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Sunday, March 25, 2007

10:27 PM

yays!!!! yesterday had band from 9 to 3 plus. it was quite good lah, my sound much btr. nvm. after that went plaza sing to catch a movie. initially with vonne, liyan and uchan. unfortunately no seats, so end up me and joe gt the seats only. watched mr bean's holiday. cool show. u just gotta watch it. i mean me and joe are like cartoon maniacs so we dun mind this kindda show. but paying 9.50 for it nt very worth it lah. nvm. after that at 7 had dinner with him @ long john. then headed to daytona. he cheated!!1 LOL. nvm.
spend so much time with him until around 9 we ere at serangoon mrt wanna go back. bt i didnt feel like going back. so we sat the mrt to changi airport -.- zzzzz took like 1 hrs plus to get there. chatted alot but stand alot too. lols. then go there ate swensens and took photos. lols. spend bout 1 hrs there till like 11 b4 heading back. take the mrt back. so friggin tired so we toook till paya lebar and tot taking a bus back wud be fater. nt really lah. waited for the bus like forvere. and shared lots more. cool dudes seating at the bus stop at 12am. alone. zzzzz. finally 58 came and tio scolded when i gt back.

went shopping today. muahahaha. gt a cardigan and jeans from in base, ip zone and s and k respectively. then at night went to celebrate grandma's bdae. oh yea, church was nt bad too. yea. choir was also ok lah. haha. i just wanna thank God for sending his Son down to die on the cross for us and also for giving me 4 beloved sons. Thank You Lord!

our shadow =)

look!! its the control tower!!

haha. 11pm and still flying.in case u didnt realise, im still in zwinds tee and pants -.-

haha. so many of me. =D

my mum, me and my sis.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

9:25 PM

SYNERG!Z ROCKS!!! yea! just been to a 3 day church conference thats why i was m-i-a-ing for the past 3 days. the church con rocks big time men. the first day was a full day con for me. jeanne is so good, we had sermons which are really awesome and at night, my first youth concert. jeff deyo's music rocks my world. and since its the first time i been to a charismatic concert, yep, people were speaking in tounges and all singing all out. hands out and hearts out. jeanne made dream circles whereby a pastor and another man was praying for me. speaking in tounges too. totally cool.

second day ahd sectionals. after sectionals wenty to ting ting there for bbq. after that headed for synergiz concert. totally awesome with the smoke and all that. i was getting use to it, now being less shy, raising hands, raising hearts. mattew toked about rebirth and all and indeed i think God has a purpose for me to be here. it all links, sending me into the band, knowing ivan, knowing joe through him. then joe being close with me, bringing me to this con. totally cool God i have.

3rd day was a sat. combined band prac with other bands. swiss's band's marching was totally awesome too.after that nonami came. left around 5.45 to joe's place to meet him. both of us wore the synergiz shirt. probably the hottest in town. took a cab down to tampinese. toked alot in the cab. and thats why i really love joseph. he's like probaly the best person in the enitre universe and i seriously love my sons and him to bits. anywae, reached abt 6 plus and rushed to buy mac then boarded the bus. by the time we reached VFC, it was like 7 and concert starting, ate halfway throw away and go up. anywae, we live not by bread alone but by the word of God. the last day's sermon by jeanne was probably the best too. purity and some drama. prayer and singing songs of praises with joseph for the Lord rocks big time. and its probaly one of the times where i get really focused to God till i knelt and prayed to him. totally awesome God we have. totally awesome. my mum and dad fetched joe back at night after the concert ended and we bought jeff's cd. im listening it to it now. =)

today's church service suddenly seemed so wierd. everyone's like so solemn and i think its probably time i go to joe's church. anywae, after church and choir prac went out with joseph. went to ps shop awhile, then went to far east to get our heair cut. he liked it, haha. anywae, then went to city hall to get ching's bass. then carried it to joe's house and spend like 2 hrs there b4 heading home at 8. wow. joe's liek a totally cool dude and i love him!! haha, cool dude sent by cool God. i love u God!
synerg!z 2007 rocks my world.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

8:59 PM

hey people!! back after a day of.. walking about..? LOL. lets see. miss ow was quite good, english oral i think can distinction. gt a peek of the topic so i somehow was prepared for conversation. nt bad toking to her. mr ang on the other hand was a flop, i gt cut off halfway and ddint really do as well for my convo. sigh.

after that met joe outside scool. was told to meet them at j8 while i go home to change. end up they didnt wanna watch movie and only after i change and step out of the house properly dressed, they ask me to go joe's house. LOL. anywae have to go food republic at nite for dinner so still ok. anywae, made my way to joe's hse. then slack there like for 1 hours plus 2 hours..? after that made our way to j8 to get some pressents. seems like j8 doesnt have much branded stuff so we made our way to pennisular, which we tot was in orchard. alighted at orchard and realise wrong place. we went to city hall half heartedly between there and dhoby ghaut. went to city hall gt this ppl ask us buy pen dunno what. ivan fell for it so too bad.

went pennisular plaza and realise none of what we want. went pennisular shopping centre. found it after long last. almost at the doorstep going out empty handed then saw it. heng argh. anywae, price too ex, didnt have enough shakable money. so shake of there and putri our way back to serangoon. joe bought a guitar stand =) putri and shake on the mrt and was laughing throughout. fun. real fun and glad to have my darlings. went to dhoby, suppose to meet mum. in the end took NEL with joe back serangoon then take 105. took pics, lotssa them. yays.

im so glad to have my darlings. their the best. putri!!! =)

i love my darlings. they're the best =) muack!


Monday, March 12, 2007

2:50 PM

yays!!! im at joe's house now. finally get to see them after 3 days. muahahaha. ltr going out with joe to buy ivan's pressie.. hmm.. what should we buy..

my darlings are back.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

11:45 PM

yays. using the laptop that my sis just bought today. the jeys are so nice to type. makes me remember of the 1am work i did during the sec1 camp becauseof band. sigh. camp. yep, that was probably the most tiring yet supid thing i've ever done. sacrifising my beauty sleep becos of band. and yah, camp seems kindda tiring then. 3 hrs of sleep and nth in return. camp. yays. in another 10 hours or so im gonna see my darlings again. hope fate brings us together. lols. and that we can go out tmr to celebrate ivan's BDAE. yays. oh right, my sis wanna me to install the microsoft2007 home into the laptop. gtg. bye!

im gonna see my darlings soon.


7:11 PM


lol, yep.. urgh, the constant smsing temporarily stopping is so wierd.. its like shitting for some time and then stopping b4 shitting again. anywae, i really miss them so badly. at least i get to see them tmr. yays. will be going to school to sen them home. and perhpas going out with them at night to celebrate ivan's bdae. bt i nt sure if they will be tired out after camp.

anywaes, went to the IT fair today. wow, its so crowed there, i tot the entire of singapore was there. but i noe its not cos my darlings arent there. see? i cant live nt thinking bout them.lol. anyway, bought a toshiba laptop worth of $1899. and a 37 inch lcd tv also $1899. wanted to buy ipod nano, but i'll live with my lousy creative first.

sigh, i cant do anything nt thinking bout them. hope they're having fun there! and i guess its been a year since i knew joseph. nice knowing him. and i bought a pressie for ivan. yays! gtg, bye!

i miss my sons so badly. so badly.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

9:20 PM

hello peopl!! i noe its been a long time since i blogged. busy sai gang-ing and mugging. anywae, hard work pays off, i got A1 for a maths. like omg. cos the first test i got f9. and now A1?!?! wow, i dun believe myself. thanks to God and to jospeh for waking me up at 4.30 to help his maths as well as mine. i really dunno what i'll do one day without my sons. and for e maths, 19/20. great! haha. anywae, ss test on friday was nt too bad, the predicted quote came out.

so friday was lit evening, and i screwed some of it, the biggest screwer was still *** ***. anywae, we didnt make it, but im sure we all had a good laugh. at least after reflecting what went wrong after that, we really ahd a good laugh. being sad that we gt rejected, i was walking around. shu ling and clareen were at the canteen. popped by to tok, and we brought up the happy times of 2e3o6. men, were we successful in 2e3. we got in for lit evening, with the same script writer. so i doubt its the script that is screwed.

at night tok to joe on teh phone for 2hrs. its been a year since i known him and boy, how fast does time flies. anywaes, we tok abt quite a number of things and im so glad to have such a son. we really share alot alot alot in common. love him to bits, and i really mean LOVE HIM TO BITS. im so gonna miss my sons for these 3 days, hope they enjoy themselves.

pass to joe his stuff this morning and got a surprise at the grping. muahahaha. anywae, after band went to grand cathay and ps, no good movies. then me, ian, yv and liyan made our way to city hall. marina there tok. tok for 2 hrs plus about sex, death, 2e3o6 and our new class. everything under the sun. was fun. and bought ivan's bdae pressie.

well, i initially had lots of f words to scold, thank God that i toked to joe over the phone ydae then i didnt blog, or else it wud have been so vulgar. anywae, im feeling much btr now and nt as stressed. except for the catapult thingy. sigh. cant think of anythign with my sons in my mind. they rock and i miss them so much. gtg. bye!



Saturday, March 03, 2007

10:18 PM

so here i am doing sai gang again. see! cant the bloody class just understand and help out? i mean its like, im trying to bring up the e3 spirit and there they are slacking. sigh. so im getting involved in all the damn shit. lit evening. creativity challenge. cny deco. and i dun noe what else. gosh.

so im spending so much of my time doing sai gang. today for 5 hours im doing lit evenign with 4 other cooperative people who wants to do the class proud too. the rest? probably mugging away selfishly caring for themselves. cant help it, they're just that selfish,.

monday having rehearsal for prize giving. being emcee. yays. once again, i'll be on stage. muahahaha. nad then tuesaday the band is performing. then wednesday have band. thrusday have prize giving. friday have prelim rounds for lit evening. shit man. shit it.

went SCH ydae. its like, the 4th time im going there to perform/rehearse? since primary school. sad thing is, the last time i went there, the sound was good. now, haha. dun bother mentioning it. yep, my sound sucks. anyway, was on the bus ydae with ivan and yep, he shared with me lots of thigns. hahas.

and cos ydae was my a maths test and joe's maths test, i woke up at 4am in the morning to teach him. slept at 12 and woke at 4.30 to call him up. surprisingly, he was awake waiting for me. so i coached him in his maths. cool. woke at 4, all the way till the end of the day around 12. 20 hrs awake.

day b4 i went joe's house to coach him maths too. something happened, but i shant say. anywae, i too shared with him soem stuffs and i guess, i am really really starting to like God. he's like so powerful and almighty to send angels down. Thank you Lord. so i was toking halfway when joe bit me on my left hand. ouch. after24 hrs, the mark is still there. see how painful the bite was? love bite. lols.

love bite.