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Friday, June 29, 2007

10:06 PM

heyhey. nothing much really happened during school. only after sch i was a little high. quite high esp when emceeing. band was okay okay. sectionals didnt accomplish much. and the speed exercise had quite afew bad remarks. sigh. the people just dont understand. nvm, forget it then. lol. had dinner with a few of the sec 2 com and ihua. nice talking to them and hear their feedback. lol.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

9:30 PM

hey people. actually in the process of blogging abt my trip. but something in me just told me to blog abt something now, so that the burden will be gone. hopefully.

was at amk hub just now. alone. watching movie. fantastic 4. its probably the only show so far where i've watched alone. the feelings "cool". something new. to be alone. just felt wierd.

saw the boys from 2e3 at amk hub so joined them for lunch. had a walk with ivan after that. few questions that i asked. and haha, the answers what i expected. had been thinking about this for so many days, and yea, now at least i noe.

if u do see my hp, the picture on my wallpaper shows my emtions, who i really trust, or at least enjoy being with. but if theres noone on the wallpaper, then im a lonely man. haha. but really, i just thought, how much time and money i've spent, just to realise that though i cherish these people around me, its a one way thing. they dont.

kinndaa pathetic huh? to be in the theatre all alone. and theres noone in ur vicinity cos its a huge theatre with little people. but i guess im bound to that. the people i love dont love me. sigh. what to do? haha

i've never felt like that for a long long time. to feel like there's a thousand kg weight hanging from ur heart. my heart is seriously very heavy now, it can just drop. how i wish i hadnt taken things so seriously, then i probably wouldnt be hurt for the 3rd time.

the best of all is, on fathers day i returned from aussie. and the only greeting i recieved to greet me fathers day was from yvonne. and only my sister. how pathetic can i get. 4 sons and none from them. so much for the time and money. haha. what a waste. arent i just so silly?



Friday, June 08, 2007

8:35 PM

Life is short. Live for God.
so that'll be my motto for the month. busy schedule and so havent been blogging. had been taking care of kids at the montessori childcare for the past 1 week. indeed, it had been and enjoyable and unforgettable experience. i urge all to participate in this work attachment when ure a sec 3 in zhonghua!! The kids there are just so lovable, huggable, adorable, cutable and best thing is, they're all attracted to me! =P haha. as in they really she bu de that we leave, but what to do. haha. i'll post the pics after i come back from aussie so that i can post all at one shot.
band is so bad now. just didnt noe what to do. felt such a failure as a student conductor. sigh. hopefully while im away everything goes on well. and please mr chew, if ure reading this blog, i beg you: dont leave the band and conduct us please. we really need u.
aussie trip is tmr at 9pm. dawei's leaving at 3pm to aussie perth too. kai siang is leaving to dunno where at 8am. lols. and guess what. of all days, im sick now with flu, cough, high fever and sore throaht. so i may not be going for band tmr. but thankfully i went today, so yea, at least got to practice our new piece until quite alot with ivan. we seriously sat down, two of us alone, and did bar by bar and slowly b4 raising speed. helps alot. =) thnaks mr chew for being such a great conductor.
was a little moody earlier when walking back. was thinking about the sms that i recieved and wondering just what went wrong. sigh. i feel so confused. and all i need now is a friend to talk to and to listen, but theres none = ( sigh



Saturday, June 02, 2007

6:00 PM

post 2 pics first. taken after Food Expo 2007 ended =)


Friday, June 01, 2007

11:45 PM

now that i look at my calendar. it's going to be rather hectic and busy. my entire holiday seem like a total workout for me.

25 may- food fair work
26 may- band, meet the parents session, food fair work
27 may- church, food fair work, global day of prayer
28 may- food fair work
29 may- maths olympiad, food fair work, band chalet
30 may- band, band chalet
31 may- band chalet
1 june- nothing =)
2 june- nothing =)
3 june- nothing =)
4 june- work attachement @ montesorri
5 june- work attachement @ montesorri
6 june- work attachement @ montesorri, band straight after work at 1
7 june- work attachement @ montesorri
8 june- work attachement @ montesorri
9 june- band from 9 to 1, 5pm flight to australia
10 june- aussie trip
11 june- aussie trip
12 june- aussie trip
13 june- aussie trip
14 june- aussie trip
15 june- aussie trip
16 june- aussie trip
17 june- aussie trip
18 june- 2e3 bbq
19 june- nothing =)
20 june- band 8 to 5
21 june- council investiture emcee rehearsal
22 june-council investiture emcee rehearsal, 3e1 bbq.
23 june-band 8 to 1
24 june-nothing =)
25 june- start school =(

sigh, so hectic. with only 2 free weekdays. and the 9th june. have band b4 going off. haha. one thing bad is that it'll be tiring. but one good thing is that i'll be able to see my darling after all =) okie, so since u can see my calendar, please do not sms me when im away in aussie unless its really impt or ure too rich cos it'll probably cost a bomb. and im completely booked so if u guys whoever wanna organise an outing or whatever try as possible not to clash! thanks and nights. i mean morning =)



11:28 AM

hihi. this is so stupid. i posted something and its now all gone. so i gotta start all over again.lets start from saturday.

saturday had band. mr clive choo. but a little time wasting leh, the way he teach. i dunno. then after that left for meet the parents session. my mum was rather pleased with my results except for my physics. and i dropped 20 positions. sian. anywae, after that had to rush so sen me to expo. sales on that day was not bad. then after that stayed at joe's house so that it would be more convenient to go to church the nxt day.

sunday, woke up. went to church with joe and family. after that joe and john wanted to jam so i made my way to expo to help out. since the ppl there had to go church in the afternoon. shu ling and i think keith, was there so i help also loh. help for like 4 hours plus. typical sunday crowd also not bad. anw, took a train down to kallang meet the rest of the church for GDOP. so great to see that God has many followeres and so many christians all coming together just to worship him and pray to him. and this is only singapore. the other nations too. woo hoo. anywae, we prayed, sang songs.. lots of the songs all like the presbyterian songs that i used to sing. bt anywae, was quite pissed cos some ppl go there just to find their girl friend. i guess only me and ivan noes =) after that joe offered to let me stay at his place again. at first tot we could go work tgt the nxt day, but then at night the boss called say dun nid joe.

so come monday, i made my way there alone. monday's sales not that bad. we finished stock quite early. so was given half an hour to shop around. boguht the m and m's cookies.. not really good. went back home to sleep after 2 nights. but had to pack for two more nights of chalet

so on tuesday, went for last day of work. sales was also nt bad. since its the last day, quite a number of people. then at night get pay and woo hoo, they're all in my card now. =) made my way to chalet at around 11. had to walk in the park alone and i nt so sure with my way. but i prayed and i could realy sense God being with me as i walk in the darkness and a few souls around only. so anw, made my way there and the horny corny's were chatting so i bathed and slept early. too bad i couldnt join them in the day together with ivan they all.

wednesday, woke up at 5am. had to go band so we proceeded to band. was walking to downtown east when a coach bus came and we hitchhiked it to pasir ris interchange. took a long bus journey down to zhss and on the way, spilled milo on my new white pants. and it made a commotion in band as it looked like the bloodstain during one's period. anw, was in band. quite fun as we started on a new song "latin favourites". and ivan was so good to me. haha. just cant stop loving him. so anw, at around 5 plus, made our way to the chalet again. then at pasir ris, we seperate into 2 grps. me, liyan and yan ling went ntuc grocery shopping while the rest went back to start fire.

then we went there i started washing the chicken and marinating them together with ivan. he's so lovely. haha. so sad that i did not cherish him as much earlier. then anw, we use hot water go wash the chicken as well as defrost it. until its like cooked lah. lol. then use the black pepper and teriyaki marinade to marinade. after that went out to bbq. he's so cute. we wanted to eat one end of the hotdog each until we eat finish. lols. but we didnt cos the hotdog too hot. but he ate some dumplign too hot, then cannot swallow so pass to me. lols, so cute right he. haha. bbq until at night, went up to the room. went crazy with some dance. jumping on the bed. lols. then also went out to cheers to get some drinks and all. oh yah, we also went to the park and beach to walk walk. anw, then went up to the room. tried to own ivan bt in the end both party loss. haha. the bed was like, lols. soon he had to leave so i played card games. until like 2 plus am. told the people not to sleep that night. but then went they tell ghost story i too tired. in the end, im like the first to sleep. lols.

wenesday woke up around 8. heard some christian music outside playing. so i wrnt out. teeth not yet brushed, hair in a mess. lols. but still went out to see, its some carnival. its cool isnnt it? that the holy spirit is moving through the streets and that more christian stuff nowadays. hopefully, it impacts the ppl. anw, after that had bei bei mian for breakfast then we went cycling. in the hot sun, we were cycling. quite tiring and i gt tanned a ltl. then went back home and slept all the way till this morning. no lunch no dinner. lols.

ivan's so cute. just didnt noe why i didnt cherish him earlier. sorry darling! =) haha. i love my sons so much. i read the daily bread earlier and came acroos this : "A true friend is a gift from God". how true is that!

i'll be leaving singapore for the melbourne zoo in a week. lols. its gonna be hectic b4 that. have band and work attachemnt. so looking forward to it! and that saturday when im leaving, have band in the morning. yay! at least i can still see my ivan before i go. so just in case something happens and i'm with God, at least i see my beloved one b4 i leave =) dont think too much le. gtg. see ya!

p.s: anyone wanna watch pirates of the carribean with me?