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Friday, May 25, 2007

11:18 PM

ok. im having a supoer mixed feeling.

first, i should be happy cos i got student of the term finally. after like 10 terms? i finally handed in the votes and got it. every year my class sure alot vote for me de but i too lazy to hand in. finally this year im responsible enough. lols. so yea, im happy that i got student of th term. thanks to all who voted for me =) a very big thank you.

then, i should be so damn sad i would cry right now like i did in class. say me sissy or whatever, i dont care cos i think its really saddening that miss michelle chan is leaving. i mean, shes the only teacher who inspries me so much that i dont mind 5 periods of her lesson. and im also like starting to speak like her. lols. she such a good teacher that the moment she said shes leaving, tears started rolling down my eyes. perhaps u'll never understand but the way she teaches, brings us out for excursions and the fun on foot, i'll really miss her so much. and i think the rest of the ppl in my class are either heartless, no emotional, or do not lik her. some i could see really cherish her, almost cried, wants her autograph. the rest esp the boys, i dunno. the way i see them still laugh and tok when miss chan announces that shes leaving, it seems as though they're heartless creatures.

after that, we did spring cleaning. then got back report books. now i should be happy that i got 75.0 for average. but yet im sad cos im 16 in position -.- even just now ehen ying ru, joseph or wei ling noe about it they also shock. still, im 26 in lvl which is moderate bah.

then im angry cos i shouted at the class when they didnt wanna cooperate when taking the photo. but yet i was anxious as i tried to skip ****.

earlier i was happy that i made quite a number of sales. but yet now im tires since i've been standing the whole day.

im so confused. lols


Sunday, May 20, 2007

11:07 PM

heyhey. i'll make this quick. had church today. my first youth service. haha. maybe i would prefer bible study. LOL. after church me, joseph, john and reeks (is that how u spell?) anyway we went ps have lunch. then went yamaha see see. then went arcade. wow. we like spend damn long in arcade. played daytona and as usual, i woned them. haha. until reeks and joseph gang up against me. haha. then we played this silly game that uses our hand muscles maing it dam tiring. i tell u, it was so funny and so fun. but it seemed to have drifted away. dunno why. i've been thinking of it these few days. i noe u do not noe what im toking abt. i guess only ivan noes. LOL. argueing with travis about christianity vs scinece on msn now. LOL


Saturday, May 19, 2007

11:32 PM

heyhey. no band today. haha. so i slept till like 10am??? so shuang lah, cos this few days have so many stuff to do that im always sleeping at 12 and waking at 6. 6 hours is hardly enough for us.

ok, so after that i watched pokemon and all, till about afternoon. went out for lunch. came back and did bible study. then went out again for some tour briefing. cant wait for my trip to australia. the briefinf made it seem extremely cool. LOL. then after that went for dinner with my grandma.

came back talked to yiching about how to go around melbourne. and how to get my crumpler. haha. looks like its gonna be kind of inconvenient too?? LOL i dunno. just drank a glass of vodka mixed with orange juice. didnt seem to affect me in any way. dunno why they say alchohols no good. haha.

tmr have church. yays. my first time to the youth. always been missing it. or was there only once?? haha.



12:12 AM

heyhey. today is one of the best school days. haha. hardly any teacher teach cos people go in and out of the class for photo taking. then forst 2 periods checking of results. most teachers all do filing. except poh poh. had to still do a maths. haha. but still nt bad lah, what alpha beta thing.

anw, im like in mid 30s range despite relatively good results.wth. i like got all As for 7 subjects and only 1 B3 for physics and im 30+ in class. tell me what this world has come to!!! -.- competition is now so strong, but i believe God still wants me to teach my juniors and not just joseph alone. so that His words may be spreaded in one way or another.

band was also ok. some latin favourites thing + ncc song. long time didnt march, forgotten some stuff le. but voice still loud enough =D then always with ivan. haha. he's thes best kid around town, just like joseph =D but he's forever groping my balls. zzzz

okie, just finished second day of 10 day prayer for GDOP. upload one last pic b4 i sleep. its like 12:18 le aand im freakingly tired. nights.

neoprint that we took last tuesday after Vila'ge lunch.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

9:28 PM

okie, heres the continuation of all the photos =) enjoy.

this one's during joe's bdae. we went ps to eat and walk walk. haha, imitators.

wah, so dao. lol, this also during his bdae.

his bdae present from me and a few others. $159 leh. and i paid $80. zzzz.

this is taken at bishan library. joe studying lit, and yay he topped the lvl in lit! well done kid.

taken last sunday when we went gift a name at cathay cineileisure i think. left one's his, piglet's mine.

outside Vila'ge. during "class" outing.

inside Vila'ge. using the multiple mirrors. haha.

their toilet at Vila'ge. so cool right? see the bulge? haha.
band today was great. mr chew is so fun! haha. and took over the sec 4s le. sigh, suddenly it feels so empty. their so fast not around. nvm, its time to do mr chew, the school, ourselves, the sec 4s and alumni as well as God proud by working hard for the syf which is coming in 23 months. so fast!!! =) results not bad lah. but the 30s range in class despite having so high grades with that many As. the class is like soooooo competitive. am so proud of joseph. he topped the level for lit!! like omg, even i myself didnt top the level. he passed everything but failed maths. no worries, i will make sure he top the lvl for maths =D. hes so going to be top 10 in the final year. i noe God will bless both me and him. the others not sure, ivan nt really good. hmm, better buck them up too. okie, see ya tmr! =D


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

11:25 PM

oh yea, here are the pics. freshly loaded from my phone. erm, practically lots of random photos from 1mth ago till today =)

at vilage

ok.. theres some prob with my comp. will publish the other photos tmr if im in a good mood. bye!


8:52 PM

heyhey.had a "class" outing today. not bad improvement with 9 people turning up.haha. me, jun hao, travis, stella, beatrice, qian yi, san san, li jun and jessicca. the girls had netball session in the morning while the guys slacked at home. met at amk @ 1145 and headed to heeren. stella was late so we waited for her at somerset. went Vila'ge. its been one month since i been there with joseph and ching may. boy, that was fun. this one also ok, we chatted happily and gorging ourselves with food. i ate pizza and pan fried dory fish with mash potato. 12 bucks in all. not bad a deal eh?

after that went up walk walk take neoprints. haha. 9 of us squeezing in the small machine. worse then the other time take with the band members. at least j8 one's bigger.anw, after that took a train to CSC to play bowling. on the train met this sister clawson. she's a nice lasy from america with beautiful eyes and nice blond hair and all. shes from church of jesus christ. damn cool girl. at the dhoby ghaut staion she approached us suddenly. at first all of us shocked and all, but i saw her tag and her name plus a christian, so i went ahead and started a conversation. then she talked to beatrice in the mrt to preach God's work. i've seriously nvr seen such stuff in Spore b4. well, looks like God really sends prophets around as servants of the gospel to spread Gods word to the public. i only do that to ppl whom i noe.

left sister clawson alone. we went out at boon keng. played at CSC. been months since i bowled. first round was ok but subsequently deproved. LOL. and i suck at pool, btr start learning. hmm, left the place at around 6. thenw ent back home. tried to attempt the chem workbook but i just cant seem to remember how to find concentration. LOL

tmr gonna get back 2 languages plus a maths. dunno how i will fare. hopefully i'll get an A or something. or at least let my sons esp Joseph who had studied so hard with me get an A. haha. the Lord provides and blesses and im sure our prayer will be answered. You're the Greatest God of the heaven and earth. =D


Sunday, May 13, 2007

10:04 PM

hihi.. had church today. was there super early so we like slack around and read magazines. then the worship today have quite a few songs i noe. wante to learn the drums but today have no music prac. so me and joe headed to town. had burger king then walk around bought mother's day present for joe's "mum" chien nie. hopefully, i get something from them on father's day though i am away. =( anw, bought the train, realised its the wrong direction, had to take back. then went j8 bought some stuff too. shopped one whole day then went home slack. after exams though im in like so many project, im not bothered. LOL.


Friday, May 11, 2007

10:55 PM

heyhey. finally the exams are officially over. at least we deserve a break for a few days b4 going back to work on Monday to get out results. ugrh. i dun think i'll do as well but i noe that the Lord has guided me through this and that i am blessed. besides, i helped the kida too so its like, yea, not only all about me this exams.

anyway, not having a break at all as expected. been up with many stuff. fundraising. painting of shutters. global warming cip. planning for june hols cip. holiday. full day band practices. work attachments. haha. gonna be a busy man. t i love stress. somehow, dunno why. so give me more work!!! =D

i guess im going crazy. sigh. im more worried about my sons' results. quite relaxed bout josephs. i noe he'll do me proud and besides, the Lord blesses him so im not afraid. its more of ivan that im afraid. and perhaps eugene and jasper. urgh. cant wait for Monday.



Wednesday, May 09, 2007

3:10 PM

yay. exams ending soon. one more paper to mug! =) jia you to meyself and all others out there mugging just like me! =D


Saturday, May 05, 2007

9:25 PM