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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

10:51 PM

heyo.. back from a long day out.. had sectionals in the morning on sunrise and safari.. then went over to YTWO to celebrate mr chew's bdae.. listened to mr nonami tok about orpheus.. then went to sunshine plaza to get my section tee done.. still nid some editments but its quite cheap =) then went to vila ge restaurant at the heeren for dinner with my parents.. not in a very good mood now... just cant stand some ppl who toks and toks... ooo.. just shut the fuck up.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

5:18 PM

its been a long time sinced i blogged isnt it??? haha.. sry bout that.. everyday watching charmed on youtube.. too engrossed... besides.. got tired out by m and m and band... argh... anywae... performance last friday was cool... for once.. i played well.. =D and erm... yeah.. did the encore.. sway.. ivan still made the same mistake... nevertheless.. i think it was great except for the second time round when i realised that the sound was softer for the cornet solo cos i really didnt have enuf energy ler... =(

ydae went to bishan stadium to watch YTWO play.. yeah it was fun and enjoyable... got free goodies!!! =) YTWO is ( to me ) of a greater standard than zwinds.. they have more songs then us.. plays better... argh.. but no nid to fell inferior.. cos zwinds is gonna kip going on improving.. at least i hope the cornets will improve =) anywae.. mr masree and mr chew were there and we chatted... it rained... ate popcorns.. blah blah blah.. haix nvm.. a picture paints a thousand words.. im just too lazy to type =P ... 20 more days to my birthday!!! woots!!! =) too bad there's class chalet on that day... yeah... so hectic.. my december hols schedules is like.. arghxx..

8 Dec - Bali Trip
9 Dec - Bali Trip
10 Dec - Bali Trip
11 Dec - Bali Trip

13 Dec - Class Chalet
14 Dec - Class Chalet
15 Dec - Class Chalet

17 Dec - Youth Camp
18 Dec - Youth Camp
19 Dec - Youth Camp
20 Dec - Youth Camp

get what i mean?? urgh... scared not enuf clothes -.- anywae... gtg ler... see ya.. Ciao!

i realised my eyes are near to close -.-

o.0 spotlights!!!


oooooo.. my lovely cornets!!! =)

see!!! im always 90 degrees! =D

dont i just look dashing in my band uniform?? =P haha.. just jkjk..

yeah!!! yanyu's going down!!! =)

the 2 baloon man at the bishan stadium ydae..


mr chew in action!


mr masree and YTWO!!!

took this ydae at the stadium after the rain... too bad liyan didnt want to come... and pray that my wish comes true!!! =)


Thursday, November 16, 2006

11:16 PM

heyo!!! realised that its been a long time since i blogged.. sianology.. anywae.. todae's ban prac was fun.. majors from yishun town, clementi town and swiss came down to see look see look.. and ended up playing.. haha... camy from yt came to help us first cornets.. and omg.. she can pitch like them high.. cud do beautiful runs and can play belltonedly... haha.. i wish to play like her.. gotta work hard to fulfill my wish =)

argh.. my lips still hurt.. after 3 consecutive days of cornet playing.. oh yah.. cudnt play high register on my cornet todae.. dunnoe why.. then rachel also cudnt play on hers.. so we switched.. she plaid mine while i played hers.. guess wat? we cud then play with each other's instruments.. what a big joke..

ysdae had sectionls.. apparently some ppl still didnt come for it.. well.. i really want to give up.. with this kind of attitude.. it'll get you no where... so the cornet players present played huntingdon and ymca.. sight read tempest too... after that me, yvonne and liyan went to j8.. had yoshinoya then walked and shopped around.. then went to the library tok tok.. and went to the nearby pasa malam ( is that how u spell it? )

tuesdae was terrible.. i cud feel my lips went BANG! it dieded on me... my ambroshure is just wrong.. so i press my mouth against the mouthpiece.. then yanyu nvr come.. so the power of 3 dieded.. so yeah.. me, rachel and ivan tried to pitch high notes... me and rachel ended up with dieded lips =(

monday had leadership training.. been thru this many many times.. but this was definitely more funs.. we played many games and learnt many things... act confident. haha... too bad it doesnt helps in band... band members shudnt ACT confident.. we must BE confident.. =)

oh yah.. speak about leadership.. spoke to miss tan seow lan todae... about why i got posted into 8g1 instead of 8h1 .. she saed that ermm.. lack of teachers... then after that... she told me that she sees leadership potentials in me and wants me to contribute to the school by being a councillor... HAHA... she saed that she told miss ong and miss tan chye i about it and they agreed.. bahhhhhhhhh.... responsible much??? im not even responsible.. i dun even noe what they see in me.. i would rather become a monitor for 4 years.. haha.. anywae.. i just told her that i wud consider about it..

its getting rather late.. tmr band starts at 7.30... ooffffffff.. my lips still hurt.. gotta sleep now... pray hard that tmr band wud be.. great.. Ciao!


Saturday, November 11, 2006

8:56 PM

heyo!!! just now forgot to post... ydae also got back streaming results.. woots!!! i got into 3e1!!! ( duh! ) but anywae... what im not pleased about is that they posted everyone that went into 3e1 to take geog elect.. even if u put hist elect.. it like.. what the hell lah.. geog elect so diff to score.. moreover its our only humans... if cant score well die... haix... heard from richmond that alot of ppl fail geog elect.. hope i dun become one of them... coming with me to 3e1 is 3 of my other good frenx.. dawei.. chee yew... jun hao... and another guy coming in is aaron... unfortunately.. no gals from 2e3 coming to 3e1.. sian.. somemore have 13 PRC scholars... nvm.. i posted the rest of our class people who are posted into whatever stream in my class blog.. feel free to see!!! signing off.. Ciao!


3:32 PM

heyo!!! at home the whole dae.. nth to do.. dun realli have the mood to blog... anywae... went for NCO passing out parade at CCAB yesterdae.. yeah.. it was pretty fun.. seeing the drum majors and their mace work... and the band majors band playing abstracts from abba gold ( i think it was dancing queen ) and the incredibles... well.. ltr on hang around at CCAB and took some fotos with mr chew and mr masree... i posted them all on the zwinds blog so im not gonna post it here again.. too lazy... =) well.. after that went to eat with the sec 2s and sec 1s present with the exception of ian... went to tpy hdb hub... toked and eat.. was quite fun overall... pray that band can be jus as fun.. of course we have to practice hard lah... well... nth else to blog ler.. some other dae.. Ciao!


Monday, November 06, 2006

10:55 PM

heyo!!! back from movies with joe ad his 2 frenx, jun hao and chee yew.. went to watch deathnote.. its nice lah.. the plot is better than most movies.. the graphics and actors are all good... and ermm.. i got shocked by the sudden "bang" from the gunshot... besides that.. i really enjoyed the movie.. and i stayed back for the end trailer.. which actually shows what deathnote 2 ( which will be coming out in december 2006 ) is going to be like.. omg!!! there's like now 2 god of deaths.. 2 kira ( the other one is called mira -.- ) and light is on the police team!!! yeppee!!! and mira has stronger powers.. wahahaa... okie.. tmr is gonna be a long long dae...

6.45 to 8.00 - milo project
8.00 to 12.30 - maths trail
13.00 to 18.00 - band..

wow... 12 hours in school.. sian...

kira the killer???

kira vs L


Saturday, November 04, 2006

4:42 PM

heyo!!! bak from kbox with shu ling, clareen, li yan, yvonne, jia hui, kai siang and matt... we had the klunch and it was rather okae lahx... i sang quite a few songs and my fave: "yi shou jian dan de ge"!!! haha... then ltr went to arcade.. plaid daytona.. spend $2.50 and while playing, left kai siang's guang liang album on the bench and forget all about it... until we went out of cathay cineileisure then realise.. by the time i came back.. too late.. the album gone.. =( sorry kai siang... reall sorry... anywae after that.. went to walk towards somerset mrt.. downstairs cathay cineleisure have concert.. and guess who i saw??

shi xin hui!!!

haha... not bad lah.. her voice rox!!! hehe... okie... backtrack to thursdae.. band was okie... quite fun in fact... the sound also not bad =) then at nite had con.. guess until what time??? from 10.30 to 4.05am the nxt morning!!!! omg.. how cool is that!!! we toked alot of crap... then ks halfway fell asleep... so onli 3 of us tok... and the nxt morning ( or rather a few hrs later ) woke up at 10am becos of the chanting of monks in front of my house.. theres this tent and they have some buddhist ritual... early morning went " ah-oh-ee-uh-huo-guo" something like taht... wah lao...

haix.. nth else to blog... perhaps at nite bah... Ciao!


Aslyn - Thats when i love you

When you have to look away
When you don't have much to say
That's when I love you
I love you
Just that way

To hear you stumble when you speak
or see you walk with two left feet
That's when I love you
I love you endlessly

And when you're mad cause you lost a game
Forget im waiting in the rain
Baby I love you
I love you anyway

Cause here's my promise made tonight
You can count on me for life
Cause that's when I love you
When nothing you do could change my mind
The more I learn the more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you
When I love you no matter what

So when you turn to hide your eyes
Cause the movie, it made you cry
That's when I love you
I love you a little more each time

And when you can't quite match your clothes
Or when you laugh at your own jokes
That's when I love you
I love you more than you know

And when you forget that we had a date
Or that look that you give when you show up late
Baby I love you
I love you anyway

Cause here's my promise made tonight
You can count on me for life
Cause that's when I love you
When nothing you do could change my mind
The more I learn the more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you
When I love you no matter what

That's when I love you
When nothing baby
Nothing you do could change my mind
The more I learn the more i love
The more my heart can't get enough
Thats when I love you
When I love you
No matter what
No matter what


Thursday, November 02, 2006

10:07 AM

here are the pics as promised!!!! now server ok lerx.... =)

candid shot!!

group photo at the top of pyramid!

the 3 heroes at the top!!!

me and joe took this at the top of the pyramid...

qian yi struggling on the rope???

yeah... u are not seeing wrongly.. we ARE playing on the SEE-SAW!!!


the dark dark clouds and the scenery taken from the shelter...

yeah!!! pizzas!!!!

pepperoni... meat lovers... and sausage!!!!! yum yum...

stupid face... =)



act dumb!

jun hao's bro... jian hao!!! so cute!

-------> I may look a little wierd after the rain cos the rain washed off my hair spray.. and i didnt bring out my hair spray too -.-


one last pic taken after ****

mine and ???'s hands... haha... can see my hairy legs.. -.-


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

10:59 PM

heyo!!! been a really nice dae todae... went out wif joe, kai siang, matt, liyan, yvonne, jun hao and qian yi... went wif them to pasir ris park... first met at bishan mrt with joe, yvonne, liyan, matt and kai siang... then around 11.15 everybofy arrived then we take mrt down... haha... during the 45 minutes ride to pasir ris received quite alot of complaintes about joe.. haha... mischievious boi...

then we arrived at pasir ris mrt.. qian yi and jun hao already there.. so after deciding for 5 to 10 min.. we headed for white sands food point to have lunch.. becos i ate macdonalds at 10,, so was quite full.. had an ice jelly dessert for lunch then... then when kai siang went to buy some dessert.. liyan and yvonne went to use his phone to take pic of them using his phone and putting it as his screen saver... -.- ... then i slow eater... so was the last.. ltr when gng back.. that liyan and yvonne so childish... when all of us guys plus qian yi went down the escalator ler.. that 2 gals hide in the libbrary dunno for what.. then we had to take an escalator up.. then they appear.. then take down again.. like so... childish??? playing with the escalator... -.-

took a bus 403 to pasir ris park... from there.. we meet shi yuan.. so we played the large prymarid spider web.. wow!!! its like so nice!!! i climbed near to the top.. looked down.. and i almost freaked out!!! omg!!! its like.. ok i noe not realli high.. but i got height phobia =( anywae.. took a pic with joe up there as well as a group photo... group photo with qian yi.. nxt time then post if i ever get it...

then also plaid the childish and kiddy swing.. and the one with the hammock!!!! but too small.. cant fit my ass... so yeah... then plaid the see saw!!! omg... arent we childish???? the looking at the dark clouds.. decided that it will reain pretty soon.. so btr rent the bike now... then ride awhile.. rain then ride around and find shelter... quite cheap lehx the bike... 1st hr free... nxt hr $6.. so is 2hrs $6... the east coast charge at 1 bike $8 per hr lehx... its like... major diff...

rented it... ride toward the other part of pasir ris park.. went thru a mze... down hills and uphills... then the wind so cooling... waoh!!! so shuang!!! the wind blow against our face... then we just continue riding... until it rained!!! then hurriedly cross over the other side to find shelter...

the 10 of us ( plus jun hao's brother ) got stuck in the shelter.. preetty big.. so first we played detective and murderer... difficult to play... cos they dun want to look at the ppl.. look elsewhere.. then i murderer... then very diff to wink.. in the end killed kai siang.. but liyan ( detective) caught me.. then palid another round... then sian.. so we plaid ploar bear??? its similar to mafia.. we plaid like 3 rounds or so??? and the villagers alwaes win in time... several times i be doctor and heal myself... lucky save!!!

then carried on with mafia.. the same game we plaid at yi ching's house last june??? so i be narrator.. quite fun.. sometimes i get mixed up.. so jun haos bro, jian hao, will help me... then rain smaller a little ler... we decided to spend our time in the rain and cycle... but unfortunately... like 50 metres or so... kai siang fell down from his bike... big bruise lehx... scratch untill alot of blood... it was like so cold.. the wind so strong still.. the the rain drop on us.. so cold.. but we still help kai siang with his wound... applied pressure only for a while then put yvonnes "incredibles" plaster... haha... tehn cycle to the other side of the park to return the bike.. this round more careful.. and slow.. but joe still fooling around with his bike.. so i threatened him with his movie =D

then at 4.10 like that we return.. was told that our due time was 4.30.. but the uncle so good... extend the time for us.. so we took a ride to the minimart to sit down and eat ( for some ppl ) called my mum to tell her that i'll be having dinner with my frenx... but yvonne cant.. so after the short rest at the minimart.. she had to go home.. so we pei her go to the bus stop and wait lohx.. then when 403 come.. she, liyan and shi yuan took the bus...

now left me, joe, qian yi, matt, jun hao and kai siang.. so we went to jun hao's chalet there and rest.. omg!!! its like super nice and big!!! first.. me and ks and jun hao plaid tai ti.. and snap.. cos matt joe and qian yi noe how to play mahjong but we dun.. so they plaid mahjong.. then play sian ler.. we go play caram... anyhow shoot here shoot there... but hand veri pain =S this round.. mahjong game over.. qian yi joined us... while matt and joe play chinese chess... then ltr also sian... so went up to the karaoke room to play... now have air con so more comfortable... jun hao's siblings plaid the tv games while we plaid the guitar or cards... matt won consecutively fot tai ti!!! =( anywae... also plaid black jack and got real bored. were hungry and after deciding for a long long time.. we decided to call pelican pizza.. 1 for 1 free... so joe got the number and called.. that is around 6.30???

while waiting for the pizza.. plaid some games and somehow did some calculations.. and i realli think my mind is detiorating.. my calculations all error and i speak no logic!!! =( they kip on tease me saeing "wow.. 6th position like that derx.. " lolx... so sian upstairs.. scared that pizza man come.. so went down to watch tv.. thats so raven!!! haha.. they have cable tv mah... then after that watch superman... then the pizza man came.. we ordered meat lovers and pepperoni... then jun hao's mum was kind enuf to fried us some hot dogs. though they were meant for them i guess... they didnt expect guest.. =/ and they gave us coke.. wow.. so good service!!! anywae the pizza we ordered large.. it was $29... but veri big!!! worth it sia.. the last time i ate pizza was canadian pizza during last yr's class bbq and it sux.. pelican pizza is nice.. or was it cos i was too hungry???

anywae... had 3 pieces each... joe took the remainder... and used the sausage to form a dick shape??? wa lao!!!! so sick lah... then jun hao's mum also gave us watermelon to eat.. yum yum.. so sweet.. rounded off our meal.. to repay them.. we washed the dishes for themm.. haha.. not so guilt ridden mah... then cos quite lat ler.. so we had to go.. to round off todae's fun day.. took a pic at the chalet.. or was it many pics??? then qian yi waited for her dad to fetch her... while me joe ks and matt took 403 and 58 back home...

walked down the creepy road to the 403 bus stop.. so dark and scary lahx.. but luckily the bus came quite fast so yeah... we boarded it to pasir ris interchange then change to 58 so that we 4 can be together instead of taking mrt and gng our own seperate ways... so anywae.. on the bus... me and matt toked alot abt band stuff while ks tok about megaman to his fren on the line.. joe chipped in wherever he can in our conversation.. then we mostly toked our way home.. and its the first time i sat a bus from one interchange to the other!!! anywae.. time passd real fast... we toked.. acted wierd???? like me and joe.. haha... and also stone... and like qian yi so fast reach home lahx!!! we at pasir ris then she reach home lerx...

so at serangoon... matt ks and joe alighted while i continued to take to bishan... *****************************************************************

(*) means some details pertaining to wat happened after that left out... =) u shall guess by urself!!! =D
__________pictures some ther day.. my server got a little prob...