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Sunday, October 29, 2006

5:43 PM

heyo!!! muahahaha... after one entire week of no computer.. im back!!! yeepeee.. comp crash so left the comp at acer to repair.. jus got it ydae but in the midst of downloading stuff the router somehow spoilt.. finally repaired todae.. this week so many things to sae but then now like all forget... lets just start with last dae of school...

26 october 2006... last dae with 2e3o6.. its kindda sad... cos all that i have put in for e3.. its jus kinddaa... u noe... not willing to give it all up.. i suppose i'll not run the monitor marathon of being a 4 year monitor.. but im sure that being both a member and a monitor of 2e3 has changed me from an insensible and rash kid to a mature and sensible gentleman >.<>

comments: " samuel is a polite and good-natured person. He displays maturity and sensibility when given difficult tasks. Being a monitor of the class, he has done his duties well. He is a great help to many teachers. He has led the class to win many competitions and making a name for the class. With more confidence through self motivation, he will continue to excel in his studies. He also has a flair for art and music and is a gem to the class."

i noe lots of u out there will be like.. "eee... this samuel so bhb..." haha.. cudnt help it.. i mean u shud be proud of good testimonials what rite??? anywae.. yeah.. its the last dae wearing that tie and i think i'll realli feel like "naked" without my tie nxt yr.. jus like what k.s saed... anywae... so we got back our report books... got 2nd in class.. 6th in level... results were all average.. onli eng b3 the rest got "a".. then conduct excellent!!! yepee!!! haha...

then did spring cleaning... all of us got pretty hands on.. then we took our last class foto together... and well... its kindda sad that we are leaving.. plaid the class video that i made as a farewell gift for the class... and quite a number of ga;s cried.. i did too.. haha.. i noe its kinddaa... dots.. but i jus think of what i've done for the class and toked about unity.. and screamed and shouted like a bastard when i was the sec 1 monitor... but eventually plaid with the class and slacking more as a sec 2 monitor.. organising events and bbqs and stuff... its just the memories that made me cried...

so ltr had band... big big big big big big failure for me... yep.. im useless all rite... yan yu had to leave at 4... and ivan was sick so didnt come to school... and after 4 we plaid huntingdon and i can tell that the sound i produced suck.. yep.. mr chew was rite.. trust... when i first trusted myself that i cud do it.. i plaid averagely okae.. then ltr jus told myself that im tired and useless without yan yu and all that... so began to lost trust... anywae... until the end i was realli realli tired.. luckily band stopped.. and i walked down the road after band with k.s .. then walked alone to chiltern park that bus stop.. reflecting about what made me loss trust...

fridae was a holidae.. so i went to joe's house to catch up with him.. then we wanted to go bowling so got my 2 other sons, eugene and jasper to come along.. cudnt get ivan cos his piano was on saturdae which is the next dae... anywae.. went to his house.. he plaid for me quite a few nice christian songs on the guitar... pretty much loved it especially "the potters hands".. then got to see his report book.. his results were not bad accept for his geog.. =( and i find something interesting.. that though theres the saying " like father like son " my sons arent like me.. haha... their father literature good.. theirs... haix nvm continue... his comments from the teacher were abit... anywae.. also saw his book list.. have quite a number of changes but some can use still.. like the lit outsiders.. but i dun plan to give him cos mine is memorable and has quite a few notes that i wanna kip so that i can give tuition on it =) then he went to bathe... and wanted to change his hairstyle but unfortunatly failed -.-

ltr at arounf 2 went to meet the other 2.. eugene's pink shirt was like so attractive that we cud see it like miles away... anywae.. we took 105 then change to 142 to the civil service club.. plaid 4 rounds but i kindda detiorated.. jasper is good.. but his ball sometime turn wrong timing then turn into the longkang.. here are a few pics...

arent my son as cute as me?? =D

dont we look the same?? ( fine, im uglier -.- )

sleeping beauty? and i noe my smile is kindda fake =)

thats what i call pro...

ok.. thats all folks... gtg.. Ciao!


Friday, October 20, 2006

10:54 PM

hey... so long nvr blog.. also dunno what to blog about.. this few days seldom hang out wif my sons.. they all left me in the morning =( anywae.. i did treat them on thursdae for a cup of milo with pearls.. sold by our class for cip.. we'll be doing it nxt wed.. so do buy! =) anywae.. bought them a cup ach which cost $1.50 and i bought 4 cups.. plus myself and joseph wanted a second round... so altogether spend $9.50 .. i think im the greatest supporter lerx... haha...

anywae.. todae was pretty interesting.. went to sch.. morning monitors busy like siao.. have to go up and down of class to collect what stupid form.. so after that had it lesson.. our last in the whole year and school year... and then proceed back to class for eng lesson.. as mrs singh shows us some pics of school events that happen.. my face appeared quite a number of times!

recess time went down to green board putside general office to see ranking results.. was shocked but happy that i was 6th in position throughout the whole lvl.. its a great achievement.. thanks be to God who has continuoslly blessed me with wisdom and knowledge and guided me thru this scool year... dawei got 44th which is 5th in class.. so after much forcing from my parents.. i mite be gng to the same class as him ( 3 sci)

had band and sectionals... wasnt too bad... cud bring huntingdon up to speed... and both tempo and articulation was little btr... after that went with 5 bao tai to void deck play tai ti.. met mr lew.. he didnt stop us from playing.. jus stand there watch us play -.-" then i won a few rounds while yvonne jus sit there and play her hp game cos she dunno how to play..

well.. its getting late.. gtg ler.. God bless all sec 2s to make a wise choice for their streaming.. Ciao!


Monday, October 16, 2006

8:24 PM

hey.. bak from dinner.. scool was okae todae.. got back my results.. quite contented.. all subjects A... so went to kai siangs house to celebrate.. watched american haunting.. stupid horror movie.. not scary derx... tmr goin for band ler.. haix.. nvm... gtg.. Ciao!


Thursday, October 12, 2006

11:18 PM

hey ppl.. bak from bowling.. AGAIN... haha... went with liyan and wei ling.. cos we went for the job interview thingy... so yeah... ended earlier so we took 139 to the bowling alley.... as usual.. i won all the games.. ( yeah me! =D ) tmr gng with the VGang to the smae place to bowl... AGAIN AGAIN.... anywae.. some pics ... again... enjoy and Ciao!

life is worth the shot.. so shoot it with all u got...

in everything u do.. theres only once.. either u hit it.. or u miss it...

aim for the goal.. and hit it with one shot


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

9:51 PM

hey ppl!!! back from bowling.. mua ha ha ha... nth much to blog bout lohx. jus show u all some pic. sian.. will post tmr.. gotta sleep early for job interview tmr. Ciao!

the style

the substance.

the skill

the show


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

11:08 AM

heyo! bak from scool.. papaer was easy.. but i made a big mistake for the close passage... go write the chinese words itself instead of the number.. haix.. tmr finally end of this entire year's exam and hard work.. i sure do hope it all pays of... after that maybe going vivocity to check out... or else is go bowling! yeepee! bowling! so long nvr bowl ler... 2 weeks ler... anywae.. wish everyone out there all the best for the exams! got a cartoon to catch ler... Ciao!


Monday, October 09, 2006

2:25 PM

exam was okae lah. haix. sian. dun feel like blogging =) ciao!


Sunday, October 08, 2006

4:45 PM

hey ppl.. haze is preety bad ya??? take care everyone.. thank god it drooped from 150 to 30 todae... keep praying ppl...

my whole familie is out todae to go vivocity.. only i at home cos later have "read it and weep" movie on disney channel!!!! haha... im a cartoon fan and disney fan. yep so.. continue mugging ppl!!!


Friday, October 06, 2006

3:09 PM

hey ppl.. just came back from j8... exams considered over ler.. no longer mugging.. slacking at home. lit was ok todae... my sources have been accurate.. my sources = my spies =D so they have predicted the questions correctly... history shud be able to score bah.. all the best everyone... gotta go ask my sources wat science question will come out. =) ciao!