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Sunday, June 29, 2008

9:47 PM

29 June! I'll make this really short cos i am chatting with nigel. So i was thinking about what to blog and then i remembered in which one of them involved sammy. the next moment, nigel msned me. then while we were talking, yvonne called. How wierd can this be, that all NCOs just coincidentally come at the same time. Back to the dream.

believe it or not, i had 3 dreams in that short 7 hours sleep. let's begin. the first is saddening. cos i was calling someone and asking him where sammy is or soemthing. in case you dont know, sammy is a really close NCO friend of mine. so the other side of the phone, that guy said that sammy had died. in a canoeing expedition or something. immediately, my heart dropped. it was not only because of the loss of a friend, but because sammy hadnt accepted christ. ever since mr kelvin tan's death, i suddenly feared the day someone close to me die, i want to cherish so much the friends around me because you never know when you may suddenly see them in the coffin like mr tan, and what would happen of them. especially the unsaved. i remember a pastor who said to us last week, that she had a dream that her mum was dead. but she knew it was a sign from God, that God had wanted her to precah the word to the mum and tell her to accept Christ. when i woke up today, i realise it was the same. that God wanted me to preach to sammy, as well as those non christians around me, for i fear losing them one day, forever.

the second dream is super horny. so i'll just make it short. you use your fertile imagine to imagine the details and what really happened. so anyways the second and horny dream was that i was frenchkissing someone. yea, total retard, total horny.

the third dream, now that i look back, is kindda hilarious. i dreamt that my mum's legs srunk so much that she was as short as a toddler. and i had to carry her around like how i carry a baby. and i was quite sad. hahas.

so that was the 3 dreams. but really, the first was really scary because it seemed so real and i was afraid of losing the unsaved. so non christians out there, just remember that i'll be keeping you guys in my prayer constantly, to pray for you that one day, you will be saved. =) and if you need someone to talk to, or want to know more about God, just feel free to approach me ya?

the following contents is rate spiritual so read at your own risk, for it may be life changing =)

as i was watching the 2 and a half hour long narnia: lion witch and wardrobe, it dawned onto me the fact that C.S Lewis was a great author, and that as a christian, all her works were based on God and the bible. Aslan was like Jesus, as he sacrificed himself on the stone table just like jesus on the cross. those evil ones who mocked at him, were like those who mocked at jesus before his died. and the ones who cut his hair were liek those who pricked jesus with the twine crown. then aslan rose, just like jesus did. and the table was broken, just like the tombstone was rolled away by the eartquake that shook. there were so many other parts which were the same, but i really cant remember anything. so for those who watched it on channel 5 eaarlier, you ahve just watched an animal fantasy version of what tooked place thousands of years ago. if aslan is that great, so is jesus. so believ in him =)

okay, out of spiritual context, i dont think i've much to say. too tired. oh oh oh, and hopefully germany wins tonight! =)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5:52 PM

June 24. I have always wanted to blog cos theres so many things to talk about. But i guess for now i'm just gonna flood this post with pictures taken from my class blog for the class bbq. Enjoy!

aeroplane! it was soooooo near to us.
fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars.
act cute.
show one!
oh, we cycled so far, we went to changi moe campsite, where we first met each other while having sec 3 camp. still can rmb the noisy planes while sleeping in the dorm.
cycle cycle

somehow i think i look fat
lets jump!
point point point
i wanna commit suicide!

we cycled so close the airport was like a few hundred metres away?
model pose.
act cute (referring to alot of me)
group shot.

beach soccer! fung yu hang
wow! our campsite! *in awed expression*
"i love to cycle!"

satay and garlic toast
see our bonding?
the china scholars father helping
lets kick some balls, yea!

lay hong.

donovan sim chun wei

wei beng.
shila raj
thiam seng
kar yin
seow lan


the dudes and dudette
fan fan fan!

darryl: what ya looking at?
zhang kejia
somehow, why do people like sticking their forks in their mouth? see the picture above?

look at how ms ong eats! one word: UNGLAM! hahas.

the focus unfortunately is not on ms ong, but the 2 brokeback behind ms ong.
fly birdy fly, i mean kite

laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
wen yun ze also laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
andrew said he was going to do a sneak attack on travis butt ( the boy in blue shirt), so silence!
theres ngiamster.
and jun hao is once again being a retard, unfortunately.

then theres darryl who gives that joker smile
queen of kite?


group pic.
close up

lets bury qian yi!

travis: oh shit! andrew is coming with a sneak attack!
and then kejia laughs away

marshie mellow!

teachers and students

the 2 couples!

class photo

theres ugly me
meet beatrice chee and nicholas nai tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

here onwards is stella's cam. earlier was beatrice. and the first few shots are our unsuccesful vball game because half the time was used to pick the ball and the other to surf. and i am definitely not a good player. those there would have seen. oh, forgot to mention, my mum was a vball school player -.-

the focus is not on my ass. stop staring.

the couple!

stella and lijun

jun hao's zlk photo.

good afternoon sir!

from this point onwards, if you see any very blur photos, its the lousy photographs that jun hao took. the really clear is the ones i took. the smoky ones also i take, i think.

which would be most of it from here onwards.