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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

9:21 PM

so Council Investiture was today. and i woke up in the morning having a fever of 38 degress celcius. But i still had to come to school for Council Invest cos they cant change the emcee last minute mah, so i thoiught nvm just go to school loh. Hope i didnt pass any viral germs to the people i had contact with. LOL

emceeing was relatively ok. Initially was abit nervous but soon its ok. Just made a slight mistake at the pledge there but overall, i guess im cool =) cool as in ok with emceeing btw. heard that student council giving me a treat to sakae becos of this? o.O its ok actually, cos i like being an emcee and morever, it just gives me more exposure.

physics test was ok too. if only i had studied harder. but anyway, i think most mistakes would be from carelessness. =(

just went to the doctor's. got an mc for tmr but i guess if im alright, i'll be in school tmr. and for band too =)

well, off to sleep now. tata!

so it looks like im insignificant to you.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

10:48 PM

Do i mean nothing to you? I mean seriously, i seem so insignificant to you. Treating you so well and all, and what do i get? Sigh.

u just broke my heart


Thursday, July 26, 2007

11:49 PM

boy was it boring today for lessons. but not as bad as ydae. nevertheless, thriple science day! =( i never liekd it.

tmr ong lay hong nt coming. so we have double sciences only. =) still, theres council invest and im only going for it after sectionals with jeztine. our cornet section seriously needes bucking up. muahaha tmr's torture day. thankfully no pt tmr for the whole band. or they'll cry.

i wish u'd just prioritise.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

11:16 PM

cool. its been abt 8 days since i blogged. im so sorry. just so busy with all the small stuff thats going on and thus i forgot about the important things.

next wek is finally common test week. gotta start studying and get my brains moving. apparently, its still in june holiday mood. sigh. hard to get rid of post holiday syndromes.

anyway, went for this syf at the heartlands carnival for performance on saturday - racial harmony day. apparently, i was supposed to be the emcee for that event too. but band approached me first. so i did not. instead, the abnd went there waited for a long long time and then finally we played like less than an hour? sian. and during our break from 2 to 3, we took neo print. our cornet section. and we even had to beg ting ting to take cos she was not in a good mood. and after taking and decorating. guess what? that man who's in charge of the neoprint shop just off the switch. mea nd ivan was like @&^# (!@)# and he claimed that he thought we were finished. what crap.

anyway, had band today. i didnt attend most of it. instead, went for student council investiture. it sure was crazy running here and there. ok fine, i didnt run THAT much. but anyway, the invest rehearsal took me 2 hrs. and at first, i wasnt allowed to be emcee for this event though the council requested long time ago. after a long talk with miss chan, miss ong finally managed to get me out for 45 minutes. but the council screwed things here and there. so it dragged. anyway, overall i think not bad. and the way i hear miss ong screaming and shouting, sometimes really make me wanna laugh. lol.

ok i blogged. yay =)


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

10:17 PM

Thou's blog was once dead, but am now alive!

Haha. So, it seems that i've not been blogging for a long long long long long time? im so sorry, been rather busy. and perhaps too lazy. slacking off this semester le, i became a ltl less responsible in non band stuff. cos i just wana focus on band this semmester. as well as to improve ivan's results. thsi 2 objectives can hoepfully be fulfilled.

Looking at my schedule, sigh, i've been so busy i hardly have time to do my hmwk much less my revision. and 4 weeks have passed, im still in holiday mood. -.-

Been doing rather bad in my a maths and physics. sigh, perhaps spending too much time with my darling. LOL. but i spent time with him for good causxe loh, i've been teaching him maths and science, while he teaches me music theory. not bad eh? goes to his house for 4 hours and 2 hrs of my tuition, 2 hrs of his. cool eh?

then that monday had it until 7 plus. i took 156 home and i boarded this 156 which is ultra cool. it has white seats with read crapet on the floor. the bus driver to start with is super courteous greeting everyone. then thers a big screen where u can download via blueoosongs played on the screen cos its an mv. and i dled a few. lol. then theres a bar like seat with a mini bartop table, probably for laptop. and some armchair seats which are so cool. for a moment, i tot i was on a plane, not on a bus. LOL

ok, i've blogged cos u gusy ask me so. bye! =)