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Friday, December 14, 2007

1:07 AM

ok, theres band later and its like 1:08am in the morning. 24 hours more to my bday but seriously, i dont feel a thing. it just seem like another day. i know nothings gonna be special though. just hope that the stayover at yiching's place will cheer me up.

oh and thanks yiching for volunteering your place =) oooh one last thing, i made new specs! hahas. i will probably wear them on sat or sun so yea, just look out then. pics will be posted erm, next week =) cos i only have ivan's dont have liyans, tingtings and yanlings. okie gtg. bye! =)


Saturday, December 08, 2007

8:45 PM

dickson polishing shoes. damn shiny lah!
zlk photo on second morning i think. and yea, thats how sleepy we were when we zilian. hahas.
what is dickson doing to ivan? LOL.
lecherous people. hahas. tounge wagging!
focus of the photo: chio bu DMA - ting ting. hahas.

cornet and trumpet section!

retard face

flutes and oboe

sleepy peepo

twin towers!

hotel camera partner ( not camwhore) - my darling!

act dao.

tounge wagging again. LOL.


somewhere in melaka.

yvonne; me; ivan

me and my darling! =)

dickkiee and meeee

i'm dreaming of you.

whats with that tounge yanling?


7:39 PM

Okay. Im back. Did loads of typing for a surprise and now im blogging. Heres a little summary and more pictures will be uploaded asap ya?

Day 1
So we woke up at 5, excited at the thought that this will be our very first overseas trip with the band, a group of people that we spend with most of the time especially during band. Had macdonalds for breakfast and then went up to get our baggage and stuff. Went down and fall in. Was a little chaotic and got a little ticked off but its part of learning. Got the stuff on the bus and off we go to the customs. Wait was long but fun as we were chatting happily and i was making fun of erm... Hwei Qiang! yah. Then off to Malaysia checkpoint and did the same stuff.

Off we were to geylang pata for breakkie and then a long long journey in which most peepo slept all the way to a golf resort. Had lunch at that gold resort and off we went on a long trip to putrajaya. Was a sad thing i couldnt sit with my darling but our bus was fun too. Though it would have been better with my darling. Anyways, went putrajaya, did some phototaking and took lots of stupid yet fun camwhoring photos with yanling, chek ying and liyan. Damn funny. Will post when i got my hands on it.

Off to KL i think. dunno where lah. then had dinner which is some seafood stuff. And there was fly in our food and uchan used the raw lettuce at the side to kill it and ctach it like a tissure paper -.- lol. and she claims that she finally realised whats the use of those raw veg. hahas. the sunset there was beautiful too. then off we went to see the fireflies. amazing creatures that lit up the trees like christams trees. adn some mischievious ppl including me were like rocking the boat and it almost toppled or smth. LOL.

reached the hotel at 10plus and after settling down at 11, was called up to mr chew's room for briefing till 1. didnt have a really good sleep that night as i was troubled and didnt spend time with my darling =(

Day 2
again, i forgot to bring out my camera after camwhoring with ivan on the bed that morning. didnt have much appetite that morning. prob due to the night before. anyways, headed out in full band uniform to the istana and to some bronze statues. did some camwhoring there too. then to the museum. camwhore partner - yanling, liyan and timo. was damn funny. too bad we had to delete the photos at the ground level or it would be funny cos me and liyan were imitating the statues. i'll once again post the camwhore photos when i get them from yanling and liyan since i didnt bring out mine. it was funny lah. and it lifted my spririts up. Got a spongebob outside the museum for sammy. woops. hope sammy doesnt read this. LOL, or it'll spoil the surprise. had lunch near the twin towers. ate 3 bowls of beancurd. wahh, i eat until wanna vomit. and finally did at one utama.

backtrack to one utama which was after lunch. the stage was awesome. dont normally see anything like this in gingapore. singapore loses out in this aspect. so what if vivocity is big. they dont do nice stages like this. anyway, 1 utama is 3 times bigger than vivo, and much cooler. wanna thank those who really assisted me in helping mr chew with the chairs and logistics stuff. people like hanting sam lim shawn hweiqiang and all for the chairs, ivan esther and matthew for the sc help and support, qms for the stands and all, and the majors for being so strict and commanding. didnt do much shopping cos i wasnt in the mood and i was so sick i vommitted. but managed to get my favourite pineapple tart though. hahas.

the playing was quite ok though we screwed up here and there and really sorry to mr chew and the band for the bad things caused by me. yea, it was a learning lesson, and yup, a supress to my confidence. hopefully i can get back on my feet. dinner was at pizza hut when we got really sick of hawaiin pizza as we ate a large and a regular pizza, both hawaiian. In the hotel that ngiht, dickson came over to do some polishing. That night was fun as me and ivan messed around on the bed. hahas. if you understand the meaning of mess around *winks winks* hahas. slept at 3 and woke at 6

Day 3
prepared to set off for assunta convent after breakkie at the hotel. did lots of merry go round on the bus as the driver wasnt clear where the school was or something. was fun doing a band exchange as we heard the different playings by two different countries. had sectionals too and then lunch with them. and me and hanting were on chewing gum duty. i think some people understand what. hahas.

thsi round i brought my cam. but not charging for days, the batt went flat before we went up to the skybridge at the KL Petronas tower. did some walking there and this round it was me, sandra and dickson on chewing gum duty. and we tried the 2RM toilet. it was quite cool as there was someone there to help u flush the toilet and turn on the tap. and there were lotions there for use. hahas. went up the tower and made fun of yan yu who was acrophobic. was fun, but i felt sorry for her too. after the trip up, we made our way to times square. somehow, i wasnt in a very good mood and i apologise to my section really. cos i tot we werent going as a section so i walked off on my own to do solo shopping. didnt really shop cos i was too emo for it. did lots of reflections instead and ended up spending my times at borders reading chicken soup for the soul to heal my heart. somehow it got worse bt anyways, had dinner after that. wanted to do it as a section but some wanted to seat with their clique. so i sat with glenda, felicia and yvonne.

that ngiht in the hotel had debrief. then yvonne came over to pour out her sorrows too. we then headed to celebrate yanyus bdae. wasnt in a very good mood too as i felt they were partying for the wrong cause. Anyways, that night slept with ivan on the same bed again cos 2 beds were far to big for both of us. 1 bed for 2 were more comfortable. =) hahas.

Day 4
after spending some quality time with ivan that morning until 2am, we decided to turn in. woke up at 6 plus. had breakkie and then set off for melaka. tioed scolded for not sleeping early or smth also. anyways, im finally on bus B cos esther was duty i/c for bus A. sorry and thanks esther. so we set off for a long trip to melaka. was sitting beside sandra for that 2hr jounrey. and i tell you, shes so lame. hahas. playing tic tac toe and all on the bus. hahas. and chopsticks! LOL!

went to have lunch at some baba restaurant and finally had our first and last section lunch (unfortunately without yvonne) in KL. hanting was hilarious as yanyu tried to force him to drink the water, but he put the chendol into the water and then claimed cannot drink le. lol.

sat with ivan after that. and we did some stops over at some museuem and christ church. then began the jounrney to yhong peng. ivan is funny. and way way horny. love to tell you why but im sorry. hahas. towards the ngith, did some camwhoring on the bus before checking out of malaysia. had inner opp sch and all flt quite depressed as we got scolded and got lots to reflect and be fan about.

This trip was really one of my best trip ever, cos though i spend little time with my darling, i spend more time than i ever did with my darling. The ngihts at the hotel were fun too. Yes, i may not really enjoy it since i tioed scolded so many tiems and felt really emo, but i guess thats parts and parcel of learning. and i really miss the trip alot as i wake up eveeryday hoping i would be in the hotel beside my darling and all my other friends. indeed, this trip has definitely bonded the band together and its really great to know that the band has been through this much after so many ups and downs together.

There'll be a performance tomorrow so ya, pray that everythings gonna be fine tmr. hahas.
I'll post the pics asap ya? see ya!


Friday, December 07, 2007

10:27 PM

back from m'sia. i was on a happy mood to blog like half an hour ago, seeing many band members blog about the trip. but as i recieved a call from someone and had one msn conversation with another person, everything changed. yeah, thanks caller for calling me and helping me through this time, though it was suppose to work, it didnt cos i reflected on what u say and realised how right you are. but i feel that i cant do it, i cant change. im so sorry, i noe ure reading this. my sincere apologies and thanks to you. i'll see if my mood changes tmr. cos i really wanna blog about the trip. sry and thanks.