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Friday, October 31, 2008

12:02 AM

theres a paper in 14 hours time. and i'm TOTALLY not prepared. damn. i dont really like bio for one. and i suck at it. so i'm not surprise if i cannot complete the syllabus by tonight cos i have roughly 8 more chapters to go. sian. say bye bye to c6 and hello to F9.

i'm totally addicted to hsm 3 songs all of a sudden. i ahve utterly no reason why, when the songs are not extremely nice, addictive or special. apparently some of my classmates wanna watch it so i'm gonna watch it for a third time ( i watched once online)

oh well. time to sleep.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1:01 AM

Okay. So I'm using my mum's lappy to blog. i'm going to cut out on all teh caps on the first letter. so yea, my comp crashed. all my data, documents, picture, songs, videos, gone. GONE. G O N E. and thats sad. cos that means i cant plug in my ipod touch forever and ever cos if i do all my songs and vid and photos and what not will be gone. how great.

on the bright side, i cheered myself up by giving myself a lil reward for the stress i'm facing from the o's ( if theres any that is). pathetic me bought one ticket for high school musical. yea, so i watched alone. again. but what can i do. theres no sec 4 in the right mind who would be watching movies at this crucial time. all except me.

show was okay. initially i didnt like it cos it seemed different from the first and second. its like another hairspray. its a forced musical. purposely adding in events to have songs. the first especially was rather natural. but hey, zac effron and vannessa hudgens have become hotter. like gosh, i think they are a great couple. i liked especially the songs and scenes that 2 often sing and dance. kindda kiddy, i must admit. but still, i'm not 16 yet. hahas.

the shows really nice. if you've got time, u should seriously go watch.i dont mind watching another time too. hahas. and i thought it was rather motivational. so i'm going to study my guts out after this show. at least for one day. hahas.

heres a vid that i like most about the show. its like 1am now so toodles.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

11:47 PM

I didnt want to blog. But I came upon this photo. It made me think why I'd open this blog again.

Yeah. it made me think what happened a week ago.First, we had this survey thing in the morning of grad day. And we were doing this survey of class leaders and everything when this person said to me: Eh wait, i want to change my option. You didnt do much as our monitor and not a good role model.. ( and the crap continues)

I totally flopped. 4 years and that comment hit me like a rocket. There was more, but I really forgot what that person said. And this wasnt the first time. Theres this group of classmates who always goes against me with the " this monitor dont serve the class" attitude.

I just thought. Had it been worthwhile? I didnt care about whatever award or merit points or whatever. I dont freaking need it. But you guys who had gained at least something from my hardwork could say these craps, totally unappreciating what I do. Hello, who carries newspapers for you guys? Who finds teachers for you guys? Who does all the shit work? Who collects the money? Who have to collect forms like during lesson time and I cant even concentrate on my studies? Who cleared up all the shit? Who always has fun during a party or class bbq and who does the cleaning up?

I'm sick and tired of their stupid unappreciateive comment. Thank God school's over. But when I looked at that pic again, it all came rushing back, hence the need to blog. But something touched me. Mr Poh put that pic into the class vid. And when he played it, and that pic came one, he said : The world's best monitor. I believe I've doen enough for this damn class, to unify everyone. Unappreciative? Never mind. But look, you guys who dont do anything, just keep your damn mouth shut, cos I'd bet you cant do the same as me. You guys dont even know how it feels. And one even had the cheek to say "like real" when Poh said that.

This just makes me piss. I dont know why. Yea, it's some really trivial matter. But still. Sigh. 1 more day left.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

12:34 AM

Too lazy to officially blog about my feelings on Grad day. So I'm just copying pasting things that are already found on my class blog. Blame my lazyness. Maybe I should close this blog again.

my favourite teacher! mrs ngiam! oh man, she inspired me sooooooo much to love physics.

he made me love amaths too!

At Ben and Jerry's!

What do you want, beatrice?

Vermonster Sundae! It cost $88!!!

This is a really unglam pic

another teacher that inspired me alot

lijun's idol; my hot date. I think my class knows. hahas.

Mid Autumn.

Lunch at Rafflese City with Fantastic 7 + Caroline.

Graduation outing at vivocity..

The $88 super giant BEN & JERRY'S MONSTER SUNDAE..

Our main lead for Graduation Day!
Mr Poh!

Oh no!

Our four classmates in blazers!

Samuel's validatory speech


Look at our cosages!

and so graduation day ended off with a happy note. it's just sad to leave Zhonghua.