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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

9:35 PM

Hi!!! I'm bak. Todae hav performance. Boo-hoo. No and pao. Nvm. At least todae i saw president S R Nathan. Weet !!! Nah, i'm nt ne of his fans, ha!!! tell u something, juz now at the istana rite, when the president come hohx, still hav 3 teenage girls so excited about him. Keep saying "wao"!!! I mean he's nt 5566 or wat, lolx.

anywae, our performance was rather gd. At least mr chew was pleased about it. I mean, he seldom comments bout our performance. and so i shud sae : it's gd!!! we played our normal songs. audience quite pleased. toured the istana. nothing special. still dun believe that the public paid a blooming $2 which can buy a plate of wan ton mee to get in.

haix, anywae, tmr will be a long long dae. hav the games dae. hav the practise for the ngee ann bridge making on thurs. woo-hoo. can pon scool. lolx. bt, so sad, muz come scool at 7 a.m to do the stupid maths test paper. then fridae hav chinese common test. wahh!!! so sian. i only scared the geog common test. i still cant memorize the coniferous and decidous forest thingy. then wat temperature and rainfall . so sian.

anywae, i gtg now. happy cny!!! and i'm going all red for todae's post!!! haha!!! >.<


Friday, January 27, 2006

8:16 PM

Hi!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVE"S THE EVE!!!! todaes celebration dae although i did nt see much of the performance in the hall. at least todae's art lesson more interesting - MANGA!!!! bt i still dunno how to draw- nt a talented and born artist.

then geog lesson,lau lau nvr teach us. yeah!!! she so kind giv us a break. let us go our art. bt dunno y she still set up the labtop and somemore input the cd to the chapter toking bout tropical rainforest.

then card making. too bad i couldnt help or it will be my pleasure to do for lit again. i wish i cud do for jennifer lam like i did for kat long last yr. lit so fun in lower sec!! although i noe and i will not be taking it as a gce subject or even get into such a stream. heard that it's tuff. bt anywae. guess wat happem . i monitor. forget that now is maureen wong (my music teacher)lesson. then she standing at the door . i tot she pop by only. so i continue wif the announcemant of the card making and hu will make for which teacher. then she sat down on the teacher's table and i dun even noe. then later, after 1 min...

maureen wong is sitting on the table.
maureen: eh!!! u tink i invisible one argh
me: (in my heart) eh??? u came in meh??? oops...
maureen: 2e3!!! i've nvr seen a class hu does nt greet the teacher. if nt for tis card making, i see how long u take to greet me.
yvoone: class stand!!!

so, apperently, that shorte wong realli is annoying. as wat chee yew saed.

then band performance. overall, it's okay. bt i tink it can be improved. so because of the falling in and out, perfomance waiting, and the clearing of stuff.

then, mr chew and musree came. we plaed pretty well. the drum was too lud though. so i btr bring earplugs for the istana performance which will be nxt tuesdae. come !! huever's free. and then, ya, todae's rehearsal was well plaed. btr then everytime. bt i realli cant imagine how we will perform in the blazing sun wif the band uniform.

kk. i hav nothing else from now. juz wanna sae



Tuesday, January 24, 2006

10:13 PM

hi!!! long time nvr blog... no time... gee . anywea, todaes boring tooty tuesdae. So nt much fun. I tink chinese lesson nice. we tok about "ah fan ti" and i still dunno who he is. Heard that he's a "shen hua ren wu " and is very wise.lolx. the name doesnt sounds that wise
. then hav cip toking. tan seow lan and tan chyi iye (dunno how to spell lah) keep blabbering. wat interest me was the rabbit society. wat can we do wif pathetic rabbits?????? and chee yew still claimms that it is cute. anywae, i tink im gonna faill my science test. the last question is about the lifespan of 3 batteries and how u can test it. i forgot this pri 5 work and went on drawing a 3-d batterie and lightbulb. and that cost me 5 marks. i hope tan seow lan see y name and giv me face lohx. i can already imagine wat wud happen if i fail.

in the classroom. everyone stays bak to get bak the test paper.

tan seow lan: index num 25, samuel. do u noe that u failed ur paper?
me: (in my heart)huh??? oh great, (sad)
tan: i tot u how to draw the graph rite. if u want t draw 2 lines on the same axes , then put one as cross and one a dot with a circle. y did u giv me a dot only???
me: (in my heart)oh sheet. i 4got.
tan:i wan u to redraw.(writes a big REDRAW and cicles it.) Am i clear on that??? (anywae, that's her most commonly used phrase. or else , it wud be :okay, since there's no volunteer, then we play the lucky num game. 12+13)
me:so i said okay lohx.

just wish i wudnt fail. and i gtg now.bye!!!


Sunday, January 15, 2006

2:45 PM

todae's a sundae... so i went to church.... had breakfast @ HAN's at parkmall... ate the mushroom omellete... nt that nice lahx... i tink the scrambled egg bacon was a little btr...

then we went shopping after church.... it was dreadful to me... i tried almost 20 different long pants (my wardrope only has a few) and end up only buying 3. my stupid sis keep saeing: " tis want nice wat... buy lah.." or "tis pants so style... u shut up (coz i keep protesting)... juz buy"... lolx.... anywae... ermmm... then we had lunch at cuppage... ya...

anywae... tmr's scool dae... and i realli hate it.. esp when tmr hav the asthetic program.. wat proactive thingy... sounds like the justice league unlimited cartoon advertisment on cartoon network though.... then ms tan hwee pin will blabber about how or rather y we shud nt be reactive...

and tis weekend gt so many homewrk... then tmr still hav mo xie... so primary scool... lolx...

and i suck at art... so my art piece was rather dissapointing after i looked at it... and i m suppose to hand it in in 4 daes time.... plus a sketch book cover drawing and a table cover drawing... so many things to complete...

well, i hav gotta go do my d&t things now... if u hav anything for me to comment or sae... juz write it on my cbox.... thanx...

p.s. Is my song on tis blog nice????


Saturday, January 14, 2006

11:18 PM

hi!!! tis is my first post and my very own blog... more to come soon!!! bye!!!