of ELDDS.. so anywae, after that was reflection time and midnight worship.. then head back to dorm and plaid dai dee again and slept at around 3am..

Wednesday - BYE BYE to Camp Day

woke up at 9am?? and the sun is finally out after 3 whole days of rain with stops of 5 minutes for 3 times?? had worship and message after our breakfast.. then we had to pack up and clean up the place.. after tht was lunch time and then home sweet home.. by the time i reached home and unpacked my stuff... it was already 4pm.. so just 2hrs of sleep.. woke up.. and headed for A-Maths tuition.. Sianness... somemore i missed one lesson of A maths becos of class chalet.. so couldnt quite catch up with the new topic.. =( neverthe less.. i completed 2 questions in one and a half hour =P

Thursday - Band Day

yeah.. woke up at 11am after such a nice sleep instead of on the floor.. so quickly got changed and set off for band in sachool.. sound deproved nt only for me bt also for my whole cornet section and the whole band... mr chew and mr masree were late becos they had to attend swiss lunch or soemthing.. so lisa took us and we had sectionals.. i took the 2nd cornet ( most prob for the last time ) and soon, mr chew and masree were back.. they took over.. band ended soon enuf.. mr masree pumped us after band ( pumped meaning pushed us to work harder ) and yeah, went to amk to eat hokkien mee with liyan, yvonne and ian... met my family there who coincidentally ate there too and headed home..

Friday - Slack

went to my baby sitters house to sit ina nd eat tang yuan.. YUM!

Saturday - Mr Masree's bday..

collected honey bake ham, roast chicken and chicken franks from cold storage.. ate that for dinner at home.. and also had a christmas gidt shopping spree too.. bought for myself, kai siang, liyan and yvonne.. then borowed more books and headed back home to work on the band video..

Sunday - shopping day!

woke up in the morning.. missed church cos i slept at 3am last morning and cudnt get up.. so slept till 11am and then went to suntec to shop!!! i realised i needed a wardrobe revamp.. i clothes are sooo.. LAST SEASON!! lol.. so went to marina and suntec.. bought a shirt and a pair of jeANS from I.P Zone.. i liked a jacket.. but didnt have enuf money =( shopped from 11am till 7pm.. wow!! LOL.. then also wanted to go for midnight candlelight service.. but i realised i'll be alone.. joe's off to kualar lumpar right about 2 hrs from now.. so he needs to turn in earl and i dunno who else to go with.. so in the end didnt go either.. next year.. if anyone's interested. please contact me!! =)

Monday - ???

am blogging since 1am till now.. its to late to upload my pics since its already 2.44am and i've got once moe vido to watch on youtube b4 i turn in to bed.. so off i go now and Ciao!



Saturday, December 23, 2006

10:13 PM

hey ppl.. i noe its been a long time since i last blogged.. cos last weeks events too much.. only updated till class chalet that part.. i post once and for all together with the church camp tmr.. ya??? sry for the inconvenience caused =)


Monday, December 11, 2006

10:02 PM

hey.. back from band... so many things been happening this entire week... hmm... just where should i start??? lets just start from last saturday's section outing.. quite fun over all.. group photos mainly with yvonne.. and she haven send me.. anywae.. we went there in the morning.. to sentosa.. took the bus to sentosa at around 10.30??? cos went to vivo to buy drinks first b4 we embark on our journey.. then when we reached there.. boarded the blue line to the palawan beach there.. so found a spot to settle down.. put down our bags there and went to the southern most point there.. took some pics... then went to the beach and built sand mountains... haha.. then walked on the beach.. look at some hot bods ( LOL ) playing volleyball and all... attempted to push yan yu into the sea.. but sadly failed =(

then went for lunch at koufu.. the food there are like.. ex?? anywae.. ate the bloody pineapple fried rice that cost $5.. and its like.. nt so nice??? then ltr yvonne had to go.. so we bid her farewell then went 7-11 get some stuff to play... bought a beach ball and a frisbee... the stupid thing is.. we epected us to be wet from the playing.. so we brought extra clothes.. but none of us brought towel!!! -.- so we intended to buy but its like... super ex too???? so nvm lohx.. we just played in the baby pool and on the sand with the ball and frisbee.. thoigh i must agree that playing frisbee is more fun... we always hit ppl then somemore so hard.. so we played more ball game... in the afternoon sun... wahhhhhh...

anyway.... then went to the baby pool and play water too.. i noe we are nt baby.. but ya!!! its so fun!!! so drenched yan yu and the rest of us.. but i was the first to get all wet.. =( so anywae... after getting wet.. we decided to play on the beach again... played ball games.. and halfway.. we wanted to continue with the "throw yan yu into the sea" mission.. and after much attempts... we finally managed to!!! yay!!! bt b4 that.... we wanted to see if yan yu having PMS.. so we ask her.. but nt so directly.. use different terms.. like "yan yu... u got that thing not??? " or dunno what da yi ma somethign like that... but she dun understand.. so i had to directly ask "eh!! u got bleed not?!?!? " LOL.. i noe im direct... haha.. but she still pretend nt to get it.. so again i ask.." fine! u got menstruation not??" haha.. she was like.. wth... guys speaking all this... LOL.. so over all.. section outing on the beach was fun.. got a little sunburned and evening passed.. so went to harbourfront centre to have dinner.. and toked over dinner... missed out some details.. so i will post some pics...

sunday went for church.. after that at 1.. had family outing.. met at serangoon mrt with yiching (yay!), jacko ( woohoo! ), lihua, yvonne, liyan and ian.. after deciding like for 1 hr and another half hour for travel.. we went to marina square... toked and took photos over lunch.. and keep taking photo of our guest star jacko!!! =) so after that walked to esplanade take somemore pics.. then went back to marina for dinner.. had yoshinoya and toked even more over dinner... then after that went back to esplanade again.. this round to watch the SAF concert... not that bad.. but nothing special.. so didnt stay after the interval.. went to changi airport pei yiching fetch her fren off... then cos her frenx emoing.. so we went back first... toked some crap stuff on the train and then reached home..

had band today... sound detiorated... but still.. we will improve cornets!!! =) yiching came today... had fun in the band store after band.. had meeting regards to cca orientation... then after that went to amk central to buy cca orien stuff... then also went to mos with sandra, jia ying, li yan and ian to tok and have a drink... jia ying treated us!!! how sweet!!1 thanks jia ying!!! =) then came back.. just toked to yi ching.. yaya!!! going to her house for stayover nite.. so looking forward to it!!! =) ok.. its getting late.. tmr still have to make banner.. gtg.. Ciao

*sry guys.. its late.. too lazy to load the photos into blogger.. will post the pics some other day like tomorrow.. hopefully b4 my class chalet.. =)


Thursday, December 07, 2006

12:20 AM

yeah.. its 12 midnight and i've got comitee meeting tmr ( or is it later in the morning? ) .. anywae... i was surfing the net.. and i've suddenly a craving for christmas carols!!! let it snow! let it snow! let it snow! ooooo... i love christmas carols... gotta have the festive mood this year.. last year dun have =( so this year... hmmmm.... i guess i should re-theme my bedroom to christmas!!! =)

here's the link i got the songs from.. it really gets u in teh festive mood =D


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

10:52 PM

hey.. just came back from a-maths tuition.. argh.. i think i've been slacking too much this holiday.. i took 1 and a half hour to solve 4 pathetic simultaneous equation!!! =( like this is so unlike me.. brain freeze ler.. haha... nvm.. i shall buck up.. yay!! and until now.. i can still feel like im swimming... yeah.. todae went swimming again... but i did too many backstroke.. now have the backstroke feeling of having water rising to ur eyes... then coming out of the water.. u get what i mean?? i noe u dun.. =P anywae.. i think im getting tanner =) yay!!

haha... so after that came back home watch kids central... haha... im not 14 yet!! =) then ltr tried attempting maths hols homework.. and argh!!! i totally forgotten everything!!!! this is sooooooo bad.... i seriously nid to buck up... okie... so i guess thats how boring my school holiday today is ( besides the fact that swimming was fun! :D ) tmr have band... and commitee meeting in the morning.. hmm.. just what will we be discussing???


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

5:57 PM

heyy... back from swimming... this whole week will be sports week! yeepee!! ydae went for cycling.. liyan and yvonne actuallyt suppose to go too.. but on their way to my hse to get my bike... liyan fell down and scraped her skin.. then got blood.. so came my house to recieve first aid.. put the medicated oil on her wound.. and she screamed like... wahahaha... it was painful lah.. i pity her.. but she nvr thank me.. still suan me sae i saddist... like to see her in pain =(

anywae... today went swimming.. in the morning bought my school long pants with mummy... how i dread long pants.. so hot lah!!! and i think i'll look wierd... then actually want to go bugis shop.. but change of plan so go swimming alone.. mummy stay at home... then sunday then go bugis buy my birthday gift... yeepee!!! my birthday is coming in 10 days time... and so is christmas!!! presents.. presents and more presents!!! ooooo... so waiting for it =)

argh.. my nokia thingy on my comp cant read my phone.. so i cant post the photos... nvm... tmr going swimming again.. yeepee!!! then friday go bowling =) bowling is a sport what.. u noe the doha games?? =) thursdayy... hmm.. wat sports can i doo???