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Sunday, February 26, 2006

5:03 PM

yo!!! it's been a long time since i blogged. todae, same things, went to church, went for choir . used my BEAUTIFUL voice to praise the lord. Amen. anywae, sian. that's the word. juz did summary and letter to the editor. boring. after blogging muz go learn geog. wonder y ms lau suddenly sead the test was from chpt 12-17. then 1 paragraph of chpt 18. muz be she saw the paper, no chpt 19-22. cheating.

anywae, tmr's a mondae. wonder y i feel so bored on mondae. i noe. asthetic. i mean this 1 hr is taking my precious time. Singing. Pure singing. haix. wat i like about fridaes too are marching. at times i m not enthu. but last week was diff. the band senoirs took us, not the ncc and we were marching at the study corner there. guess wat??? the old hag came out and shouted something like that: "eh.. ur music veri noisy. wanna challenge me rite??? ok, i play my radio for u all to hear." apperently, she full blast her radio at dunno wat radio station. i was thinking, she's mad. if she full blast her radio, it's even louder than our music as the radio is outside the door. then, we continued marching and everytime we passed by there, we wud mark louder, fun!!! since me and matt were the only guys, lihua got me to mark, and i was real loud.

lolx. anywae, she put up a sign which is a mahjong paper and this is wat she wote: "stop ur music and i'll stop mine." i mean, u cant blame the co or woever was making those noises including makings of other cca as this is scool premises and the noise muz only stop at 11 or so. well, then, lihua gave us a break t see the commotion. then while marching, she brought a mop near the ledge dunno for wat. we tot she wanna throw. then i saed:"she dare to throw the mop, we get mr keong to get the javelins from the pe store and throw at her. get fariha talib to throw shotput. while the rest can throw basketball, soccerball. watever" lolx. so, we particularly enjoyed "marching wif music" haha.

and sry guys if i've offended u on fridae. i am stressed. STRESSED. TOO STRESSED. TIRED OUT. sry zuo xian for screaming at u. i was realli vexed. family, friends, band, literacy evening, class tee, time management, test, the giving out of worksheets.dirty classroom. everything was on my mind then. and dear me, 3 ppl was toking to me at the same time rite aft sccol. one asked: "hey, where the wrksheet??? i muz go liaox. the maths wrk sheet??? the geog notes????" another saed: "samuel, todae still hav lit evening rehearsal??? lit evening audition on nxt nxt mondae. if we dun meet todae, then no more time liaox. wed got sports heat lehx. but now everyone also so tired. got cca.how??? how??? how???" well, to make things worse, another asked : "eh, the class tee how??? when u wanna call the company??? which company u wanna choose??? the colour??? take this design argh??". well, apperantly, i dun hav 3 pair of ears or 3 mouths, nor can i multi task by thinking of so many things at one time. there fore, i bursted and shouted at zuo xian (sry...) as he was kicking the soccer ball in the classroom, toppling over the things around that area aft 1/4 of the class left.this was wat happen.

zuo xian playfully kicking the ball. i was vexed. thinking of the band, coz i hav a schedule for my juniors and apperently, they were far behind from wat i plan. also, i wanna do the class tee asap, thinking of which company to call and when. last, i was mainly thinking of the lit evening rehearsal on wat shud i do. jen lam left me in charge of the rehearsal schedules, and it seems like i am realli dissapointing her. :x

zuo xian toppled some things. i was sweeping the floor.yvonne was there.zuo xian was on duty.jian liang and kai siang was too. but nobody did anything to the classroom. messy it was, and the monitor was to be blamed. everyone left, but the few of us. i was stressed, so i took up the broom and started sweeping. thinking y m i the one always doing all the job. if i did a gd job, i m nvr credited. if i failed to do it, i m to be blamed. y??? monitor. haix. anywae, i was sweeping the floor, dumping all the rubbish i see in the way.

vonne: zuo xian, dun make a mess out of this place already lah. and dun kck the soccer ball here leh. can pick up the thing u toppled over not???
zuo xian: aiyah, nvm one lah.
me(furious coz i was too stressed and doing all the work, therefore screaming in a real loud voice that startled those left in the class): EH!!! DUN KCK THE SOCCER BALL ALREADY LAH. U THERE PLAYING WITH THE SOCCER BALL WHEN TODAE'S UR DUTY!!! AND I M NOT ON DUTY BUT HERE I M SLOGGING MY GUTS OUT TO KEEP THIS DAMN CLASS TIDY AND NEAT!!!

juz then i realized how stressed i m. i continue sweeping the floor and quietly wept while sweeping. too much pressure. weight overload. guess vonne isnt the only one stressed. even me myself can burst out sometimes. howver, most of the time, i appear happy go lucky as i am known as the king of bluffalogy, haha. i always tell myself to PRETEND to be happy, wat's deep down in my heart are all the troubles and sorrows. i guess i shud not hav become the monitor. at least then halve of my worries are gone. anywae, during band, i began to reflect on wat i saed and how i reacted. apperantly, when i tot i wasnt firce enuf, i asked liyan whether i was. she repiled that i was veri fierce. suddenly, i juz shouted, startling the rest in the clss. ian also agree as he saw me hapy-go-lucky durin english but was a thunderstorm aft scool due to the many troubles i hav been wooryying. haix.

if i've offended anyone on fridae aft scool, i m deeply sry.

to my clss: i hope that u will all understand how i feel and pls pls pls lighten my load. i've to mainly worry about the lit evening. i realli wud not like to dissapoint mrs lam. pls understand. then, announcements - i realli hope u all will listen to my announcement once coz i realli feel annoyed and irritated when ppl start coming up to ask again. lastly, i hope u all will keep the class quiet and tidy. the class tee is mainly dealt within the monitor and monitress, thus adding more worries. pls understand.

to my band section: i hope that u will understand how i feel esp my 3 juniors.or rather 2.

hanting, u are too slack. pls buck up and rmb to listen to me b4 u all ask and i realli hope that u will not interrupt wat i am saeing by blowing ur damn trumpet.i reali dun wish too see u slow down the rest and systematically destroy the previous exercises on soe tt i tot u. this wil only allow u too be left bhing and change in seniors. pls understand tt it's not easy to take 2 juniors, much less 3.

ivan, i see the most potential in u. cherish ur seniors. and similarly dun interrupt wat i sae. u r one talented junior as u are theorically good at music. dun disspoint me. and always rmb to tounge. ur accurate sight reading can realli get u far. love ya.son.

dickson, u are a music talent too. but i hope that ur attitude towards music ur seniors wil change. ur seniors complain to me tt u hav ap. well, i wud not agree to tt for i can see tt u r a bright child. k??? the temp change in seniors will allow u to catch up wif the other two guys.

to my other "si bao tai": i deeply thank you for being so close to me when i needed u. sometimes when i m down, juz by ur presence, i m realli glad and happy. thank u for giving me consults and a listening ear when i needed u guys. thanx vonne for sharing wif me ur secrets and at the same time, being a listening ear to my burden. thanx liyan for being my "love consultant" and being thgere for me when i needed u all. thanx xiang for providing us wif a house for the horror movies and such. thanx for being an experienced "love consultant" too. finally, thank u ian for being a listening ear and sharing wif me my burden. thank guys.

to others: thanx yiching for being my "band consultant". i realli appreciate u to be there for me tt dae and i realli thank u.

well, this post is getting nowwhere wif all my thanking and it realli seem like a "last min saeing b4 i die" letter. so here, i gtg. bb!!!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

8:58 PM

heyo!!! todae's a new start for me. new hair. lolx. that gal hu cut my hair cut like sheet. now so short. how to spyke??? anywae, tmr's vonne's bdae. Lets sing her a bdae song (la-la-la). ok, the end. and i m the first to sing u a bdae song. k???

todae's sundae. went to church. did the norm things. had bible study. sand great songs. praise the lord. went to eat at amk. nothin special bout that nasi lemak. blah blah blah.

hmm.. i m stressed out. thanx to the other 4 bao tai hu's been there for me when i need them. it's been a critical weekend. it's like everything when havok and all the troubles, woriies and tears start to come to me. on fridae, in case u dun noe, me, ks, voone, liyan went online. tok about "that". i suddenly felt so weak. then bcoz of "that", i broke down into tears. sob.sob. thanx to u guys, at least now i feel btr. thanx for being wif me when i need u. i tink u guys are there when i think of u. lolx. instead of "juz think of me and i'll be there". lolx. thank god he gave me strength, thank god.

i told ya that ystdae yi ching spoke to me all the way from melbourne.she shared wif me some "secrets". lolx. didnt noe we tot alike. at least i felt comforted. though i wish i was able to help, i failed to. now, i try to put in my best, be more "loud", pls help me. i've to voice out my opinions at times.

ermm, troubled. that's the word. troubled. by everything. PROJECTS!!!! y does moe likes projects. waste of time. anywae, wondering bout ce. tmr hav home visit bt cant go coz of band. haix. i lost so many hours of cip hours. i dun understand sumthing, y the teachers in charge giv demerits to those hu regularly come but skipped that particular band practise and y do they not giv to those hu skipped band for a long period of time like weeks or months. haix.

kk. i gtg now. in case u dunnoe. tis post is written yst and todae coz yst not enuf time. sry. bb!!!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

9:59 PM

hey!!! i noe it's kind of bored to blog on the same dae as my previous blog bt i realli hav an urgent need to touch on tis topic now. Yi ching juz read my previous blog and am concerned bout me. thanx yi ching.ya, unfair. i dun feel entirely unfair, of course, she's rite. i had not voiced out my opinions and stuff. maybe that was the reason. of course, i realli wanna bring this band to a high standard, i wanna help, but yet i feel so helpless. Seeing this band in this devastated state,i realli feel so bad. i saw tis band through syf, it's like all my effort wasted. i sacrificed, then now, so wasted. That's y i cried when yi ching tok to me. haix. i realli wanna help, but now, thanx yi ching for comforting me... gtg... bb


10:08 AM

hey!!! i'm bak. comp crash. now at k.s house blogging. todae, coz i veri long never blog, i shall start on the major things that happen. Blogging- wat does this means. to me, blogging is a space for u to express ur selve. so, i shall touch on a topic. the band. i dun wish to insult anyone or even sae anyone.

that dae while i was doing origami in class, yi hang mentioned y that someone has a higher post then me. I dunno y, bt i feel that the band is a ltl ermm... "blind". No insults, but let me sae wat i feeel, and at the end of the dae, dun take it to heart. i juz wanna sae wat i feel. i personally think that the band leaders shud choose their future leaders by experience. In other wards, if that particularler leader has no experience in band or even in syf b4, y shud he/she be a leader. He/she does not noe how a band works and how it shud work. Let me ask u, will u choose a band member hu has 8 yrs of experience and went for 3 syf's and one of them is a secondary scool syf or one who has only 2 yrs of experience and hav never been to an syf, much less understand how a band shud work. I m telling u again, i am not pointing out that the band shud choose me or anything or that the leaders are blind, but rather that i shud at least deserve wat i shud deserve. Tell u honestly, i came into the band not bcoz i hav 100% passion for band, and i dun mean i dun like band at all, but rather after mr ong hoon siong showed us the presentation slide about the band's cca points, i decided to join the band. At that time, the highest post was a drum major post and when i went for the audition, i realized that i was the only primary scool band member.this cud mean that i hav a high possiblilty to be a leader and to bring tis band to greater heights. My post now is as good as a norm band member as i do not hav much to do.Sometimes i realli wander y i deserve this. I mean, i understand this band, and i was the one who saw this band since i entered. Stayed bak till 7 durin band practises for syf, only to realize that the post that i m holding is not veri meaningful. I was seperated from the sec 1's last yr to join this band. i sacrificed all of it. Afetr i saw the num of hours for band practises, i wanted tyo quit, but still i persist, hoping that the band wud giv me a chance to bring this band to wat mr chew wants. However ...

kk, now, i did not mention any name and after reading this, i dun wish that u all wud take tis to heart. i m juz writing wat i feel into my journal as i dun hav one. k??

now, i watched i not stupid too last saturdae, was the best, and i realli mean the best show i've ever watched. the tears, haix, looks like i m still a veri emotional guy. it realli touched me to tears durin the last 45 min or so. i watched wif my buddies - k.s , yvonne and li yan. b4 that got cheer prac at serangoon stadium and guess hu we saw??? Tan hwee pin our principal. haha. so small the world is. then b4 the movie, yvonne and li yan wanted to get some chips from ntuc and "smuggle" in. Guess hu we saw??? Chan mali chan, miss evelyn chan. Theworld is juz too small. Fancy seeing her shopping for groceries. Ya, the movie, i cried and then finally when it end, i realli feel as thopugh i m one of the charcacters. my situation seems to be the same. and i realli wander y i cry. now, i tink jack neo is fantastic. he acts well and write scripts well and i realli admire his script as it is so singaporean. i not stupid 1 characters are in pri scool. the scene is in primary scool so i noe how they feel. I not srtupid to the scene is in sceondary scool, so i oso noe how they feel. And bsides the point that this script has a storyline of a veri harsh family background,the actors crying made me wanna cry too.

well, that's all for now baa. i wun blog soon as my mum wanna do a system recovery to my comp. well, thats all. TATA!!!!and remember, i do not will not and muz not insult anyone. DUN TAKE IT TO HEART. bye!!!


Sunday, February 05, 2006

11:11 PM

hey!!! i'm bak. it's pretty late. so i shall make tis snappy. todae's god's dae. went to church. with something xtra!!! my beautiful voice!!! lolx. did not noe i cud sing huh??? yeah. i join the scool choir. the instructor was ruth tong. not bad though. first was "throwing of our voices". we gotta pitch a high note and throw it down low. Aaaahhhhhh. something like that. then, i learned something new that uses our diaphragm, by saying "Wh-aa-aa-at-do-i-say" in a pitch of middle c, middle g, high c, high e, high c, middle g, middle c. cool huh??? ya. had a meaningful time. completed a song. did'nt noe it took that long. it's called : Go out with joy. real cool. i'm singing tenor.ya.

tmr's mondae. jennifer lam will be quite upset as i 4got to pass the class the hmwrk. luckily, i gave to at least 3/4 of the class as thay had cca and it wasnt difficult to look for them. her homework was rather easy though but it takes time to get bak my lit skills. lolx. then, hope tmr's pe, ah keong willl not show us anymore video. at least let us throw javelin. ermm, tmr hav asthetic. hope it wud be fun. English test - i'm definitely more worried bout that. hope the compre is easy. then ipw. muz stay bak. then gotta ask any science teacher whether can borrow the lab and the nichrome wire and the test tube and stuff. i wanna ask tan seow lan, bt chee yew prefer's teddy bear, a.k.a turner lam, or lawrence tang. see how first lohx. ya. dunno whether tmr is tan seow lan teach science or not. coz i realli like her teaching as she makes her teaching clear by ending with a : "am i clear on that??"lolx. i realli miss kathleen long's teaqchings. she was one of the best lit teacher i ever known. maybe coz she still young. noe how we feel, wat we like and stuff. and then let's us writes notes to remember. and i tink a little biased and favours me. lolx. bhb.

kk. i gtg. gotta sleep. my parents nagging. bye!!!


Friday, February 03, 2006

10:21 PM

hey!!!! bak!!! it's been a long week and finally, i can sit down and rest. ermm, let's start with the ngee ann thingy. the competition was a total failure for me. i hav put in my effort and the group has tried their best, bt still, our bridge cud only hold 2kg +-. haix. bt, ngee annn not known to me is rather big and i wanna join their dragon boating cub!!! lolx. then ermm, that dae hav maths test rite. the first time i did it, i tot it was easy. bt then when i check it, i spotted many mistake. so i redid the paper. not enuf time though.

then bad news : fariha talib took over dianna thor for ipw!!! sharks!!! how??? i see my bad future ahead. haix. kk. then at least now they changed the boring asthetic. got lessons on : wirefest, hotwax, cartooning, song writing, digital music, street jazz and so on.well, not bad for a start.then, me and dawei do the book review in the library. due to more information availablity on biology, i decided to do on the human body. and it wa complete porno. lolx. not so exxagerating lah. bt they gt show almost on every page either the feamls'es or the males's that one that one.ya. so when chee yew saw it, he keep giggling. lolx.

Then todae's a rather long dae, i almost fell asleep whilst waiting for my turn to take over the com from my sis.at least i like fridae btr. Ivan Lee speaks of "his moralical stories". todae's about 3 animals learning things that they do not specialize in. and the moral of the story is everyone plays a parrt and does watever he/she specializes. first, music was rather slacking. cause we ahead of other classes. then geog, lau lau went through the weather forecast wif us. still muz do more revision. then, chinese is 1 of the lessons i like best. coz lea shu hui very kind.she veri relax der.ya.

then for lit sup, jennifer lam not here. so we copied down so many words. 7 answers to passage based question. tiring. then, band hav sectionals. took my 3 juniors for a game. got them to blow and compete against each other. rather efficient. it shud be coz i did that to my juniors when i was in primary scool band. then had high tea, gt to noe more secrets. toked a few things . and sang out our scores of instruments - in public!!! lolx. kk. then yar. that's all lohx.

i gotta wrap up the total amount of ang pao $$$ liaox. see ya!!!

p.s - i prefer to call the teachers by their full name instead of plain old "mrs lam" or "ms talib".